The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 552 The Banquet of the Ryukyu King

At the moment the world plane landed, a huge whirlwind blew, and the clothes of the Ryukyu King and others were blown and hunted.

Under the strong wind, they squinted and stared directly at the slowly opening hatch in front.

After the hatch opened, a man covered in cold steel armor stepped out.

The King of Ryukyu and others, when they saw this iron man, they felt their hearts tighten and their whole body trembled, as if they saw an abyss behemoth crawling out of the abyss of despair.

Immediately afterwards, four more steel men walked out of the hatch in turn.

As they scanned the surroundings, a stern air swept away in all directions.

The Ryukyu kings felt this breath, their complexions suddenly changed, and they became very pale.

This terrible breath makes their hearts feel stuffy, there is a feeling of suffocation, very uncomfortable and depressed.

"It's terrible! Is this a robot? Why does it feel so terrible to me?"

"Seeing them move freely, there is no sense of stiffness. They should be humans in steel armor."

"Their eyes are too cold, just looking at it, I feel like falling into an ice cellar, it's terrible."

After confirming the safety of the surrounding environment, these five steel talents stood respectfully at the door of the plane and welcomed the people inside to get off the plane.

In the eyes of the Ryukyu king, a black leather shoe appeared in front of everyone.

Then, a tall and stalwart figure stepped off the plane.

He was full of confidence, his face was full of self-confidence, and his eyes flickered, as if there were stars rising and falling, possessing a kind of gaze.

His thin lips curled up slightly, with a confident and mysterious smile.

It seems that everything in the world is under his control.


The moment he stepped off the plane, the five steel men who suffocated and depressed everyone in the Ryukyu Kingdom, bowed and saluted the stalwart figure.


The Ryukyu King and everyone beside him took a breath.

Such five suffocating steel monsters were so respectful in front of the stalwart man.

Fortunately, the Ryukyu King reacted quickly enough, his face was filled with a smile immediately, and he walked to the stalwart man.

"President Fang, welcome to Ryukyu. I am the king of the Ryukyu Kingdom."

The Ryukyu King spoke Mandarin, Mandarin with a Minnan accent.

The history of the Ryukyu Kingdom is inseparable from the East.Their ancestors are people from southern Fujian.

Therefore, most people in the Ryukyu Kingdom still speak a little Eastern dialect.

The stalwart man, Fang Xiaoru, shook hands with the Ryukyu King and said with a smile, "Thank you for the king's personal welcome."

The Ryukyu King waved his hand with a smile on his face, and said: "Whatever President Fang said, our Ryukyu nation is counting on you."

Previously, the Universe Group reached an agreement when negotiating an agreement with the King of Ryukyu.

If the Ryukyu Kingdom is willing to risk offending Zhepan and Citigroup, announce the public auction of the Ryukyu Islands to the world.

Then, after taking the Ryukyu Islands, the Universe Group will give the Ryukyu Kingdom enough habitat, and let them break away from the rule of the Ryukyu, and realize the real Ryukyu independence.

After expressing cordial condolences with Fang Xiaoru, the King of Ryukyu led Fang Xiaoru and others to his palace and banquets.

The five steel men, like the most loyal guards, guarded Fang Xiaoru firmly.

Their cool costumes and icy atmosphere attracted the attention of many people along the way.

Everyone curiously looked and discussed wherever they went.

The five steel men attracted the attention of everyone, not only did not overwhelm the host, but made the people of the Ryukyu Kingdom and the other filial piety more awe and fear.

After all, no matter how cool and frightening the five steel men are, they are not under Fang Xiaoru's orders.

Compared with the Buckingham Palace in the Geely Kingdom, the Royal Palace in the Ryukyu Kingdom is not very luxurious.

The King of Ryukyu prepared enough for today's banquet.

The food on the table, except for the specialty of the Ryukyu Kingdom, is all oriental food.

When the Ryukyu King hosted a banquet for Fang Xiaoru, the news that the whole nation donated money to bid for the Ryukyu Islands spread to the neighboring East.

Eastern netizens immediately started a heated discussion about this news.

"Unexpectedly, it turns out that there is still a Ryukyu country on the Ryukyu Islands, and Zhepan just took over from Citigroup."

"Tsk tusk, I didn't expect that there is actually an institution like Ryukyu Island in the world."

"The two historical scums upstairs shouldn't come to show their superiority. Let the classmates from the fourth floor Diaoda to spread your knowledge of history."

"The Ryukyu Kingdom was a subject of the East until the 19th century. In the late 19th century, the entire Ryukyu Islands was captured by Citigroup.

In 1875, Citi withdrew from the Asia-Pacific region and handed over the management of the Ryukyu Islands to Zhepan.Therefore, the Ryukyu Kingdom does exist, but it is just a small organization under the management of Oriban.

In addition, as early as ten years ago, there were people in Ryukyu to instigate the restoration of Ryukyu, but for various reasons, it was not successful."

"The fourth floor is really big."

"My brother is amazing. If the Ryukyu Islands are bought, where will the citizens of the island and the Citigroup garrison go?"

"The Ryukyu Islands are one of the most important island chains that are blocked by Citi and Zhepan in our east. The king of the Ryukyu Kingdom is so bold that he dared to auction it off to the world without fear of retaliation."

"It seems that the king of the Ryukyu Kingdom is also an aspiring king."

"However, Zhepan has begun to call on all members to raise funds. There is a high probability that the Ryukyu Islands will be photographed by Zhepan."

"Tell the good news upstairs that my sister is an executive of the Universe Group. According to her, the Universe Group will participate in this auction."

"Really? Universe Group also participates in the auction?"

"Haha, it's fun this time. If Universe Group bought the Ryukyu Islands, how wonderful the expressions of the little dwarfs would be."