The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 522 I will definitely be admitted to Harvard

On the side, Lisa suddenly looked at the gorgeous woman with a joking expression, and said, "You said, if Fang always asked Wu Wei to strip your clothes and throw you on the street, would he listen?"

The gorgeous woman heard the words, her eyes dimmed, full of despair.

She was like someone who was discouraged, completely missing the domineering one before.

She has no doubt that Wu Wei dare not disobey Fang Xiaoru at all.

At this moment, another middle-aged man came over.

This middle-aged man wore gold-rimmed eyes and looked gentle, like a scholar.

This person is Jiang Tianhua, the chief of Eagle City.

Surrounded by bodyguards and train station staff, the middle-aged man walked up to Fang Xiaoru.

With a smile on his face, he said enthusiastically: "President Fang, welcome you to Eagle City. I am the mayor of Eagle City, Jiang Tianhua."

With that, he took the initiative to shake hands with Fang Xiaoru.

Behind the scene, the gorgeous woman who was dragged down by others was completely disheartened when she saw this scene.

She naturally knew the chief of the Eagle City, but at this time she put her posture so low in front of Fang Xiaoru.

This made her know deeply what kind of person she had afflicted with.

She was taken to a car with a desperate look, waiting for follow-up processing.

But Ye Xiaowu, who was always standing next to Fang Xiaoru, had eyes flickering when looking at Fang Xiaoru.

Although Fang Xiaoru’s identity has been known on the train before, but at this moment, Wu Wei, who is the most powerful person in the Eagle City, and the shi general Tianhua who often appears on the Eagle City news, treats Fang Xiaoru with such respect. Only then did she realize how heavy the three words Fang Xiaoru were.

After Fang Xiaoru shook hands with the middle-aged man, he said flatly: "I didn't expect Jiang to manage everything, but he could still come to meet me."

Jiang Tianhua smiled, and said: "What is Mr. Fang said, your charity money is too expensive for the impoverished areas of Eagle City. I will pick you up. Isn't it right?"

After a few exchanges, the two sides walked outside.

Wu Wei, the person in charge of the Universe Group in Eagle City, is just like a dogleg, waiting for Fang Xiaoru.

In the same place, the big bald man and all of his little brothers lay on the ground to resist the pain, and did not dare to make any painful screams, even the sound of breathing could be suppressed, and did not dare to be too loud.

When Fang Xiaoru and others had already gone far, he was relieved heavily.

At this time, everyone felt physical pain.

There was a wet piece behind them, their clothes all wet.

This is not being hot, but scared.

"Boss, who was the legendary President Fang just now?"

Behind the bald man, a little brother asked with a look of longing.

"Looking at Mr. Wu and Mr. Shi's attitude towards him, it is obvious that he is Fang Xiaoru."

The voice of the bald man was the same, with a trace of pain.

Both his arms were twisted into twists by Fang Xiaoru. The intense pain, even after so long, did not abate.

Had it not been for his endurance, he would have passed out in pain if he changed to an ordinary person.

Another little brother said with a look of fear: "We just asked each other to do something, will he retaliate against us? Is the matter still not over?"

With Fang Xiaoru's current status and status, he offended him, not to mention the ruined family, but it was not so easy. Nothing happened.

But why did Fang Xiaoru leave without even looking at them?

The bald man looked at his completely twisted and fractured hands, and sighed: "In the eyes of Mr. Fang, we are just young people. We are just acting on orders. I believe that with his mind, we will not be angry.

But Sister Fang and Mr. Wu, who are the culprits, will probably end up badly.Especially Sister Fang.Maybe they will be stripped naked and thrown on the street.As for Mr. Wu's fate, it is unknown."

Until now, no one would think that Fang Xiaoru's words just said just casually.

Since he has said this, he will certainly not aimlessly.

Since it's not aimless, how did Sister Fang escape that fate?

However, none of this is what they need to worry about.

What they need most now is to go to the hospital for treatment.

Although Fang Xiaoru was measured, he didn't beat them to death.But it didn't start and didn't go anywhere.

In the train station parking lot, Fang Xiaoru and Ye Xiaowu parted.

"Xiao Wu, remember our agreement. After you go back, you must review it carefully and prepare for the college entrance examination in two months. I have already arranged for your grandma, and I will contact you tomorrow at the latest."

Ye Xiaowu nodded heavily, and looked at Fang Xiaoru with gratitude and said, "Thank you! I will definitely be admitted to the best university and Harvard, and I will return to the Universe Group to repay your kindness in the future."

Her grades are very good,

Fang Xiaoru laughed, "Harvard is not easy to take, but if you are admitted to Harvard, I will give you a gift. Okay, let's see you there."

After all, he walked into the car that had been waiting for a long time and left.

Ye Xiaowu looked at the rear of the car until the end of the disappearing field of vision, before closing her eyes back.

Her delicate little face is full of determination and perseverance, "I will definitely be admitted to Harvard!"