The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 532: The Sword Comes

Everyone in Longhushan, including Daochang Zhang, was stunned by this scene.

Originally, a powerful man with vigour, after holding the peach wood sword, can actually play sword aura, which is undoubtedly the merit of that peach wood sword.

The fact is also true, the sword energy in the peach wood sword, even Zhang Daochang in the mid-Gang Jin period, could not feel it.

So they don't know that every time they use it, the sword intent inside will weaken by one point. After a few times, the peach wood sword will completely become an ordinary wooden sword.

"Head, this must be the saber of the Patriarch."

"Yes, only the Heavenly Master Sword has such power."

Elder Yi Gan looked at the peach wood sword in the hand of the gray-robed old man at this time, his eyes were fiery.

Brother Wang Peng, who was sitting opposite, saw the ecstatic appearance of the crowd, and an inexplicable mockery flashed in his eyes.

He silently gave the gray-robed old man a look, and the old man immediately took the sword back and handed it to Dao Zhang Zhang.

Wang Peng said faintly: "Zhang Daochang, you can also feel the power of this mahogany sword for yourself. You only need to inject internal force to inspire sword energy. In the world, there is nothing else except Zhang Tianshi's saber."

"Head, let me try."

A dark-faced elder stood up, eager to try.

Zhang Daochang glanced at him, and finally gave him the sword and asked him to try it.

The dark-faced elder took the Taomu Sword and walked forward with joy.

He squeezed a sword tactic, shook two swords, and stabbed out of thin air.



At the next moment, I only heard two breaking sounds.

Another copper bell hanging at the door was chopped into four sections by the invisible sword energy.


The people behind couldn't help taking a breath.

The strength of this dark elder is clear to them.

Even if he tried his best, he couldn't beat a trace of sword energy.

But now, the air is really filled with terrifying sword energy fluctuations.

The copper bell hanging outside the door was actually cut into four sections.

"Hahaha, head, this must be the Heavenly Master Sword!"

The swarthy elder laughed, there was a sword in his hand, an invincible spirit.

All the elders of Longhushan looked at the peach wood sword with greed, and one by one urged Daochang Zhang to quickly agree to Wang Peng's terms and leave the peach wood sword in Longhushan anyway.

Zhang Daochang was also very excited. He was about to speak and directly agreed to Wang Peng, but suddenly found that Fang Xiaoru, who was sitting on the side, had a sneer on his face.

To be on the safe side, he still asked: "Master Fang, what do you think of this mahogany sword? Is it a magic weapon?"

Wang Peng, who is like a brother-in-law, also immediately said: "Yes, Mr. Fang has a strong eye. Let Mr. Fang come to comment."

Although he said that, the deep disdain in his eyes still did not escape Fang Xiaoru's perception.

In Wang Peng's view, Fang Xiaoru is just an ordinary businessman. Although his career has reached the top of the world, he is still just a businessman.

If a martial artist like himself wants to kill him, it is like killing a chicken.

So he always looked down on businessmen and ordinary people.Even the rich man of the rich side is just an ATM in his eyes.

Feeling Wang Peng's disdain, Fang Xiaoru raised his head and smiled contemptuously.

"You can fool others with this trivial trick, but you can't fool me."

As soon as this statement was made, the expressions of the people at the scene changed slightly.

Wang Peng even snorted coldly, with a sharp tone: "You have to speak responsibly. You can't talk nonsense about some things."

An elder hurriedly said: "Mr. Fang is not a fellow of us. If you don't understand this, please don't take offense."

The group of elders, afraid of Wang Peng's anger, left with the peach wood sword, and smiled at him one by one.

Only Zhang Daochang, who knew Fang Xiaoru's mighty power, said respectfully: "Also ask Master Fang to give us hands."

The gray-robed old man also said in a strange way: "Since Mr. Fang said that this is just a trivial trick, please give us some pointers."

Fang Xiaoru glanced at the gray-robed old man and shook his head, as if he was extremely disdainful of him, making his old face flushed with anger.

If Fang Xiaoru's identity had not been taken into consideration, the gray-robed old man would have gone up to teach him.

Fang Xiaoru slowly got up from the seat and said softly, "Well, you are short-sighted and think you can deceive the people of the world with a little trick, but you don't know it's just laughing and generous."

His tone was very aggressive, and he didn't show any face.

When Wang Peng and the gray-robed old man listened, their expressions were ugly.

The contempt and disdain of this kind of red fruit makes them very uncomfortable.

The son's elder Wang Peng sneered, staring at Fang Xiaoru coldly, waiting to see how an ordinary person would recognize the peach wood sword, and waiting to see how he would make a move later.

This mahogany sword was made by an elder of his swordsmanship.There was his lifelong sword intent on it, which was terrifying.

As long as the internal force is injected, the invisible sword energy can be stimulated and hurt people in the invisible.

It's just that every time you use it, the sword intent inside will dissipate a bit, until it disappears completely, becoming an ordinary wooden sword.

Zhang Daochang's kind of reborn strong mid-term powerhouse can't even distinguish, he doesn't believe that Fang Xiaoru, a secular businessman, can be identified.

In Wang Peng's view, Fang Xiaoru was just pretentious.What is the ability of an ordinary man to distinguish "dharma artifacts"?

Under the gazes of Wang Peng and the gray-robed old man waiting for the good show, under the worried gazes of the elders of Longhushan, under Zhang Daochang’s expectant gaze, Fang Xiaoru slowly took a step forward with his hands on his back. .

"The sword is coming!"

Hearing Fang Xiaoru's whistle, everyone was horrified to discover that the peach wood sword on the table of the Eight Immortals three meters away flew into Fang Xiaoru's hands with a swish!

All of a sudden, everyone was shocked!

The scene suddenly fell silent, and there was no sound.