The richest man in the magic city

The 524th chapter Taoist ancestral court Longhushan

In the car, Wu Wei respectfully and cautiously said to Xiaoru, "Mr. Fang, that woman is a junior I raised outside. I didn't expect that she would run into Mr. Fang. It's damn good."

Fang Xiaoru looked at the scenery outside the window, without turning his head, said faintly: "She won't die, but she must pay for her actions."

Confronted and offended Fang Xiaoru. If he didn't pay a price, where would he put Fang Xiaoru?

"Yes, of course." Wu Wei nodded repeatedly, "I don't know Mr. Fang, what should I do with her?"

Fang Xiaoru's tone was flat and said: "I said before that even if I let you strip her clothes off and put her on the street, you wouldn't say a word."

Wu Wei's face turned pale after hearing this.

This woman is his favorite junior.The past period of time has brought him a lot of happiness.

However, even if Wu Wei feels reluctant, he still knows how to choose at this time.

He nodded heavily and replied: "President Fang, I will call to make arrangements."

With that said, he took out his cell phone and was about to call the person in the car following the forehead.

Even if he was reluctant, Wu Wei did not dare to refute.

Because he knew that everything he had today was bestowed by Fang Xiaoru, and he was Fang Xiaoru's dog.

If Fang Xiaoru was upset that day, he could lose everything he has today at any time.

When he nodded, the phone was connected.

The voice of Wu Wei's bodyguard came over, "Mr. Wu."

Wu Wei said: "Find a bustling street and contact several well-known domestic media. Take Fang... strip that woman naked and throw it on the street."

After that, he hung up the phone, and a smile appeared on his face that was worse than crying, "President Fang, do you have any instructions?"

Fang Xiaoru glanced at him lightly and said: "After the Eagle City incident is over, you go to the capital headquarters and ask Sister Yun to explain the matter and accept her punishment."

Fang Xiaoru closed his eyes gently.

But Wu Wei's face changed drastically.I didn’t expect Fang Xiaoru to be held accountable

But he didn't dare to show any dissatisfaction or other negative emotions. He took a deep breath and said, "Yes, Mr. Fang."

This is the horror of power.

Fang Xiaoru, as the absolute controller of the Universe Group, has supreme rights.

His word can determine hundreds of billions or even trillions of trade flows, and his word can shake countries around the world.

With a word of him, a big man who calls the wind and the rain can instantly become a beggar!

Even though he was extremely reluctant and wronged in his heart, Wu Wei dared not express it at all.

He had already hated that Xiaosan in his heart, and gritted his teeth in his heart and cursed: "I have really reached the blood mold for eight lifetimes. He has a great future. He was ruined by that stinky bitch!"

The car drove all the way to the largest and most luxurious restaurant in Eagle City.

Fang Xiaoru came to Eagle City for the first time, and Wu Wei, as the head of the Universe Group in Eagle City, was here to pick him up.

The shi of Eagle City is also above the banquet.

At the banquet, Jiang Tianhua, the chief of the Eagle City, continued to toast Fang Xiaoru and expressed his gratitude.

Ying City is a relatively backward city in Jiangxi Province. The average monthly income of some counties is less than 1,500 yuan. It is one of Fang Xiaoru's charity actions.

At the same time, a well-rounded and well-rounded woman in her thirties, appeared naked on the street, and instantly attracted the attention of everyone around her.

Some thin-skinned people watch as they walk and look back from time to time.

Some people with thick skins stared at them unscrupulously.

Some people even went around directly and walked to Sister Fang to watch.

Although in Fang Xiaoru's eyes, Sister Fang was just a vulgar fan, it was not worth his extra look.

Male, female, old, young.

More and more people began to gather around Sister Fang, pointing at her.

"This woman, how can she appear on the street naked, it's really outrageous."

"I just saw that she got off a car. Could it be that she was abandoned when the car quaked?"

"Tsk tsk, this skin is really white and the figure is really good."

Among the people's pointing, feeling the burning eyes of the men around, Sister Fang was about to collapse.

She covered the crowd with her hands and rushed to the place with few people.

However, this is a busy city, here is the most prosperous street in Eagle City, plus she is naked, so that wherever she goes, a large crowd of people watch and give pointers.

More than an hour later.

In the Eagle City Public Security Bureau, Sister Fang put on the clothes prepared by the public security bureau and was interrogated inside.

It was a female police officer who interrogated her.

In the end, he just made some simple notes and let Tang Fang leave.

Tang Fang, who had left the Public Security Bureau, looked desperate.

Originally, as the junior of Wu Wei, the head of the Universe Group in Eagle City, her life should not be too comfortable.

But now, everything is ruined, ruined in her own hands.

Regret, like a bug, constantly gnaws at her broken heart.

But there is no regret medicine in the world, there are causes and effects.

If it were not for her own bad nature, self-righteousness, and aggressiveness, all this could be avoided.

At this time, Fang Xiaoru, the mayor of Eagle City Jiang Tianhua, and Wu Wei had lunch, and they were ready to return to the hotel for lunch.

When leaving, Jiang Tianhua said: "President Fang, at the charity party at 7 o'clock in the evening, I look forward to your visit."

This charity party was officially initiated by Eagle City and invited some well-known local entrepreneurs to contribute to the poverty-stricken areas in response to Fang Xiaoru’s donation.

Fang Xiaoru nodded faintly, and under Wu Wei's leadership, he went to the hotel he arranged.

Lying on the big hotel bed, Fang Xiaoru was enjoying Lisa's massage.

Lisa thumped his legs and said, "Mr. Fang, Wu Wei, who has strong performance and ability, is also very respectful to you. Are you really going to punish him?"

Fang Xiaoru closed his eyes and did not open them, "One yard equals one yard. Although his ability is strong, he is considered loyal to me. But after all, he has made a mistake. If he makes a mistake, he must accept punishment. Where is the prestige?"

Lisa just asked casually, seeing Fang Xiaoru say that, so she didn't say much.

She changed the topic and said with great interest: "There is a Dragon Tiger Mountain in Eagle City, which is the ancestral garden of Taoism. Should we go there tomorrow?"