The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 567: Order of 900 billion Citicoin

The Huanyu Group rose rapidly, becoming the world economic hegemon in less than three years.

This speed of development and the innovative technology of the Universe Group have made the Bartley family feel a sense of crisis.

Especially when they discovered that the Universe Group had begun to study arms, and only five Iron Men had destroyed the military bases stationed in the Ryukyu Islands of Citigroup and Zhepan.

Such terrible destructive power deepens the sense of crisis in the Bartlett family.

Arms is the main reason why the Bartlett family became the fifth empire of O State and the world's largest financial family.

If they lose their competitiveness in other industries, they will not feel anxious. Just like the auto company Volkswagen, whose sales have dropped to a freezing point in recent months, the Bartley family is not in a hurry.

Because compared to the arms trade, the revenue that the auto industry brings to them can only be regarded as icing on the cake.

Now seeing the terrifying combat power of Mark's armor, the Bartlett family began to panic.

Once even the arms business is seized by the Universe Group, it will be a fatal blow to them.

So the Patriarch of the Bartlett family arranged commercial espionage on the one hand to try to steal the military secrets of the World Group.

On the one hand, his niece Diana accelerated the pace of conquering Fang Xiaoru.

It was said that Diana left the main castle and returned to her house. She fell headlessly on the bed, staring at the pendant on the ceiling with loose eyes.

Her mood is very complicated now.

On the one hand, it is in the consideration of the family and wants to conquer Fang Xiaoru with his personal charm, so as to bring the Huanyu Group to the Bartley family.

On the other hand, she wondered if she would be sorry for Fang Xiaoru by doing so.

This idea abruptly came into her mind.

But once it was born, it lived in her mind as if it had taken root, making her linger.

"Damn! That bastard did something to me, and I'm still thinking about him. God, I must be crazy."

Diana turned over and stepped her little head into the pillow.

Despite her superior intelligence, she has never been in love since she was a child, how can she know that this is because a woman has a good affection for men.

For a woman, even if she has been with a hundred boyfriends, she may have forgotten many of the hundred boyfriends.

But she will definitely remember her first man.

And a woman who was fucked by a strong woman is even more so.

Before Diana knew it, Fang Xiaoru's figure had been deeply carved into her mind.

In addition, Xiaoru himself is extremely good.

Inevitably, Diana began to feel affection for him.

But this kind of affection was so shallow that Diana didn't even notice it.

A week later, the Huanyu Island Military Factory.

Su Guo and Dongfang have already given a response, both expressing their willingness to spend 3 billion Citi currency to purchase the oneworld generation fighter of Xiaoru.

Today is the day when their purchasing representatives come to see the goods.

As long as they are satisfied, they will sign the contract on the spot and pay half of the deposit.

The procurement teams sent by the two countries are very large, with almost 30 people in total.

A group of people followed Fang Xiaoru and arrived at the airport where the fighter jets were parked.

"Alexander, Minister. 3 billion Citi currency is said to be expensive, in fact, it is not expensive. You have seen the performance and combat effectiveness of fighter jets. It absolutely crushes Citigroup's Ghost B2 stealth bomber."

When the procurement team went to observe and study the fighter jets, Fang Xiaoru said to Alexander and the Eastern Defense Minister beside him.

Alexander twitched at the corner of his mouth, and said, "3 billion Citicoins are a sky-high price. Our Su country is not as rich as Eastern."

The purchase of 100 oneworld fighter jets requires a full 300 billion Citi dollars, which has already accounted for a small and a half of Soviet military expenditures throughout the year.

If he hadn't overwhelmed many congressmen, he would have entangled the chief for several days, and said that nothing would happen if the purchasing team came to see the goods today.

The Minister of Defense of the East shook his head and said: "300 billion Citicoins are not a small sum for us in the East.

But there is one thing to say, the fighter of the world group is indeed far better than the ghost B2 stealth bomber of Citigroup."

Alexander smiled and said: "Yes, that's why I want to buy it at a big price. Such fighters don't need many, only 20 are needed, and it can destroy an organization the size of a southern country."

The three stood there talking and laughing, while the procurement team of Su Guo and Dongfang, accompanied by the staff of the military factory, carefully inspected the one-world fighter.

About an hour later, a total of 30 people from the two procurement groups returned with shocked faces.

A purchasing representative of the Soviet Union said to Alexander with a look of horror: "Awesome! I have never seen such a great fighter.

Before, we were still saying you were crazy. Now that I saw the performance and destructive power of this fighter, I knew it was really worth 3 billion Citicoins!"

On the other side, the purchasing representative of the East also sighed with disbelief to the Minister of Defense: "Minister, this fighter is probably ahead of our fighters by more than 5 generations.

Even Citi’s Ghost B2 stealth bomber is far behind.To be honest, I think we should purchase 200 back."

200 such aircraft can fully deploy the long east coastline.Form a huge deterrent.

Upon hearing this, Fang Xiaoru laughed and said, "If you purchase 200 at a time, I can give you a 10% discount."

The Eastern Procurement Representative and the Minister of Defense glanced at each other, and they both saw the feeling of eagerness in each other's eyes.

They focused their heads, and finally the Minister of Defense said: "Then I will call the shots. The original plan to purchase 100 aircraft was changed to 200."

Alexander, the procurement representative of the Soviet Union and the commander of the Armament Department, could only look at the Eastern Minister of Defense with envy.