The richest man in the magic city

The 561st chapter will drive the people out of the island

"Quick! Send someone to the Ryukyu Islands and contact Fang Xiaoru to find out what these iron men are."

After a long time, the Minister of Defense said excitedly.


The chief of staff took the order and hurried to the door to deliver the order of the Minister of Defense.

"and many more……"

When the Chief of Staff came to the door, the Minister of Defense suddenly spoke.

He walked around the place a few times with a solemn expression on his face, and finally said, "I'll go and meet Fang Xiaoru myself."

In front of such a terrifying and unknown Iron Man, the Minister of Defense was not worried about other people talking with Fang Xiaoru, and decided to go there in person to be safer.

Ryukyu islands.

The military bases of Citigroup and Zhepan were turned into ruins in just one hour.

The soldiers in the base also died, and none of them survived.

The terror of the Iron Man deeply shocked several major military powers on the earth.

Both Citi and Mao Qiu Guo began to fear Fang Xiaoru and the World Group.

On the one hand, Citi wanted revenge, on the other hand, it wanted to get the core technology of Mark Armor.

Mao Qiuguo even asked the commander of the Arms Department to contact Fang Xiaoru urgently, hoping to buy the Mark armor from him.

And Zhepan was caught in anger.All the people, Xiaoru from the other side launched crazy abuse.

The reason is that Fang Xiaoru not only destroyed the military base stationed on the Ryukyu Islands by Zhepan, but also "crazed" the 1.1 million people on the island and expelled the island!

Soon after the military bases at Citigroup and Zhepan were destroyed, Fang Xiaoru dispatched 1,000 heavily armed international mercenaries. With the assistance of five steel men, he began to expel the Zhepan people on the Ryukyu Islands.

From east to west, a carpet-like search was carried out one by one, village by town.

On a small island in the easternmost part of the Ryukyu Islands, more than 3,000 people, raised their hands high, were pointed with guns by international mercenaries, and jumped into the sea in rows.

Those who can swim are okay, those who can't swim stay close to the coastline and dare not go deep into the sea.

Suddenly, the entire island was surrounded by dense crowds, like dumplings.

They shouted in the sea and condemned Fang Xiaoru.

"Devil! He is a demon."

"If you dare to do this to us, just wait to accept our discounted revenge!"

"The Ryukyu Islands belong to us, and Fang Xiaoru is not qualified to expel us from the island!"

"He will be punished! We just have to hold on until the SDF comes."

"Yes, as long as the Self-Defense Forces arrive, they will all die!"

The same thing happened on the major islands of the Ryukyu Islands.

The residents of Zhepan on the island were driven into the sea in groups.

At the southernmost part of the Ryukyu Islands, a fold-up cruise ship slowly approached the shore.

The people floating on the shore suddenly cheered.

"Our warship is here, and we are saved."

"Damn Fang Xiaoru, dare to expel us from the island, he must teach him a severe lesson!"

In the crowd cheering, the cruise ship slowly reached the shore.

A middle-aged soldier walked onto the deck and shouted with his horn: "Everyone, please line up to board the ship in an orderly manner. I will take you back to Tokyo."

With that, several lifebuoys were thrown down from the battleship.

The people on the shore were stunned, and their faces were full of surprise.

"General, we have been expelled from the island and driven from our homeland. Please also your Excellency please eliminate the mercenaries of the Huanyu Group on the island and let us return to our homeland.

"Yeah, General, Fang Xiaoru is too hateful. He forcibly drove us out of our homeland. This is a demon act!"

"Fang Xiaoru dared to challenge our majesty, we must teach him severely."

"We are not going back to Tokyo. The Ryukyu Islands are our home."

All the people living in the Ryukyu Islands protested.

And demanded revenge from the opponent Xiaoru of the Self-Defense Forces.

However, seeing the terrible destructive power of the five Iron Men, after a high-level cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister decided to temporarily retreat and temporarily take the people expelled from the island back to Tokyo.

You can't act rashly until you know the situation of those steel men.

The general on the cruise ship saw everyone protesting and was dissatisfied. He snorted and said: "If you are willing to go on board, you will come up, and those who are not willing to go on board are not forced."

After speaking, he ordered the people beside him to throw the lifeboat into the sea.

Some frail people couldn't stand the coldness of the sea, and immediately turned over and climbed up.

And some stubborn people who have not yet understood the status quo still stay in the sea.

Many people’s minds are blank, and they don’t know why the Self-Defense Forces don’t help them take home the park.

This is completely different from the script in their minds. They thought that the arrival of the Self-Defense Forces would be able to beat Fang Xiaoru's mercenaries to the ground and return themselves to the garden.

Who ever thought that reality is completely different.

However, when they saw the cruiser turning around and leaving, they were immediately frightened.

One by one in the sea weeping and crying: "Don't leave us!"

And madly cruise to the cruise ship.

After soaking in the sea for so long, there are international mercenaries on the shore. If you don't follow, you will not only die in the sea.

On the deck, General Zhepan saw this scene and immediately ordered the warship to stop.

The same scene happened on the major coastlines of the Ryukyu Islands.

In order to save the people who were driven into the sea, Zhepan dispatched almost all the warships and even requisitioned many fishing boats.

The international mercenaries here drove a group of people out of the island, and ships on the other side came to pick them up.

After the military base was destroyed, Zhepan seemed to be shocked.

He didn't even dare to go to war with Fang Xiaoru easily.

The power displayed by the Iron Man was too strong. Before he figured out what the five Iron Men were, Zhepan didn't dare to collide with Fang Xiaoru again.

It took three full days before Fang Xiaoru finally expelled 1.1 million people from the Ryukyu Islands.

And this incident also spread to the world, and immediately caused an uproar in the world.

No one thought that the consequences of being considered a joke by everyone at the beginning were conceited and realized!