The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 560: Countries are shocked

The same situation also occurred in the military base in Zhepan.

This afternoon is destined to be an extraordinary day, and it is also destined to be remembered by Citigroup and Zhepan.

An hour has passed since the Iron Man attacked the military bases of the two countries.

Zhepan capital, headquarters of the Self-Defense Forces.

The Secretary of Defense used satellite monitoring images to see everything that happened on the military base.

Under the attack of the Iron Man, any of their defenses seemed like paper.

No matter it is a military fortress, armored vehicles, or tanks, they can't stop the laser shooting.

In just one hour, the entire military base was almost destroyed. The wreckage of fighter jets, tanks, and armored vehicles mixed with the charred corpses of soldiers.

In the military base, there are flames everywhere.

Various buildings have also turned into ruins under the destruction of the Iron Man.

The Minister of National Defense who witnessed such a scene with his own eyes kept changing his face.

Finally, he sighed long and said in an extremely helpless tone: "The power of the Iron Man has completely surpassed the military power of the earth.

I want to meet your Prime Minister immediately and report the matter to him personally.Before my return, any actions against Fang Xiaoru were cancelled.The two cruise ships that had just been dispatched returned immediately."

When the surrounding generals heard the words, he was immediately relieved.

Through satellite monitoring, they fully understood the terrifying power of Iron Man.

Once the two cruise ships arrived, they might be completely destroyed by Iron Man in less than five minutes.

Noting the apparent relaxation of these generals, the Minister of National Defense shook his head heavily.

Fang Xiaoru previously issued a statement saying that if he does not leave the Ryukyu Islands within a week, he will bear the consequences.

At the beginning, they still dismissed it. Who knew that when the one-week deadline was up, Fang Xiaoru sent five almost invincible Iron Men to destroy all the military bases at Citigroup and Zhepan.

On the way to the office of the prime minister in front of him, the Minister of National Defense was confused in his eyes and speculated in his heart: "What kind of armor is that and why it has such a strong power.

Not only the defense is amazing, but the destructive power is even more terrifying.In just one hour, the military bases of our country and Citigroup were destroyed."

When the Minister of National Defense visited the Prime Minister, there was information about the Iron Man destroying the military bases of the two countries, and it was also transmitted to the top of the earth's major powers.

The high-level rulers of Citi, Germany, Gaul, Maoqiu, Geely, Oriental and other institutions were completely shocked by the news.

The chief of Citigroup even convened an emergency security meeting.

WHITEHOUSE, after all the participants watched the nearly one-hour video, the chief said in a heavy tone:

"You guys, you have all seen. The Universe Group has developed weapons that are far ahead of the global military level. Three fighters, just three fighters in steel armor, stationed us at the military base in the Ryukyu Islands. Destroyed!"

In the conference room, all Citigroup executives looked solemn.

In their minds, the terrifying destructive power of Iron Man is still flashing.

As soon as the voice fell, the Minister of National Defense said: "More than a thousand soldiers were buried on the Ryukyu Islands. We must give their families and the people an explanation."

Qing Guowu frowned and said: "This matter is of great importance. Our primary goal now is not the destroyed military base, but the steel armor."

"Yes! That set of steel armor is terrible. For these steel armors, I suggest extending an olive branch to Fang Xiaoru."

"Fang Xiaoru will never give such an important technology to us."

Citigroup executives in the conference room began to talk about the steel armor.

The ruined military base on the Ryukyu Islands seemed worthless in front of the steel armor.

Their first idea was not to avenge Fang Xiaoru, but to discuss how to obtain the steel armor technology from Fang Xiaoru.

East, Ministry of Defense.

The Ministry of National Defense is discussing this year's weapon replacement. In the middle of their discussion, the door of the conference room was suddenly pushed open from the outside.

A young man rushed in with horror and surprise. He shouted: "Minister, it's terrible, there is explosive news from the Ryukyu Islands."

Seeing this, the Minister of National Defense frowned and reprimanded: "What is the proper way to panic?"

Although being reprimanded, the young man didn’t realize it. Instead, he said excitedly: “Minister, leaders, Zhepan and Citi’s military base stationed on the Ryukyu Islands, in just one hour, It was destroyed by Fang Xiaoru!"


Hearing this, everyone present was shocked.

Many people just jumped up from their chairs, looking at the young man in surprise, waiting for his explanation.

The Minister of National Defense frowned deeper and said, "Fang Xiaoru destroyed the military bases of Zhepan and Citigroup? What is going on?"

The young man said: "Fang Xiaoru did not buy the Ryukyu Islands through an auction not long ago, and then issued a statement asking irrelevant people on the island to leave within a week, or else he will take the consequences.

At 12 o'clock at noon today, it happens to be a one-week deadline.Through satellite monitoring, we saw five Iron Men, destroying Zhepan and Citigroup’s military bases stationed on the Ryukyu Islands."


Everyone present was stunned.

The deputy minister asked, "Iron Man? What is this?"

The others in the field were also puzzled, wondering what the iron man in the mouth of the young man was.

Seeing this, the young man said: "Please also ask all the leaders to follow me to the monitoring room. Everyone will know at a glance."

The Minister of Defense nodded, and the group of people walked to the monitoring room.

An hour later, when they watched the video completely, they all fell into deathly silence.

The faces of all of them were filled with deep shock.

Many people are dumbfounded and haven't recovered from the shock brought by that video.

The Minister of National Defense was even more stunned. The cigarettes in his hand had burned to his fingers, and he didn't feel it.

He stared at the Iron Man on the screen blankly, and muttered: "It's terrible. With just a hundred such Iron Man, he can sweep the world!"