The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 550 National donations to bid for the Ryukyu Islands

"Is it necessary to investigate? This is obviously the ghost of the Universe Group. During this period of time, the people of the Universe Group have had several close contacts with the Ryukyu King. Who knew they were plotting this kind of thing."

"The Universe Group, this is the Universe Group again! Why didn't he bomb his plane over the South China Sea that day."

"A civilian enterprise in a small area is so courageous that it has set its target on the Ryukyu Islands."

"The Ryukyu King was already ready to move, but now he is bewitched by the World Group. Now he is determined to break with us and get out of our control."

"The hateful King of Ryukyu, the hateful world group!"

"The Universe Group has too many black technologies. In this matter, we must be cautious and never lose money again."

The eyes of the cabinet ministers were full of anger.

Over this period of time, Zhepan has suffered too many losses in the hands of the Universe Group.

This makes them extremely angry when they mention the World Group.

"The Ryukyu Islands are one of the important island chains that we and Citi have blocked in the east. In any case, we cannot let the world group auction away."

Everyone discussed the matter for a long time, and finally the Prime Minister decided: "Since he wants to auction, let's auction it. Although the Universe Group has money, I don't believe that Fang Xiaoru is willing to spend a lot of money on the Ryukyu Islands."

There was a gleam in the eyes of the Prime Minister's Little Dog Stupid Wolf.

The abacus in his heart played very loudly, and he competed with Fang Xiaoru to the end.Even if he bleeds heavily, as long as he finally buys the Ryukyu Islands, Zhepan will be able to rule and manage the entire Ryukyu Islands without fail.

When the time comes, the little Ryukyu Kingdom will not let him know, and the auction funds he has received are not to be spit out obediently.

"But your Prime Minister, the money available in the treasury is running out."

Suddenly, the Minister of Finance, who had not spoken, spoke.

"En?" The Prime Minister Xiaoqun Yilang and other cabinet ministers all focused on the finance minister.

Facing the doubtful eyes of everyone, the Minister of Finance gave a wry smile and said: "Our fold-down economy has a lot to do with Citi. The impact of Citi's financial crisis last year on our organization has been left to this day.

In addition, two months ago, the unemployment problem of 110,000 employees caused by the entire withdrawal of the Universe Group has not yet been resolved.The money from the national treasury is used to control the financial crisis and resettle the unemployed.Therefore, there is not much money that can be used by other parties."

When everyone heard the words, their expressions changed.

As the Minister of Finance said, the financial crisis that Fang Xiaoru caused at Citibank last year has had too much impact on Zhepan.

The impact of the financial crisis has not yet passed, and the unemployment problem of 110,000 employees has occurred.

During this period of time, I was completely stumped by these two difficulties, and couldn't spare any extra money to do other things.

After all, it is entirely possible to capture the funds needed for the Ryukyu Islands, even if it reaches hundreds of billions of Citi coins.

However, whether this year's annual GDP can break through three trillion Citibanks is very uncertain.

It is simply impossible for the national treasury to use one-tenth of the GDP to bid for the Ryukyu Islands.

As everyone looked gloomy and fell into deep thought, the Minister of Finance said again:

"Although the national treasury cannot provide a large amount of funds to bid for the Ryukyu Islands with the Universe Group, we can call on all the people to help the organization."

The Prime Minister, Little Dog Stupid, a wolf lit up, and immediately answered: "You mean to let the people donate money to the agency to bid?"

The Minister of Finance nodded with a smile on his face and said, "Yes, we have a population of 130 million. As long as one person donates 1 Citicoin, 130 million Citicoins can be raised. If the average person donates 1,000 Citicoins, that would be 130 billion. Citicoin!"

Hearing that, the cabinet ministers at the scene all clapped and praised.

"Yes, this proposal is very good."

"Our nation is a united nation. The organization's call for donations to bid for the Ryukyu Islands will surely receive a warm response from everyone."

"Yes! This method is good, just use this method."

The Prime Minister's eyes were condensed, and he said: "Okay, it's so decided. Call on all people to donate and bid for the Ryukyu Islands!"

Less than half an hour after the cabinet meeting ended, the official website of the Zhepan organization showed a national donation page to bid for the Ryukyu Islands.

In addition, the Prime Minister, the little dog, a wolf, also held a press conference to call on the people of Zhanpan, and eagerly responded to the call of the organization, and the whole people donated money to buy the Ryukyu Islands.

This kind of news has been exposed and immediately caused repercussions from the whole society and even the entire Asian region.

On Zipan’s social media, many Zipan netizens said they did not know the existence of the Ryukyu Kingdom at all. They talked about it online and expressed their views.

"The Ryukyu Islands were originally our territory, so why should we spend money to buy them?"

"That's right, as far as I know, since 1875, the management of the Ryukyu Islands has been transferred from Citigroup to us."

"What is Ryukyu Kingdom? Why haven't I heard of it."

"Me too. Since I grew up, I never knew that there is a Ryukyu country on the Ryukyu Islands."

"In the 19th century, the Ryukyu Kingdom seemed to be a dependent country of the East. It was later captured by Citigroup and then transferred to us."

"It turns out that the Ryukyu Islands, which we have managed and notified for more than 140 years, are not our territory?"

"The damn King of Ryukyu, why didn't he know that he was a little safer, he wanted to auction off the land."

"There are 1.1 million compatriots in the Ryukyu Islands. We can't let the Easterners buy it."

"Yes, once the Easterners buy the island, the 1.1 million compatriots will be homeless."

"I want to respond to the agency's call, I will donate 1,000 yen."

"I donate too, I donate 2000!"

"I donate 5000!"

Many netizens donated money to the organization to show their patriotism.