The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 521 I let him go east, but he dare not go west

Fang Xiaoru's words made the bald man, his little brothers, and the well-dressed woman turn blue with anger.

The woman named Fangfang stared at Fang Xiaoru fiercely, and sternly said: "Boy, you are not afraid of death, but you dare to be strong. Okay, I will call Ah Wei, and when Ah Wei comes, I see Your mouth is hard not hard."

With that, she raised her phone and was about to call Wu Wei.

Fang Xiaoru lay on the ground with one foot and kicked the bald man whose painful face was distorted, turned around, looked at Fangfang faintly, and said:

"When Wu Wei comes, I will ask him to strip your clothes off and throw them on the road. He dare not resist at all."

Fangfang was very angry. As the junior of Wu Wei, the person in charge of the Universe Group in Eagle City, when did she suffer such anger.

The angry suburbs trembled again and again, and she half-angry and half-sarcastically said: "What a big tone! Even the chief of the Eagle City will give my family A Wei a face. What are you, you think you are the branch of the Universe Group in Jiangxi The president of the department?"

"I don't know if Shi Chang will give Wu Wei face, and I am not the president of the Jiangxi branch of the Universe Group." Fang Xiaoru's voice was flat.

"But when Wu Wei saw me, he would definitely be like a pug. I let him go east, but he dare not go west."

When he said this, Fangfang and the bald-headed group of people changed their faces.

While feeling angry, he also looked at Fang Xiaoru with a look of the dead.

I've seen someone who does it, but I haven't seen it.

As the Universe Group becomes more and more prosperous, Wu Wei's status as the general manager of the Universe Group in Eagle City has also risen.

Not to mention that Shi Chang had a good relationship with him, and he was usually polite.Even if the governor of Gan Province came to inspect Eagle City, he would also value some of his remarks.

But such a powerful and highly sought-after senior of the Universe Group was so insulted and despised by the kid wearing sunglasses in front of him.

Ye Xiaowu, behind Fang Xiaoru, would have known Fang Xiaoru's identity if he hadn't been on the high-speed rail, and she would have been frightened at the moment.

As the person in charge of the Universe Group in Eagle, Wu Wei's reputation is well-known in Eagle City.

At this time, there was a sudden uproar outside, and a group of people walked in, accompanied by the train station staff.

The leader is a middle-aged man, about fifty years old.

He was dressed up in a suit and leather shoes and a successful businessman. It was A Wei from the mouth of the beautifully dressed woman, Wu Wei, the head of the Universe Group in Eagle City.

Behind him, a few bodyguards followed.

The gorgeous woman was overjoyed when she saw Wu Wei.

Quickly three steps and two steps forward to hug his arm: "Awei, Awei, you are finally here."

She looked back at Fang Xiaoru and snorted coldly, "My husband Awei is here, see if you dare to be arrogant..."

However, before she could say anything, Wu Wei pushed her away and staggered and almost fell to the ground.

Then, like the most loyal servant saw the master, he walked quickly to Fang Xiaoru, bent his waist to the lowest point, and said in the most respectful voice:

"President Fang!"

Fang Xiaoru stood in front, glanced at Wu Wei lightly, and responded lightly:


"President Fang?"

The gorgeous woman and the people lying on the ground all looked at this high-level Huanyu Group who was calling the wind and rain in Eagle City, standing in front of Fang Xiaoru meticulously and respectfully, just like an ancient courtier facing the emperor.

"He is President Fang?"

Headed by the big bald man, the people lying on the ground wailing were dumbfounded. Their faces were filled with unbelievable words. They held their breath in fright and did not dare to make any noise.

They did not expect that this man wearing sunglasses and a tall figure, like a star boy, is a young man. He is actually the helm of the world group and the world's richest man Fang Xiaoru with trillions of wealth!

Everyone was shocked and fell apart.

At the same time, a deep fear rose from the bottom of their hearts.

He actually took the initiative to find Fang Xiaoru's trouble?

The dignified richest man in the world would actually appear in a small place like Eagle City?

Suddenly, the flamboyant woman who had not reacted to Wu Wei's push away from her, screamed: "Awei, why are you pushing me."

While she was talking, she ran up to Wu Wei, pointed at Fang Xiaoru with an angry face, and said, "This kid I mentioned to you on the phone before.

He not only beat Xiaoliang and the others, but he also scolded you, calling you his dog.You quickly call more people over and break his leg."

The big bald man on the ground and all of his little brothers, with their eyes splitting apart, scolded the woman in their hearts for brain damage.

But Wu Wei was shocked when he heard the words, and his eyes were full of fear.

He remained motionless, standing there respectfully, lowering his eyebrows and listening to his ears: "President Fang, what do you think?"

Fang Xiaoru turned his head to look at the gorgeous woman, and said faintly: "What do you think should be dealt with who provoked and insulted me?"

Wu Wei's body trembled, a touch of reluctance flashed across his face, but he still replied loudly: "Yes! I know what to do."

After he finished speaking, he turned and ordered the two bodyguards behind him: "Take her away first, don't smear Fang Zong's eyes here."

The two bodyguards listened to the order and knew that the company's big boss was right in front of them, and the woman had offended the big boss, so she didn't dare to hesitate a little bit, and immediately went to the left and the right to drag the woman away.

The flamboyant woman hadn't figured out the situation yet, seeing that Wu Wei was dragged away by force, she screamed:

"What are you doing! What are you doing? Wu Wei, it is the kid with sunglasses that scolds you."

For her words, Wu Wei only felt like a man on his back, his back was sweaty, and he was already wet with sweat.

He can't wait to slap the woman and make her shut up.

Fortunately, the bodyguard he brought with him was sensitive, and he covered the woman's mouth and said viciously:

"Are you looking for death? Even if you are looking for death, don't involve Mr. Wu."

At this time, the gorgeous woman finally understood why Wu Wei's filial piety attitude was so respectful, and she called him Fang Fang.

In an instant, her face became extremely pale.

Something went wrong. Due to the frequent staying up all night codewords, the body went wrong.Symptoms of abdominal pain and blood in the stool.