The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 506 International Public Opinion

When the head of Citi's Foreign Education Department arrived at the office where he had just submitted the lawsuit, the staff in it were still running the company.

He quickly breathed a sigh of relief, stepped forward, and said, "Miss Irene, where is the lawsuit now?"

Irene, a woman in her fifties, is responsible for receiving litigants.

Seeing Citi’s foreign education minister walk in again, she greeted her with a smile on her face, and said, “Please don’t worry, as soon as you leave, I will submit the lawsuit. The International Team Tribunal is now drafting the documents for the trial of Fang Xiaoru ."

"Submitted it?"

The head of Citi's Foreign Education Department staggered and almost fell to the ground.

He couldn't help but increase his voice, a little panicked, "How come I submitted it so soon."

I can’t help but he doesn’t panic. From the chief of the pirate camp to the common people, the whole country is grateful to Fang Xiaoru, but you, Citigroup, brazenly condemn people for interfering in internal affairs, and you have to sue them to the team court. Isn’t it too funny? .

Irene frowned, looked at the head of Citi's Foreign Education Department with a puzzled face, and said: "Didn't you explain it to me, should I deal with it as soon as possible."

The head of Citi’s Foreign Education Department gave a long sigh and said quickly: “Then you will take me there now. I want to withdraw the lawsuit and not sue Fang Xiaoru.”

Regarding the huge contrast between the head of Citi's Foreign Education Department, Irene nodded, walked out of her office, and took him out, although she did not know why.

Five minutes later, the head of Citi's Foreign Education Department successfully retrieved Citi's lawsuit against Fang Xiaoru.

However, the expression on his face was always gloomy.


Returning to the special car, the head of Citi's Foreign Education Department slammed the lawsuit in his hand onto the chair.

Although he brought back the lawsuit, the International Team Court heard that it was Citi's lawsuit, and it was too efficient.

In less than half an hour, Citigroup’s opponent Xiaoru’s lawsuit was announced on the official website.

Even if it is deleted now, it is too late.

The head of Citi's Foreign Education Department seems to have anticipated that Citi will soon become an international joke.

The development of the matter was as he expected.

Three hours later, as the inaugural speech of the chief of the pirate base camp spread all over the world, a screenshot appeared on all major social platforms and caused a stir.

This screenshot is from the official website of the International Team Tribunal regarding Citi’s opponent Xiaoru’s lawsuit.

In this lawsuit, Citigroup described Fang Xiaoru as a person who wanted to satisfy his own selfish desires, and in order to kill the twenty-nine pirates hiding in the pirate base and armed forces seeking refuge, they forcibly intervened in the internal affairs of the pirate base and helped the pirate base The Provisional Institutions wiped out the armed forces with more than two thousand good people.

However, Citi’s opponent Xiaoru’s condemnation was contrary to the inauguration speech of the chief of the pirate base camp.

The party concerned is grateful to Fang Xiaoru for bringing peace to the whole country, but an outsider at Citigroup brazenly wants to condemn and judge Fang Xiaoru.

With such a sharp contrast, anyone who is not a fool knows that Citigroup is targeting Fang Xiaoru.

Suddenly, the entire social network was in a complete uproar.

Countless people flocked to the Citi Foreign Education Department's official tweets, laughed at the book, and left crazy comments below.

"Hegemonism, what Citi did, explained to us what hegemonism is."

"Citi is pretending to be the police of the world. Over the years, it has only been doing something to exclude dissidents. It is not surprising that he has to crack down on the world group's prosperity."

"It's really shameless! The whole country is grateful to Fang Xiaoru for bringing the long-lost peace to the pirate base camp, but you turn black and white and say that Fang Xiaoru forcibly interferes in other countries' internal affairs for his own selfish desires. Still shameless?"

"I have been controlling the direction of the fishing vessel. Isn't this the way Citigroup has blackened other institutions over the years? I just didn't expect it to be used to deal with an entrepreneur."

"Citi must give us an explanation for this matter."

All westerners have a feeling of being deceived.

They blush as long as they think of following Citigroup and criticizing and accusing Fang Xiaoru.

People’s pirate base camp, from officials to civilians, is grateful for Fang Xiaoru’s peace, but you accuse him of doing something wrong there. What is that?

For the stars of the East, netizens feel like celebrating the New Year, and they can't help themselves.

"Hahaha, cool! Seeing this news, a sense of pleasure rushed out of the Tianling cover."

"Looking at how Citi's foreign education department stepped down, it's really slapped."

"If you do a lot of bad things, one day you will run into a ghost. I can only say that I like to see what happened to Citigroup."

"Tsk tusk, the pirate base camp is grateful to Fang Xiaoru from all over the country, but Citigroup condemned him on the sidelines and took him to the team court to try him. Hahaha, this is probably the best face fight of the year. It is really exciting.

"Thank you Citi for successfully playing the clown once for the people of the world to appreciate."

"Thanks Citi."


The situation was unexpectedly serious. This time, not only foreign netizens began to laugh at Citigroup, but even domestic citizens said that the behavior of the Foreign Education Department was too shameful.

Citi's Foreign Education Department, Mr. Chief came here in person and started an emergency meeting on the matter.

He scanned the surrounding circle with a heavy face, and said: "Who can tell me what is going on? Why is the development of the situation completely different from what we predicted?"

Below, the general secretary of the Foreign Education Department replied: "Mr. Chief, our information is wrong. Fang Xiaoru and Azak, Chief of the Pirate Base Camp, jointly created a trap for us. The information we got from Azak is not accurate. All will lead to such a problem today."

The chief slapped the table fiercely, and said with a gloomy face: "Didn't this Fang Xiaoru bombard the imperial capital of the pirate base camp? How come you have formed an alliance with Azak!"