The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 548: Prospects of the Sky Mothership

Five pieces of Mark armor, radiant, extremely futuristic technology.

The power of Mark's armor lies in the energy source in its chest.

It was this energy source that severely restricted the production speed and production efficiency. For three months, the huge military factory only produced five pieces.

Fang Xiaoru felt the power of the energy source, and was also secretly frightened.

Putting on this set of Mark armor is enough to make an ordinary person a mobile war fortress.

After Fang Xiaoru looked and observed carefully, he was very satisfied.

He said to the five celestial assassins who were waiting for orders: "You are already familiar with the methods used. Now wear them to show me the power of Mark armor.

"Yes! Chief!"

Five carefully selected assassins walked to the side of Mark's armor.

The intelligent system in Mark's armor reacted immediately, and each accessory was automatically worn on the bodies of the five top killers.

In less than ten seconds, all five people had worn them.

Five cold steel men appeared in the empty square.

"Let's start the demo."

Under Fang Xiaoru's order, these five celestial assassins, dressed in Mark armor and transformed into Iron Man, flew up into the sky with a whistle, and flew out of Huanyu Island.

The staff of the military factory on the side brought the computer that had been prepared a long time ago to Fang Xiaoru, so that he could clearly see all the movements of the five steel men.

They flew above the sea and encountered a small island.

Holding tightly, the five people raised their right hands, and immediately five beams of light shot out from their palms.


With the sound of a huge explosion, the pictures in the computer trembled violently.

The monstrous waves rolled up wildly, forming waves ten meters high.

After the sea calmed down, I saw the small island, which had been blown to pieces and disappeared from the sea level.

Such a terrible power is like dozens of tons of bombs!

Fang Xiaoru nodded in satisfaction and praised again and again: "Okay! It really is a good baby!"

The demonstration is not over yet, one of the five steel men in the air dived and plunged into the seabed.

They were also able to move freely on the seabed, and within a short while, they went deep into the water for nearly a thousand meters.

A few minutes later, a huge blue whale appeared before his eyes.

The five steel men communicated with each other through the Mark armor, but divided into five directions, sending a laser beam towards the blue whale.

The blue whale let out a painful cry, and its body was cut off by five lasers and divided into six.

The 25-meter-long blue whale was killed in an instant.

The light that caused a huge explosion before, the laser with extremely strong penetrating power and cutting power now has the basic function of getting into the earth.

All of this reflects the power of Mark's armor.

When the five steel men returned to Huanyu Island, Fang Xiaoru nodded to the military factory with satisfaction.

"You are doing a very good job. Each person will receive 10 million Citicoins later. As for the other workers, each one will receive 1 million Citicoins as a reward."

Hearing this, the senior technicians of the military factory at the scene immediately cheered loudly.

"Thank you Fang Zong!"

"Long live President Fang!"

Although hundreds of millions of Citicoins were spent at once, Fang Xiaoru thought it was all worthwhile.

With rewards, their work passion will increase.

When the scene was quiet again, Fang Xiaoru said: "I am very satisfied with the Mark armor this time. Next, you will fully enter the research of guns, tanks, fighters, warships, warships and even aerospace motherships.

This is a long task, and I hope everyone can keep enthusiasm and devote themselves to work efficiently.No matter which aspect has achieved results, I will not be stingy with rewards."

"Don't worry, Mr. Fang, even a difficult project like Mark Armor has been taught by us. Except for the Sky Mothership, everything else is pediatrics."

"Yes, Mr. Fang, we will definitely complete the characters you arranged quickly and well."

The senior technicians of the military factory patted their chests one after another, and the other side promised Xiaoru.

Indeed, in the research and development projects around.The air-sky mothership is the most difficult, and it is also an item that has not been touched by humans.

For other guns, tanks, fighter jets, etc., the degree of difficulty is far worse than that of the Mark armor.

With Fang Xiaoru providing R&D materials, they have sufficient confidence to overcome all difficulties.

Fang Xiaoru added: "However, before that, I need you to launch a satellite as soon as possible."

The chief designer of the military factory replied: "Fang, the research and development of the satellite is nearing completion, and it can be launched in one month at the latest."

"That would be better." Fang Xiaoru nodded in satisfaction, and remembered one more thing, "By the way, make me a private business jet that combines attack and defense."

"Yes, President Fang!"

But at this moment, a person hurriedly walked to Fang Xiaoru's side.

"BOSS, I will report to you urgently."

Fang Xiaoru glanced at him lightly and said, "What's the matter?"

The man was anxious and said, "Boss, the Somali pirates were wiped out by Citigroup and the warships on the shore. The ships and hostages they looted were also rescued."

Fang Xiaoru heard this, with a hint of joy on his face, and said, "Is everything photographed?"

The man nodded heavily and replied: "According to your instructions, someone has been secretly taking pictures for 24 hours. Citigroup and Zhepan sank the Somali pirates, all of which have been recorded."

"Okay!" Fang Xiaoru laughed and said, "Immediately post this video on the Internet, so that people all over the world can take a look at the ugly faces of Citigroup and Zhepan."

At the beginning, Fang Xiaoru killed hundreds of Somali pirates. He was criticized by Citigroup and Zhepan, criticizing him for lack of humanitarianism and unworthy of becoming an idol of young people.

Now they have done what they criticized.

Saying one thing and doing another behavior in this way will inevitably reduce their international image.