The richest man in the magic city

The 528th chapter is really a fairy

After the auction ended, the party really entered the stage that the wealthy businessmen on the scene liked.

They began to walk off the table and make friends with people who were worthy of themselves.

And Fang Xiaoru undoubtedly became the primary goal of everyone present.

Rich businessmen and politicians were all around Fang Xiaoru. Their faces were full of smiles, and they all wanted to please this man at the top of the global financial circle.

Although these people tried every possible means to indulge or enter into relationships with Fang Xiaoru, but their utilitarianism was too heavy, and no one caught Fang Xiaoru's eyes.

In less than five minutes, Fang Xiaoru asked to leave.

Despite reluctance, no one dared to stop it.

Seeing Fang Xiaoru leaving behind, everyone's eyes were full of disappointment.They shook their heads and sighed:

"President Fang and we are not in the same world at all."

"Yes, although we are considered rich in Eagle City, looking at the whole province, looking at the whole country, that is nothing. And Fang Zong is the richest man in the world."

"The gap between us and Mr. Fang is too big. With our current status and status, there is no way to stand with him and talk."

Even though Fang Xiaoru was very cold towards them, no one thought it was a humiliation.

And take this for granted.

If the world's richest man is so easy to talk and make friends, then it is really abnormal.

After leaving the party, Fang Xiaoru ordered Wu Wei to quickly return him to the hotel.

He could not wait to study the magic of the rune paper in his hand.

The moment he held the talisman paper in his hand, he really felt the extraordinary.Fang Xiaoru's complexion changed drastically, and Fang Xiaoru's expression changed drastically.

Looking at the talisman paper in his hand, Fang Xiaoru murmured: "I found a great deal. If it is as I thought, if it absorbs the internal force in it. Then this talisman paper is not to say ten million, it is one billion, one hundred. I want to buy billions and hundreds of billions."

Since Fang Xiaoru was promoted to Dan Jin, his cultivation speed has also slowed down.

Unless the internal strength can be strengthened and break through the bottleneck, he can break through to a higher level.

But for such a long time, the progress of his internal gaze was too slow, it was so slow that it was desperately slow.

Even with Fang Xiaoru's current strength, he can already dominate the world.

But no one can guarantee whether there are some supernatural characters in the dark places of the world.

The stagnant strength is a hurdle in Fang Xiaoru's mind after all.

Now that he got such a piece of talisman paper containing majestic internal strength, he was naturally very excited.

When Fang Xiaoru and Lisa returned to the hotel by car, Zhang Daochang hurried over from the monitoring room, but they could find Fang Xiaoru but no one was seen.

So he ran to Jiang Tianhua and asked him: "Jiang Shichang, where is Fang Xiaoru?"

Jiang Tianhua looked at the worried look in Zhang Daochang's eyes, and his face couldn't help but be surprised.

He knew this Dao Zhang, now he is 76 years old, but his appearance is no different from that of a 40-year-old middle-aged person.The hair is even black and shiny, and there is no white hair

He walks like the wind and looks very healthy.It's not like a seventy-six year old man at all.

In the eyes of many believers in Eagle City, Zhang Daochang is a living godlike existence.

But if you change to a martial arts master, you will know that the reason Zhang Daochang still maintains this appearance is entirely because of his own powerful cultivation.

He is full of strength to achieve the ultimate strength.

Once you enter Gangjin, the flesh and bones of your body will undergo a radical change, which is called a reincarnation.

By the middle stage of Gang Jin, the gray hair turns black, the wrinkles on the face are gone, the skin becomes radiant, and the whole person will be several decades younger.

And in the later stage of Gang Jin, it was even more serious.

The legendary rejuvenation is a sign of the later period of Gang Jin.

Whether you are 70 or 100 years old, as long as you cultivate to the late stage of Gang Jin, you can regain your youth and rejuvenate overnight.

Fang Xiaoru's previous encounters with strong powers have just set foot in this field.

And Zhang Daochang is different, he had already broken through to the mid-Gang Jin ten years ago.

But there was no way to break the shackles, impact the later stage, and rejuvenate.

Jiang Tianhua replied with a slight respect: "Dao Chief, Mr. Fang went back to the hotel a minute ago. If you have anything important to him, I can inform you."

Zhang Daochang shook his head and said, "Since I have left, then forget it."

After all, he turned around and wanted to leave outside the manor.

The scene of the party is hundreds of meters away from the entrance of the manor.

But Zhang Daochang arrived in a while.

Seeing this, Jiang Tianhua, who watched Zhang Daochang leave, his pupils suddenly shrank.

Because he was surprised to find that Zhang Dao took a long step, which was three feet away.The distance of hundreds of meters is only ten paces.

"Sure enough, he is a fairy."

Daochang Zhang, who left the manor, headed towards Longhu Mountain in the north of Ying City.

He didn't feel lost when he didn't see Fang Xiaoru.

There was a strong hunch in his heart that Fang Xiaoru would take the initiative to find him, and would take the initiative to find him in Longhu Mountain.

The source of all this premonition is that piece of talisman paper.

That piece of talisman paper that has been passed down for thousands of years, that piece of talisman paper from which generations of leaders of Longhushan could not absorb the internal force.

The moment Fang Xiaoru took the piece of talisman, Zhang Daochang knew that Fang Xiaoru must have seen the extraordinary of that piece of talisman.

Although Daochang Zhang himself couldn't tell, where is the extraordinaryness of the talisman.Although it contains surging internal force fluctuations, but it can't be absorbed, what's the use?

Except for the special paper, water and fire resistance, and no weathering over time, there is no other special place.

At the Eagle City Venus Hotel, as soon as he returned to his room, Fang Xiaoru couldn't wait to take out the talisman paper and began to study it carefully.