The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 535: Doing Your Girlfriend's Responsibility

Two hours later, Fang Xiaoru left Longhushan.

This trip to Dragon Tiger Mountain, in addition to obtaining a servant of Huajin cultivation base, he also let him know that in the entire Huaxia, no one has broken through to Danjin.

As the ancestor of Taoism, Longhu Mountain, its head Zhang Daochang used his cultivation in the mid-Gang Jin period to disregard the entire Chinese ancient martial arts world.

In other words, Fang Xiaoru's cultivation is truly the first person in the world.

As for the elder brother Wang Peng of the Wang family, after being severely taught by Fang Xiaoru, he handed it over to Longhushan for disposal.

From Zhang Daochang to the elders, Longhushan hated Wang Peng very much.

This person is bold enough to use fakes to play Longhushan up and down as a fool. Even if the ancient Wuwang family standing behind him, he will definitely not end well.

On the afternoon of leaving Longhu Mountain, Fang Xiaoru returned to the capital.

News came from overseas that Somali pirates listened to his orders and had robbed three Fusang and two Citi ships.

Now the two countries are making negotiations, demanding the release of the ship.

But all were rejected by the pirates.

According to reports from the warship battle group, Citi and Fusang each sent a warship to Somalia, seemingly intending to negotiate with force.

At this time, a small village in Eagle City.

Ye Xiaowu's home.

Jiang Tianhua, the mayor of Eagle City, visited him in person.

Ye Xiaowu was extremely surprised and panicked at first when the head of Shi suddenly visited her home.

After pouring a glass of water for Jiang Tianhua politely, she asked inexplicably: "Mr. Shi Chang, why did you come to my house?"

"Haha." Jiang Tianhua laughed heartily, and asked instead: "I heard that you met Mr. Fang Xiaorufang from the Universe Group, I wonder if this happened?"

Ye Xiaowu suddenly realized what he said.

She is very smart, and she immediately judged from Jiang Tianhua's words. This shi chief probably wanted to please Fang Xiaoru through herself.

At this moment, she once again realized the influence of Fang Xiaoru.

Even the chief of a prefecture-level city wanted to curry favor with him.

Ye Xiaowu nodded lightly and said, "Mr. Fang and I met on the high-speed rail."

Jiang Tianhua smiled deeper, took out a piece of material from his briefcase, handed it to Ye Xiaowu, and said:

"I heard that you want to enter Harvard University. This is about the information about Harvard University entrance. Please take a look."

The entrance examination for Harvard is different from the entrance examination for domestic universities. It is not done through the college entrance examination.

Have to go through other channels to get the admission letter from Harvard.

The materials brought by Jiang Tianhua contain all this information.

Ye Xiaowu opened the information and read it slowly.

Jiang Tianhua sat in a chair, drinking water and waiting with a smile, showing no signs of anxiety.

About ten minutes later, Ye Xiaowu closed the materials and said with joy, "Thank you, Mr. Shi Chang, there are many things in it that I don't know."

Jiang Tianhua smiled and said: "I will arrange these things for you. Tomorrow I will send someone to send you abroad. You only need to pass the written test and interview at Harvard three days later to be accepted."

Harvard's admission time and school start time are different from those in China.

The qualifying exam happens in April, and if it goes well, you can participate in the entrance ceremony in May.

Although Ye Xiaowu was happy in her heart, she still frowned Liu's eyebrows and asked: "Mr. Shi Chang, you help me like this, but for...Mr. Fang.

Let me tell you that I have only had a relationship with Mr. Fang, not close friends.You may be with me and get nothing in return."

Jiang Tianhua laughed and said, "Xiao Wu, let me just say it. No matter what your relationship is with Mr. Fang, I just want you to mention Eagle City to him next time you see him. Bringing a little investment to Eagle City can be considered a benefit to the people of Eagle City."

The investments of the Universe Group must be big investments.

If Fang Xiaoru really invests in Eagle City, it is likely to increase the GDP of Eagle City.

Jiang Tianhua's purpose is simple and straightforward.

Ye Xiaowu nodded when he saw his request only, and said, "Mr. Shi Chang, this is a business matter. If I have a chance to see Mr. Fang in the future, I will mention it to him."

Upon hearing this, Jiang Tianhua smiled happily.

After another few words with Ye Xiaowu, he got up and left.

Before leaving, Jiang Tianhua turned around and said: "Xiao Wu, your grandma's condition has improved a lot now. The doctor said that in a week or two, you will be discharged from the hospital."

It turned out that on the second day of Ye Xiaowu's return, Fang Xiaoru had someone arrange the best medical team for her grandma.The condition has been completely stabilized now, and he will be able to heal completely after a while.

Ye Xiaowu's gratitude for Xiaoru, the other party, became more serious.

Beijing, the headquarters of Universe Group, Atlantis Building.

Fang Xiaoru's office.

Before Fang Xiaoru set off for Huanyu Island to check the first batch of equipment in the military factory-Mark Armor, Diana came again.

"When the couple reunite, follow the procedure, first hug and then kiss." Fang Xiaoru looked at Diana playfully, "Do you think we are..."

Diana's eyes flickered slightly, and said: "Fang, we..."

As soon as she turned her head, she came up with the reason for rejection, but she was interrupted by Fang Xiaoru before she could say it.

He leaned to Diana's ear and said softly: "I can see that you have been trying to attract me, trying to make me feel affection for you.

I don't care what your purpose is for approaching me, but since you are my girlfriend now, you have to fulfill your girlfriend's responsibilities."

Diana was shocked when she heard the words, her pupils suddenly shrank.Realizing that it was wrong, he quickly tried to push Fang Xiaoru away, but he didn't push it.