The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 542: Aimed by Fusang

Dumbfounded, Gao Fushuai and his friends were completely dumbfounded.

"Xuezhong, why is your villa in the middle of a large swimming pool?"

His friends laughed and said with interest.

But Gao Fushuai couldn't laugh. In just two days, the family became like this.

This is obviously someone deliberately targeted him.

Don't say that the car can't enter the house, even there is no way to go.

If you want to go home, you only have to swim.

Gao Fushuai's face was gloomy and was about to drip. He took out his mobile phone and dialed a property number.

"Is it the property in Hongguang Villa District? I am the owner Li Xuezhong. I want to ask, why is my neighborhood turned into a swimming pool? How do you let me go home? You will deal with it immediately.

The property replied: "I'm sorry, we can't help it. Except for your villa, the boss of the Universe Group bought all the other villas in the villa area.

He arranged for someone to make this swimming pool, and we can’t stop it. After all, is it someone’s thing."

"Oneworld Group, Fang Xiaoru!"

Gao Fushuai heard the words and instantly understood the cause of the matter.

His eyes were red and full of unwillingness, and he slammed the phone on the ground, roaring like a wounded beast.

"Damn it! Damn it!"

At this time, his friends realized something was wrong.

"Xuezhong, what happened?"

"I heard you talk about the World Group. Could this swimming pool be owned by Fang Xiaoru?"

"No, when did you meet someone like Fang Xiaoru?"

Faced with the problems of his friends, Gao Fushuai roared and vented his unwillingness and anger.

Then I told them what happened the day before yesterday.

After listening, the rich and handsome friends all looked shocked.

"You are crazy! That's Fang Xiaoru, how dare you steal a woman from him?"

"I see. He hollowed out your neighborhood to make a swimming pool. This is to give you a warning. If you continue to pester the prince and concubine, the end will not be like this."

"Xuezhong, Fang Xiaoru must not provoke him. Don't say that your father is the seat of the tax bureau, he is the head of the capital city. You have to persuade Fang Xiaoru."

"Yes, my dad told me that Fang Xiaoru is one of the most not to offend lists. You should explain to the prince and concubine quickly that you will not pester her again in the future."

All of my friends are rich or noble. They know the horror of Fang Xiaoru. One by one they persuade Gao Fushuai to look back in time and not to go into the abyss.

Gao Fushuai's eyes were red, although deep in his heart, he was unwilling to do everything, but there was no way.

Just to give him a warning, Fang Xiaoru bought a large villa and dug a 200-meter radius of his house into a swimming pool in just two days.

And he begged his father how many times for this villa.

The difference between the status and economic strength of the two sides is too great.

Looking at the huge swimming pool in front of him, Gao Fushuai took a deep breath, and finally decided to obey his friends and stop pestering the prince and concubine.

On the same day, a piece of news about Fang Xiaoru spread throughout the Internet.

"Shocked! Fang Xiaoru, a mysterious female student in a capital college, actually dealt with competitors like this."

In this article, it was revealed in detail that Fang Xiaoru bought the Hongguang villa area and made a swimming pool near Gaofushuai's home.

After reading it, countless netizens sighed.

"Tsk tsk, rich people just know how to play."

"My brother, you still have this kind of operation."

"That's why Fang Xiaoru can only play with such a supernatural hero. If you change to someone else, even Wang Xiaocong can't do it."

"Admire, admire. Learn another trick."

"I've gained a lot of knowledge, and it's true that rich people come to pick up girls quickly. This will probably cost several billions."

"Billions of billions are considered a shit for Xiaoru."

The man who goes up is envious and jealous of Xiaoru.

Women, all idiots left messages under Fang Xiaoru's Weibo.

The words "husband loves me" and "husband cares me" have received a lot of praise.

At the Imperial Conservatory of Music, the prince and concubine swiped on Weibo in the dorm.

Just on the hot topic, I saw the topic about Fang Xiaoru.

She subconsciously clicked in.

When she clicked in and read it, she was immediately shocked by the contents.

She never expected that Fang Xiaoru's reminder would actually be such a reminder.

He bought all the villas near Gao Fushuai's house, and built a large swimming pool near his house.

The prince and concubine had round eyes and a long mouth.

It took a long time before she recovered.

There was a smile on the corner of her mouth that she hadn't even noticed, and a touch of sweetness rose in her heart for no reason.

At this moment, her partner Xiaoru's relationship changed slightly.

Before, she only regarded Fang Xiaoru as a friend, but now she seems to be above friends and below lovers.

However, when netizens once again discussed Fang Xiaoru, he had already taken a private jet from the Beijing International Airport to Huanyu Island near the Somali Sea.

He can't wait to see how powerful Mark's armor is.

According to the system, everyone equipped with Mark armor can become a superman after a short period of adaptation.

When Fang Xiaoru's private plane flew over the South China Sea, he was in the control room of a warship near the Fuso Ryukyu Islands.

"The target is locked, do you want to launch a missile?"

The captain's face was solemn, his eyes were solemn, and finally he waved his hand fiercely and said, "Launch!"


"The missile is loaded, 3...2...1...launch!"


When everything was ready, as the launch button was pressed, a radar-guided missile roared out from a Fuso warship near the Ryukyu Islands and headed straight to the private plane that Fang Xiaoru was flying high in the sky.