The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 518: The Shy Girl

Although Fang Xiaoru didn't make any action on the surface, he secretly made up his mind and made a call later to ask someone to investigate the background of this gorgeous woman, and then clean her up.

He stopped Lisa because he didn't care about that woman.

One is because it is a public place, but because of the loss.

To teach her, you don't need to take action by yourself, just tell her subordinates.

Just when Fang Xiaoru closed his eyes and was waiting for the high-speed train, he suddenly heard a weak female voice coming from the front.

"Excuse me, is there anyone in this position?"

Fang Xiaoru looked up and saw a seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl standing in front of the beautifully dressed woman, pointing to the seat with luggage on her left, and asked timidly.

This girl has thick black hair like a waterfall. She is dressed very plainly, and her T-shirt is about to turn white.

But despite her simple dress, she still can't conceal her charm.

Her pair of slender and straight jade legs are white and flawless, and under the pink and crystal-clear collarbone, are a pair of towering D-cup peaks and ridges, and the washed white T-shirt is bulging.

More importantly, in addition to her excellent figure, she also has a face that is exquisite and breakable.

The white and slender neck, the high nose tip, and the big black gem-like eyes showed a timid look.

And beside her, stood a rickety old lady.The old lady coughed from time to time, her face was also very bad, she was obviously sick.

It turned out that this is the case.

The girl saw an empty seat, and walked forward with the crooked old lady.

But when they got to the seats, they found that they had been seated by a young man.

The young man glanced at the girl suspiciously. The girl said nothing, so he turned to the beautifully dressed woman next to Fang Xiaoru.

Fang Xiaoru is sitting on the right of this woman, and her bags and luggage are placed on the left.

Maybe the girl's voice was low, or maybe the gorgeous woman pretended not to hear it.

The girl pursed her lips and asked timidly again: "Excuse me, is there anyone in this position? I want my grandma to sit down."

It wasn't until she asked the second time that the beautifully dressed woman raised her head and glanced at her.When I saw the coughing and rickety old lady, an undisguised disgust flashed in her eyes.

Mo said that the old lady who disgusted her was the simple but pretty girl sitting next to her. She also refused.

She said coldly: "Someone."

The girl heard the words, without saying a word, holding her grandma, walking towards the crowd.

"Hold on."

At this time, Fang Xiaoru finally spoke.

He stood up, called the girl, then walked to the left of the gorgeous woman, and threw down her luggage.

Said to the girl: "Come and sit here, there is no one in this position."

The girl gave Fang Xiaoru a surprised look, held her grandma, and stood there without moving.

"You are sick, why did you throw my luggage away."

The beautifully dressed woman was angry, cursing angrily.

Fang Xiaoru turned his head, his eyes were like swords, and said coldly: "There is no one sitting in this position for more than ten minutes. You tell me someone?"

The flamboyant woman wanted to refute, but was overwhelmed by Fang Xiaoru's sharp eyes.

I only felt the heartbeat speed up for a while, and a kind of inexplicable panic rose in my heart, so that when she reached her mouth, she swallowed.

She stared at Fang Xiaoru fiercely, as if she wanted to write down his appearance, then picked up her luggage, snorted coldly, and left.

As soon as the flamboyant woman left, Fang Xiaoru said to the timid girl in front: "That woman just left, and there are two seats left. You can sit down with the old man quickly."

A look of shock clearly flashed across the girl's face. She brought her grandma to the Devil for so long to cure her illness, and it was the first time she met a kind person to give her a head.

Although it was just such a small act of vying for a seat, it warmed her heart.

Her counterpart Xiaoru said softly, "Thank you."

After speaking, she sat down with her grandma.

After sitting down, she spoke a few words to her grandma in a dialect that Fang Xiaoru could not understand.

After listening to her, her grandmother turned her head and spoke to him in a dialect that Fang Xiaoru couldn't understand.

Although Fang Xiaoru couldn't understand what she was saying, he felt kindness from the wrinkled smile on her face.

At this time, the girl said, "Sir, my grandma said thank you."

Fang Xiaoru smiled, "Nothing, just a trivial matter."

The girl's counterpart Xiaoru nodded lightly, and a shy smile appeared on her green face.


Suddenly, the girl's grandma coughed violently.

That kind of violent dry cough, as if to cough up the lungs.

"Grandma, how are you."

The girl was frightened and her face turned pale, and her little hand kept slapping her grandma's back, trying to relieve her pain.

"Can't slap like this."

Fang Xiaoru pushed away the girl's hand, put his palm against her grandma's back, and a pure internal force penetrated into it.

The effect was remarkable. In less than ten seconds, the girl's grandma's coughing violently stopped instantly.

"Thank you, thank you sir."

The girl watched her grandma obviously slowed down, and thanked Fang Xiaoru again and again.

Fang Xiaoru shook his head and said, "Although your grandmother's illness is not very serious, you need to go to the hospital for treatment and take a long time to recover."

Hearing that, the girl was lonely on her face, and she almost cried with a wow.

She has depended on her grandmother since she was a child, after her grandmother fell ill.She sold all the valuable things in the family, took some of the money collected by the villagers, gave up the college entrance examination two months later, and came to Magic City for treatment with her grandma.

But she couldn't think of it. The money she brought was almost used in just two days in the hospital, and only the ticket money to go home was barely left.

In desperation, he could only take the medicine prescribed by the hospital and set off with his grandma on the way home.