The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 545 Destroy the Helicopter with One Palm

Its power is so great that if it is hit by a bullet, it is even a hill, and a huge hole can also be smashed out.

At this time, the two helicopters fired at Fang Xiaoru at an altitude of more than 30 meters.

The bullets fired from the machine gun were more than twenty centimeters long, and they drew a long line of fire in the air, like a death ray, and flew towards Fang Xiaoru.

The two helicopters fired at the same time, one on the left and the other on the right, and the dense bullets came over the sky and covered Fang Xiaoru completely in the artillery fire.

The deck near Fang Xiaoru instantly became a hornet's nest.

Under the artillery that shattered everything, Fang Xiaoru moved.

Facing such a powerful cannon, he dared not resist.

His body dodged from left to right, shuttled back and forth like the wind, avoiding all the artillery fire.

Finally, among the horrified eyes of the five people on the helicopter, he jumped up, like a nine-day dragon, soaring above the clouds.

Since he stared internally, broke through Dan Jin, and was promoted to a higher level.

His power has changed drastically.

Under everyone's unbelievable gaze, his body kept rising and rising.

Five meters... ten meters... fifteen meters... twenty meters... finally reached a height of thirty meters!

"Amaterasu! I'm not dreaming!"

All five people on the helicopter had their mouths widened, and looked at the monster that jumped up to 30 meters high with all of their faces dull.

Thirty meters, close to the height of an eight-story building.

Think about it, what kind of concept is that a person can jump to the height of eight stories?

At this altitude, Fang Xiaoru was already level with the two helicopters in the sky.

The people on the helicopter could even clearly see Fang Xiaoru's cold eyes.

In their horrified eyes, Fang Xiaoru moved three meters in the air and approached one of the helicopters.

This is exactly the nine spiral shadows in the Nine Yin Scriptures, which can be moved out of thin air.

Then, only a loud dragon roar was heard.


Fang Xiaoru hit the most powerful palm, and a huge golden dragon flew out of his palm, hovering in the air, and then slammed into the helicopter.

Under Fang Xiaoru's palm, the bulletproof glass, which could block bullets and was harder than steel, disintegrated in an instant like paper.

The Jinlong roared fiercely, and rushed directly into the cabin, then pierced the fuel tank, piercing the helicopter.


The next moment, a huge explosion sounded. The helicopter exploded violently due to the fuel tank being penetrated. It turned into a ball of fire, fell from mid-air and sank into the sea.

The three navies above were all killed.

"How can this be?"

"Is he a man or a god? If he is a man, why can he do all this?"

On the other helicopter, the shocked eyes of the captain and his adjutant were about to come out.

That was a helicopter gunship, and it was shot down by Fang Xiaoru. It was too dreamy.

The captain murmured: "What kind of monster is he? The attack just now gave birth to a golden dragon out of thin air, which is not weaker than a missile."

The adjutant of the pilot's helicopter said with a look of horror and horror: "General, let's not try to kill him. Let's run now."

The captain shook his head vigorously. He only borrowed the order of the Self-Defense Force to let him shoot down a private plane flying over the South China Sea.

I never thought that such a monster would be provoked.

Ignoring the bullet, he jumped and jumped into the air at an altitude of 30 meters.

With a palm shot, it actually exploded an armed helicopter.

If he hadn't seen this with his own eyes, he wouldn't believe it if he was killed.


Below, there was a loud noise.

Fang Xiaoru took advantage of the short time spent in the air to destroy a helicopter, which has now landed on the battleship's deck again.

From an altitude of 30 meters, only the landing fell, and the deck was suddenly broken and fragmented, and a huge deep pit appeared, and dense cracks were like spider webs.

The captain gritted his teeth and said fiercely: "Go! Leave here and return to the Ryukyu Islands for protection."

The Ryukyu Islands are the territory of the Ryukyu Kingdom.

It was later conquered by Citigroup. In 1875, Citigroup gave Fuso the trusteeship of the Ryukyu Islands.

The Ryukyu people on the Ryukyu Islands are less than 100,000, and most of them are immigrants from Fuso.

Although Ryukyu Kingdom exists in name, it has actually become an autonomous county of Fuso.

In addition, there are a large number of US military bases on the Ryukyu Islands.

A large number of Mi Army bases stationed in Fuso have hit the Ryukyu Islands.

Of course, Fusang's own self-defense force also stationed a large number of soldiers and horses here.

The helicopter gunship flew very fast at full speed. When Fang Xiaoru landed on the deck again and looked up into the air again, the helicopter had gone more than a thousand meters away.

But he obviously didn't want to let the helicopter go away. He gave a long roar, then made a big leap and jumped from the battleship to the sea.

He stepped on the sea water, as if stepping on the ground, and ran wildly on the water.

"Look, the general, he is catching up!"

On the helicopter, the adjutant screamed in horror.

The captain of the warship looked at it, his face paled in shock, and his three souls and seven souls were about to disappear.

A figure running fast on the sea.

The speed was too fast, causing a white water mark behind him.

What an exaggeration is this?

The captain could no longer use words to describe his panic and shock at this time.

He shivered and urged: "Hurry up, speed up, we must not be caught up by him."

Without him urging, his adjutant also mentioned the fastest speed, and the propeller spun wildly and flew towards the Ryukyu Islands not far away.

"Alright, there are still three kilometers!"

Looking at the Ryukyu Islands getting closer, the captain's eyes showed a touch of excitement.

Once on the island, you can ask the Fusang Garrison or Citi Garrison on the island for help.

"If you want to kill me, you must be prepared to be killed. I see where you can go!"

From the rear, Fang Xiaoru chased him.His eyes were cold and his face was full of undisguised murderousness.