The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 540: Hollow out his neighborhood to make a swimming pool

Upon hearing this, the prince and concubine said embarrassingly: "I'm sorry, you have encountered this kind of thing as soon as you came."

She didn't choose to refuse. Just like Gao Fushuai said before, the prince and concubine knew very well Gao Fushuai's personality, and the woman he liked would do everything possible to get it.

If it is really not available, he will use the strong one.

It would be pretty good if Fang Xiaoru went to teach him a lesson and play a vigilant role.

At least not to expose yourself to possible dangers.

Fang Xiaoru smiled slightly and said, "We have known each other for almost three years. Besides, you are still Oona's best girlfriend, so you don't need to be so polite with me."

The prince and concubine smiled and nodded, while sighing in her heart that things are unpredictable.

Who would have thought that a few years ago, that high school student who was neither humble nor humble would actually grow to this point.

She asked curiously: "But, how do you teach him?"

"How to teach him, I think about it."

Fang Xiaoru touched his chin with his hand. After thinking for a moment, his eyes lit up and said, "Didn't he always say to go swimming in the swimming pool of his villa? If that's the case, then I will let him swim well enough.

Tomorrow I will let people come to his house, buy all the surrounding villas, and then hollow out the vicinity of his house and fill it with water to make a large swimming pool.

If he is not stupid, he should know that this is a warning to him.If he is still obsessed with you and entangles you, just call me.But by then, the method may be much more brutal."

This tall, rich and handsome man was just chasing after the prince and concubine, so Fang Xiaoru did not resort to any cruel moves.

Of course, if the prince and concubine were his girlfriend, the situation would be completely different.

That Gao Fushuai was about to be given a suspicious life by Fang Xiaoru on the spot.

The prince and concubine chuckled, smiling like a flower, her big bright eyes were shining, "Your method is too bad, you hollowed out the neighborhood of his house to make a swimming pool. Then his house is like an isolated island, how do you usually travel? ."

In a huge swimming pool, a villa stands alone in it.

No matter if you walk or drive, you cannot go home.

Even if you are traveling, you can only choose to swim out.

This kind of picture is funny just thinking about it.

Fang Xiaoru laughed, "Didn't he like swimming? Just let him swim home."

After the two continued to talk for about ten minutes, the performance was finally about to begin.

When Fang Xiaoru sent the prince and concubine back to the waiting room, many students who had heard the news and were about to perform on stage immediately surrounded Fang Xiaoru.

The moment they saw Fang Xiaoru, they screamed excitedly one by one.

"Wow! It is really Fang Xiaoru, I finally saw Fang Xiaoru's real body!"

"Too young, about the same age as ours, but set up such a foundation, it is really amazing."

"Fang Xiaoru, I am your fan."

"President Fang, can you sign me?"

"President Fang, I want to take a photo with you."

The classmates at the scene, like fanatical star chasers, surrounded Fang Xiaoru excitedly.

Fang Xiaoru looked at about 30 people around him, then nodded and said, "It's okay to have a group photo. You can line up one by one. After the photo is taken, let’s go away. Don’t affect the upcoming music ceremony."

Seeing Fang Xiaoru agreed to take a group photo, everyone cheered excitedly.Especially girls, their faces blushed with excitement.

"Yeah! Great!"

"Haha, I must show off to my friends when I go back."

"Tsk tusk, taking a photo with Fang Xiaoru, will definitely make them fall out of shock."

The students around, consciously lined up, taking turns to take pictures with Fang Xiaoru, with the gentleman's demeanor that the lady gave priority.

Only a few minutes later, Fang Xiaoru took a photo with everyone, and walked out surrounded by everyone.

When Fang Xiaoru's figure disappeared completely, everyone sighed.

"As expected, Mr. Fang is the same as the rumors. Although his career is getting bigger and bigger, he is still very approachable."

"Yes, Fang always doesn't look like those entrepreneurs. After the company has grown, the air is higher than the sky."

"After graduation, I joined World Media."

"I also want to go to World Media. Having such a boss will definitely not squeeze us."

They just don't know that Fang Xiaoru is friendly to his own people and his fans.

But he treated the enemy with extreme harshness.

The Somali pirates robbed his ship and took his hostages. In his anger, he bought an integrated battleship battle group from Maoqiu and shelled the capital of Somalia.

"However, I really envy the prince and concubine. None of us thought that she would know Fang Xiaoru."

"Yeah, the prince and concubine hid too deeply. They didn't even say such things."

"If I had changed, I would have let the whole school know that I know Fang Xiaoru. That would be so much face."

As everyone talked, they began to envy the prince and concubine.

They gathered around the prince and concubine one by one and asked curiously:

"Prince concubine, how did you meet Fang Xiaoru?"

"Can you tell me what your relationship is?"

"Also, how long have you known each other? Where did you meet?"

Questions followed, making the prince concubine feel a buzzing in her ears.

"Huh, as everyone knows, Fang Xiaoru and the Queen of Geely have a very close relationship. The prince and concubine said that Fang Xiaoru is her boyfriend, but in my opinion, she is just a mistress of Fang Xiaoru. What's so great."

At this moment, the upside-down girl next to the Gao Fushuai suddenly spoke.

In her words, although she was very disdainful and despised.But his eyes were full of deep envy and jealousy.


"The prince and concubine have such a relationship with Fang Xiaoru?"

Everyone was shocked, but they didn't expect there to be such a breaking news.

Those women all looked at the prince and concubine appreciatively.

I hate why this person is not me, let alone being Fang Xiaoru's junior, even if it is Xiaoqi and Xiaoba, they are willing.