The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 527 Internal Force Fluctuation

Zhang Daochang looked eagerly, staring at Fang Xiaoru in the picture without blinking, wondering how he would react after seeing the piece of talisman paper, and using this to verify his bold guesses.

Although this speculation even he himself felt incredible.

At the charity party, a group of businessmen and high-ranking officials were puzzled by the finale.

The bidding price is also slowly rising from one thousand one thousand.

After all, no one knows what is the use of this thing, so it is only a meaning, and will not spend a lot of money to bid.

On the main table, Fang Xiaoru felt a kind of internal force fluctuation the moment the talisman appeared.

This surprised him greatly.

People who have internal power are rare, and I didn't expect someone to be able to attach internal power to a piece of talisman paper.

Such an ability is really scary.At the very least, you need a cultivation base above Dan Jin to do it.

In such a long time, he has encountered the strongest master, but it is just Gang Jin.The strong Dan Jin has never seen it.

But at the auction site at this time, a piece of talisman paper containing majestic internal strength unexpectedly appeared.

Although he was shocked in his heart, his face was still calm and calm, and no one could see what he was thinking.


Suddenly, while he was looking at the talisman in the auction master's hand, he suddenly felt someone peeping at him in secret.

He turned his head abruptly and looked forward to the right.

I saw a spot of light flickering in that place, it turned out to be a camera.

A smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, staring at the camera deeply, and then continuing to focus on the talisman paper, feeling the internal force fluctuations in it.

In the monitoring room, Zhang Daochang, who was paying close attention to Fang Xiaoru, suddenly turned his head when he saw Fang Xiaoru in the picture and looked directly at him.

Fang Xiaoru's eyes were like an unsheathed sword, which made Zhang Daochang's heart tremble, and a dull feeling came, making him subconsciously take three steps backwards.

In the gray-haired old man's puzzled gaze, Zhang Daochang closed his eyes and exhaled deeply, then slowly opened his eyes, his eyes were filled with awe, and he muttered:

"Horrible! It's terrible!"

But the next moment, the horror in Zhang Daochang's eyes quickly faded and turned into ecstasy.

It turned out that since Fang Xiaoru broke through to Dan Jin, whenever someone spied on him in secret, within a kilometer range, he would feel a new life.

This is an instinctive reaction against the sky.

Just like the great power in the myth, you only need to say his name in your mouth and he will know it.

"Thirteen thousand!"

At the charity party, the price of that piece of talisman paper has reached 13 thousand.

There are very few bidders, and the price increase is very small.

Even the officials felt a bit unkind. How could they come up with this kind of thing and let them bid for it? Isn't this cheating?

Just as they were thinking about it in their hearts, Fang Xiaoru, who hadn't held up for a long time, finally held up the card again.

"Ten million."

His faint voice spread throughout the audience.

Everyone looked at him in surprise, wondering why he used a high price of 10 million yuan to take such an ordinary talisman paper.

Is it possible that this talisman paper has a great background?But even if it has a great background, it is not worth ten million.

You know, even the jade pendant worn by Emperor Qianlong, Fang Xiaoru has not actively bid for it.

When everyone was astonished and surprised, Jiang Tianhua, the chief of the Eagle City, stood up, and the opponent Xiaoru deeply bowed, then faced the audience and said:

"Maybe everyone is wondering why Fang always bids this talisman for a high price of 10 million yuan. But I know that this is Fang's kindness.

Although he has donated a huge sum of money to our Eagle City, he still wants to contribute to our charity activities.

This ten million is undoubtedly the sum donated by the party.On behalf of all the poor people in Eagle City, I salute you."

With that, he bowed to Fang Xiaoru again.

This gentle, modest and gentleman's shi long is not so respectful when facing the provincial party committee secretary.

Fang Xiaoru's good deeds, Fang Xiaoru's righteous deeds, and Fang Xiaoru's donations convinced him.

He bowed twice. Although he represented all the poor people in Eagle City, it was also his true feeling from the heart.

After hearing Jiang Tianhua's words, everyone suddenly realized.Many people start to replenish their brains automatically.

"I said Mr. Fang couldn't even look down on Emperor Qianlong's jade pendant, so how could he bid for this ordinary talisman paper."

"This is Mr. Fang's charity."

"Yes, after all, this is a charity auction. Fang Xiaoru is responding to the organization's call to donate again."

After being praised by Jiang Tianhua and bowed twice, Fang Xiaoru's mouth twitched when he heard the comments of the people around him.

In fact, it was just that piece of talisman that he fancyed.

But he made a preliminary judgment and thought that the piece of talisman paper was worth at least ten million, so he quoted it and photographed it.

Where is there so much they think.

In the monitoring room, Zhang Daochang's face turned dark when he heard the comments of everyone at the party through audio.

The origin of this talisman is not small. According to the legend, it was made by the ninth generation of Zhang Tianshi himself, and it has been passed down for a thousand years.

It stands to reason that a thousand years of paper should have been weathered long ago.

But this talisman paper is different. It does not invade water or fire, and resists the erosion of years. After so many years, it still looks like the one just made.

Without Dan Jin cultivation base, it is far from being able to achieve this level.

Later Zhang Daochang saw the video sent by the Minister of National Defense and saw Fang Xiaoru's miracles.He took out this talisman on a whim and put it on the charity auction.

To his surprise, Fang Xiaoru was really different from ordinary people. He noticed the difference in talisman paper from afar and directly used 10 million to photograph it.