The richest man in the magic city

The 546th chapter landed on the island, strong killing

The Fuso garrison on the Ryukyu Islands has long received a distress signal from the captain.

When the helicopter gunship flew over the Ryukyu Islands, rocket launchers immediately flew out of the base.

"Swish swish!"

The rocket launched across the sky, and the target was pointed at Fang Xiaoru.

The sound of guns and explosions from the sea just now attracted their attention long ago.

The fuso shells on the Ryukyu Islands were fired at Fang Xiaoru one after another.

Almost in the blink of an eye, twelve rocket launchers roared towards Fang Xiaoru.

Like a meteor, they dragged a beautiful flame around Fang Xiaoru.

These rockets are extremely destructive and have a very large explosion range.

Once they touch the target, they will explode violently, and everything within a radius of ten meters will turn into fly ash.

One rocket launcher has such power, but now there are a total of twelve rocket launchers, falling down at the same time.

Not to mention a person, even a whale, there are no bones left.

This is one of the reasons for the decline of modern martial arts.

No matter how high your kung fu is, even if you reach Gang Jin, you will become a Grand Master.

In front of the guns, still not enough to see.

Being fully covered by twelve rocket launchers was also a huge test for Xiaoru.

Under the frontal resistance, even if his King Kong does not destroy his magical power, he cannot guarantee that he will be unscathed.




A deafening explosion sounded in the open sea and spread around.

Twelve rockets exploded suddenly, forming a huge mushroom cloud in the sky.

A terrifying blast of air swept all around and swept across any object.

Hundreds of tons of sea water evaporated instantly, forming a huge vortex on the sea surface.

"Yo Xi! This demon must be dead!"

Whether it was the two captains driving over the Ryukyu Islands, or the Fuso garrison on the ground, they all cheered.

Hit by a full 12 rocket launchers head-on, even people made of steel would be torn apart and turned into a piece of molten iron.

The captain's adjutant, while controlling the helicopter to descend, secretly wiped cold sweat.

It can be said that life is hanging by a thread just now, once Fang Xiaoru catches up, the result can be imagined.

They never thought that one person could shoot down a helicopter gunship with bare hands.

This ability is too terrifying and shocking.

"Unexpectedly, in order to kill him, I actually lost a whole 118 navy. This man is simply the superhero in the movie, even more terrifying than the superhero."

On the helicopter gunship, the captain yelled fiercely.

A reorganized cruise navy establishment, and now only him and the adjutant are left.

Moreover, the most developed cruiser hadn't been used a few times before it was destroyed.

There were only two helicopters, and one was blown up.

How can this not make the captain heartache.

"General Yamada, are you all right."

At this time, the Fuso garrison on the Ryukyu Islands came under the helicopter and welcomed the captain, General Yamada.

General Yamada was on the plane and couldn't hear his speech. He just cast his eyes to the sea two kilometers away, watching the huge fireball rising there, and said with fear:

"This person has extraordinary abilities. One person can fight against a warship. However, no matter how strong he is, he will definitely die in the face of so many rocket attacks.

But we must report this situation to the superiors. This person is too strong, and it is very abnormal.I seriously suspect that Huaxia has developed a mysterious potion that will land me and I will talk to the Self-Defense Force headquarters in person."


The adjutant responded loudly and was about to pull the joystick to land the helicopter.

But at this moment, he suddenly saw the scene in front that scared him to the extreme, his eyes were very wide, and he trembled:

"Oh! My goodness! Look, general, that demon is not dead yet!"

General Yamada turned his head to look, and his face was suddenly shocked by the scene in front of him.

His legs softened, and his whole body shuddered. If the adjutant's eyes were quick to hold him, he would fall to the ground unsteadily.

I thought that with twelve rockets, the gods would be bombarded and killed when they came.

But in the huge fireball, a golden figure shot out.

Fang Xiaoru was enveloped in a golden light, and even his eyes were full of brilliant golden light!

The air waves swept all around, the extremely hot flames, and the golden light on his body, all bounced back immediately.

This is the terrible thing above Dan Jin!

The magical power he uses now is not bad, and has completely surpassed the original creator.

Although he dived into the bottom of the sea at a critical moment.With the help of sea water, most of the explosive force was resisted, but that small part of the explosive force was enough to blow up a hill.

"He is still alive!"

"Can survive the shelling from such a distance!"

"Amaterasu, what kind of monster is this!"

On the Ryukyu Islands, the faces of the Fuso garrison suddenly changed.

The original cheer and joy disappeared in an instant, replaced by an expression of panic and fear to the extreme.

Everyone's eyes were about to stare out, and the scene before them was far beyond their imagination.


Fang Xiaoru skyrocketed from the center of the explosion and flew towards the Ryukyu Islands.

"Quick! Fire!"

"Fire and shoot him!"

"Don't let him go ashore!"

The Fusang garrison on the island quickly raised their guns and fired frantically at Fang Xiaoru.

However, Fang Xiaoru, who can't kill even rockets, can be injured by guns.


When Fang Xiaoru stepped into the Ryukyu Islands, he hit and broke a coconut tree with a thick bowl.

Then the body bent into a bow shape, and violently threw the five-meter long coconut tree with a thick bowl to the helicopter that was landing not far away.

The coconut tree drew a long arc in the air and hit the helicopter at a speed faster than a bullet.

In an instant, the helicopter flew horizontally for several tens of meters, and then crashed to the ground like a broken kite.


A huge explosion sounded, and General Yamada and his adjutant, after all, could not escape bad luck, and they turned into a ball of fire together with their helicopter gunship.