The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 564 Science Fiction Fighter

Flying at an altitude of 50,000 meters at five times the speed of sound, such an exaggerated performance is astounding.

Whether it is Alexander, the commander of the Armaments Department of the Soviet Union or the Minister of Defense of the East, they are half experts in cutting-edge weapons.

They know how difficult it is to achieve such performance.

The more they understand the difficulties, the deeper the shock in their hearts.

The two of them looked at Fang Xiaoru's eyes, and they became very hot.

Previously, he had doubts about the fighter's performance that Xiaoru said, but now this doubt has been completely thrown out of the sky.

The anticipation in their hearts became stronger and stronger, and they couldn't wait to rush to Huanyu Island immediately to see the fighter Fang Xiaoru said.

However, they did not make them wait for a long time. Flying at five times the speed of sound, they quickly traversed a small half of the earth and arrived at Huanyu Island, which is far near the waters of Somalia.

When the private plane landed at the military factory on Huanyu Island, the staff inside immediately greeted it.

"Welcome to my military factory."

When he got off the plane and walked into the military factory, Fang Xiaoru smiled and said to Alexander and the Eastern Defense Minister.

The two had been in the air and had already observed the scale of this military factory.

But when they came down and observed it closely, they were still shocked by this military factory.

The military factory covers an extremely large area, and the buildings inside are well-arranged and well arranged.

If it had not been introduced by Fang Xiaoru, they would never have thought that there is such a huge military factory in the world.

"Mr. Fang, you, the military factory, really surprised me."

After following Fang Xiaoru a little bit, Alexander couldn't help sighing.

The Eastern Defense Minister on the side also nodded in praise.

After observing it inside, the shock in their hearts became more intense.

Because they found that there are very few staff in the military factory, no, it should be said that there are very few humans.

Most of the staff are robots!

Yes, the processing and assembly of many parts is basically done by robots.

And humans are just responsible for auxiliary work.

Moreover, the equipment produced here, both in design and accuracy, are far ahead of the current military weapons in the world.

After turning around, Fang Xiaoru nodded secretly in his heart, seeing the shocked look in the eyes of these two people.

The initial shock has been reached, which is conducive to his next offer.

The reason why he led Alexander and the Minister of Defense to visit the military factory was not without purpose.

Only by allowing them to see this military factory, far ahead of what they have seen before, can they leave a "high-end" impression in their hearts.

In this way, when you see fighter jets next, you can raise the price appropriately.

With a smile on his face, Fang Xiaoru said to Alexander and the Minister of Defense: "I visited a military factory. Let's take a look at the fighter jets."

Hearing this, the two quickly agreed.

"Yes! Take a look at the fighter."

"I can not wait any more."

They now have great expectations for the fighter jets produced by the World Group.

Whether it was Fang Xiaoru's private plane that they had taken before, or everything they had seen in the military factory just now, they couldn't help but have great expectations for the upcoming fighter.

A group of several people took a car all the way to the airport behind the military factory.

This is a huge airport, covering an area very large enough to hold a thousand fighter jets at the same time.

At this time, ten fighter jets stayed alone on the spacious airfield.

This type of fighter has never been seen by Alexander and the Minister of Defense.

The Minister of National Defense said with a face of disbelief: "Zong Fang, this...isn't this a fighter that often appears in movies?"

Alexander also looked at Fang Xiaoru with uncertainty. There was no way. The fighter plane that appeared in front of them was really strange in appearance, unlike any fighter plane on earth.

Fang Xiaoru smiled and said, "It looks similar to those fighters in science fiction movies, and the same power won't let you down."

Alexander and the Minister of Defense looked at each other, and both eyes were deeply shocked.

Compared with the fighters on the earth, the fighter planes in front of us are really quite different.

But it is very similar to the space fighters that often appear in Hollywood movies.

This kind of aircraft, at a glance, knows that the combat effectiveness is absolutely terrifying.

"Mr. Fang, can you give me a test drive?"

Alexander looked at Fang Xiaoru expectantly.

He was originally from the Air Force and was very comfortable with aircraft control. He was once an excellent Air Force pilot.

Seeing this kind of futuristic fighter with a strong sense of technology now, my hands are itchy.

Although the Secretary of Defense is also very enthusiastic about the fighters in front of him, he is from the Army and flying a plane is completely impossible for him.

Fang Xiaoru nodded to Alexander, and said, "The fighter jets we produce are also more convenient to maneuver than fighters on the earth. You may study them and test drive them."

After all, with one hand, the pilot waiting by the side ran over.

Fang Xiaoru pointed to Alexander and said, "This is the commander of the Soviet Armament Department. You can instruct him on the specific manipulation methods."

"Yes! BOSS!"

The pilot took the order, and immediately led a fighter jet in front of Alexander with excitement, and instructed him in specific maneuvers.

After Alexander left, the Minister of Defense couldn't help asking: "Fang, what is the cost of your fighter?"

Fang Xiaoru looked at the Minister of National Defense and smiled: "Minister, this is a commercial secret, I can't say it.

But you can rest assured that after the test drive of Alexander, I will let people show you its fighters, and I promise you will be satisfied."