The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 557 Target, military bases of the two countries

Citi was stationed at a naval base in the Ryukyu Islands. The head of the base, Colonel Black, looked around and said:

"Two hours ago, Fang Xiaoru of the Universe Group bought the Ryukyu Islands. The place where we are now belongs to Fang Xiaoru. What do you think about this?"

"What do you think?" As soon as the voice fell, a major next to Colonel Black said disdainfully: "What else can I think, we are all as usual. He Fang Xiaoru dare to drive us out?

"That's just a businessman."

Everyone agreed, and in their words, they all expressed the disdain and neglect of the other's filial piety.

They are the Citigroup's navy, always arrogant, and even the military of various countries do not care about Fang Xiaoru, a businessman, even though this businessman is the richest man in the world.

Colonel Black also nodded and said: "Although I don't know what leopard guts the Ryukyu King ate, he dared to auction the Ryukyu Islands. But as you said, Fang Xiaoru is just a businessman. Even if he bought the Ryukyu Islands, we still have everything. As usual."

The major said with a smile, "Haha, I actually hope that Fang Xiaoru will come to the door and ask us to leave the Ryukyu Islands. If he comes, I must humiliate him."

A short meeting ended soon.

The Citi naval commanders stationed in the Ryukyu Islands paid no attention to Fang Xiaoru.

As if I had a big fist, I had the final say.

At the same time, the military base in Zhepan.

General Tetsuya Hasegawa, the commander-in-chief of the base, looked at the people in the conference room with a serious face.

"Mr. Jun, I just received the order from the Prime Minister, the little dog, the fool, a wolf. Your Prime Minister said, no matter what Fang Xiaoru wants to carry out on the island, we will stop it.

In addition, although the Ryukyu Islands were bought by Fang Xiaoru in name, we did not admit it.This piece of land belongs to us."

In the conference room, a crowd of generals clamored.

"Of course, how can the land we manage and rule for more than 100 years be bought by an Oriental."

"Yes! Our Self-Defense Force stationed on the island firmly disagrees with this transaction!"

"The Ryukyu Islands belong to us, and have nothing to do with the Ryukyu Kingdom, let alone change the owner to Fang Xiaoru because of the auction just now."

Tetsu Hasegawa also laughed and touched the beard under his nose, and said, "Yes, if Fang Xiaoru thought that if he bought the Ryukyu Islands for 300 billion Citicoins, would he be able to own the Ryukyu Islands? With us here, that would be a dream! "

"That is, Fang Xiaoru is too wishful thinking. The management and ownership of the Ryukyu Islands is still our compromise."

Meeting at the military bases of Citigroup and Zhepan on the Ryukyu Islands, they all expressed ignorance of Fang Xiaoru and denied his status as the island owner the next day.

Fang Xiaoru issued a statement to the world.

In this statement, he announced that the Ryukyu Islands have become his private islands.

He has the right to exercise management and control over the Ryukyu Islands.

And give Citigroup and Zhepan a time limit for them to withdraw from the Ryukyu Islands within one week, otherwise they will bear the consequences.

Once this statement was released, it immediately caused a global uproar.

All military fans around the world know how important the Ryukyu Islands are to Citigroup and Zhepan.

The Ryukyu Islands, as one of the important island chains blocking the east, have an extremely important strategic position.

For Zhepan, the importance goes without saying.

The 1.1 million discounted people will be a huge trouble.

Netizens all over the world have not been relieved from the shock that Fang Xiaoru spent a huge sum of 300 billion Citicoins to buy the Ryukyu Islands. They were shocked again by his statement.

"Oh Mika! Is Fang Xiaoru really going to be immortal with Citi and Zhepan?"

"God! Is this what the Orientals often say about bloodliness? Citi and Zhepan have openly criticized and condemned Fang Xiaoru in the international community, and created pressure on him. Now Fang Xiaoru is going to retaliate against them?"

"Should... not for revenge? It cost 300 billion Citi dollars for revenge, which is too exaggerated."

"It's not clear what the situation is, but Fang Xiaoru really wants to get involved with these two organizations."

"This is the big drama of the year. This story is enough to crush any Hollywood blockbuster."

"I just want to know if Citi and Zhepan ignore Xiaoru's statement. What action will he take?"

"I also want to know what the consequences of Fang Xiaoru's statement will be."

In the next week, most netizens around the world were discussing this matter.

The headlines of major media around the world are Fang Xiaoru.

One minute and one second passed, and as of 12 o'clock noon that day, the week mentioned in Fang Xiaoru's statement had arrived.

None of the residents of Zhepan on the Ryukyu Islands left.

The military bases of Zhepan and Citigroup were also quiet.

As if they hadn't seen or heard Fang Xiaoru's statement, they chose to ignore it.

The Palace of the King of Ryukyu, Fang Xiaoru's temporary residence.

After listening to the report from his subordinates, Fang Xiaoru put down the tableware, picked up the white tablecloth beside the table, and gently wiped the oil stains from the corners of his mouth.

In his eyes, a sharp light flashed.There was a touch of coldness on the corners of his mouth, and he said: "Since they ignore my words, you can't blame me."

He stood up abruptly, eyes like sharp swords, piercing straight ahead, a breath like a deep sea emanating from his body.

Under this breath, the faces of the surrounding people changed drastically, and they all stepped back uncontrollably, bending their waists ninety degrees.

Under the sun's rays at noon, Fang Xiaoru watched the world, making people afraid to look directly.

He looked at the five people in Mark armor who were always on standby and said: "Iron Man No. 1, 2 and 3 are going to destroy the Citi Military Base, and Iron Man No. 4 and No. 5 are going to destroy the Zhepan Military Base. Let's go now!"


The five steel men took the order, and immediately flew to the destination.