The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 531: Sword Qi Aspects

Zhang Daochang is dressed in a robes, with a long beard fluttering, and looks like a fairy style.

When he saw Zhang Daochang, Fang Xiaoru couldn't help but admire in secret.Longhushan is indeed the ancestor of Taoism. The strength of this Taoist leader is already the strongest Fang Xiaoru has ever seen in the world.

Gang Jin's mid-term, reborn.

Few people in the ancients reached this state.

"Master Fang, I am Zhang Tianyi, the head of the Longhushan Zhengyi School. After hearing about Master Fang's peerless style, I can finally see it today."

The elders in the hall, as well as the two masters and servants, the old and the young, all showed shocked expressions on their faces.

Zhang Daochang is involved in good luck, even when facing the highest leader of the organization, he is neither humble nor overbearing.

General provincial and ministerial cadres must be polite when they see him.

When did I ever see him being so polite to a young man?

Although Fang Xiaoru's background is indeed very large, he is the world's richest man with close to three trillion Citicoins, but it is not enough to make Zhang Daochang so polite.

Fang Xiaoru nodded lightly, and said, "Hello Zhang Dao."

He has already confirmed that the person who spied him through the camera at the charity party last night was Daochang Zhang in front of him.

Zhang Daochang stretched his arms, pointed to a seat in front, and said, "Master Fang, please take a seat."

After Fang Xiaoru sat down, Wang Peng said disdainfully: "Since the Master Fang in Dao Chang's mouth is here, please ask Master Fang to identify whether this peach wood sword is a magic weapon that Zhang Tianshi carried."

He spoke with three points of impatience.

Zhang Daochang and the others are too cautious, and don't know how many times they have watched it back and forth.

He didn't worry about what would go wrong with Fang Xiaoru's arrival. After all, although Fang Xiaoru was the richest man in the world, he went on his own.

Although Fang Xiaoru, who is invincible in the business field, is powerful, it is no use in their field.

The only thing he worried about was that as time passed, Daochang Zhang might discover some clues, which would be very bad.

"Magic weapon?"

Fang Xiaoru's expression changed when he heard these two words.Isn't this Nima a real thing?

He hurriedly looked in the direction of Zhang Daochang's fingers and saw a mahogany sword quietly placed on a table of Eight Immortals.

Fang Xiaoru couldn't help exclaiming when he saw this sword.

"Master Fang, what do you think, is this a magic weapon?"

Zhang Daochang looked at Fang Xiaoru eagerly.

Through the temptation of the talisman yesterday, he has already determined that Fang Xiaoru is the one who has truly entered the path.

Therefore, he firmly believed in his heart that Fang Xiaoru must be able to determine whether this peach wood sword is a magic weapon.

If it is a magical artifact, then it is basically certain that this is the peach wood sword that Zhang Tianshi carried with him back then.

At this moment, beside Wang Peng, the old man in a gray robe said in a weird manner: "Zhang Daochang, you are too cautious. Although Mr. Fang is noble and has good eyesight, he has not yet reached the point where he can identify the artifact."

"If you are not sure, I can show you the power of this mahogany sword."

Fang Xiaoru carefully observed the peach wood sword, then shook his head.

In my heart, I thought too much, how could there really be cultivators in this world.

But when he first saw the Taomu Sword, he was indeed a little surprised.

Because he felt a surge of sword intent from above, it seemed that it was left by a master of swordsmanship.

But it definitely has nothing to do with the artifact.

The difference between the two can be said to be very different.

If it had been before, he might still be interested in this peach wood sword.

But now his internal strength has been reborn, and the sword intent can be played easily, so where is this kind of spicy chicken.

Moreover, the sword intent contained in this peach wood sword, with the passage of time, has been little left, and it will dissipate in a short time.

The mahogany sword will also become ordinary wood.

Zhang Daochang saw Fang Xiaoru shook his head and did not speak. He didn't know if he could not identify or confirmed that the mahogany sword was illegal.

Just as he was about to ask, the elder on the side rushed to speak in front of him.

"Ma donor, please show me the power of this mahogany sword."

"Elder Lin is polite."

The old man in a gray robe stood up with his hand and walked over.

The elders present, including Zhang Daochang, all leaned slightly, looking at the gray-robed old man with scorching eyes, wanting to see how he would show the power of the peach wood sword.

He walked to the table of the Eight Immortals, picked up the peach wood sword, closed his eyes slightly, and pinched the sword art in his hand.

The gray robe on his body rose automatically without wind, and slowly bulged out.

"This is..." When the elders saw this, his complexion suddenly changed, and he looked at the gray-robed old man with an incredible expression."Strengthen!"


The gray-robed old man yelled fiercely, his voice resounding like thunder, a huge voice reverberating in the huge hall.

I saw his long sword pointing at the copper bell hanging at the entrance of the hall. The next moment, the entire hall was filled with a terrifying sword intent, and the surrounding temperature seemed to drop suddenly, which made people shudder.

Immediately afterwards, I saw an invisible sword qi surging out of the peach wood sword, cutting the mouth-sized copper bell in half.


The copper bell dropped to the ground, and the cut was smooth and flat.

"This...this...this is sword energy!"

Everyone in the hall was about to stare out, staring at the peach wood sword.

As we all know, it is extremely harsh to cultivate sword energy.

First of all, the comprehension of kendo must be reached to the extreme, and the sword intent belonging to oneself must be realized.

Secondly, the cultivation base must reach the strong strength and become a strong master at the level of Grand Master.

These two conditions are indispensable.

The gray-robed old man was clearly just a powerful person, but he was able to emit sword energy.

This couldn't help but make everyone think of all this to the peach wood sword.

"A magic weapon! It really is a magic weapon!"

"This must be the saber of the Patriarch back then!"

"You can't go wrong, this is the celestial sword of our Longhushan Zhengyi faction that has been lost for 800 years!"

The voices of the elders trembled.

They looked at the peach wood sword with excitement, unable to look away for a moment.

Only Fang Xiaoru looked on with disdain and looked on.