The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 568: Selling Airplanes to the Middle East

The Soviet Union’s GDP is not even one-fifth of that of the East, but it does not have the courage of the East, nor does it have such economic strength. It directly spends 600 billion Citicoins on the purchase of fighter aircraft.

Alexander secretly said in his heart that it is incomparable, and he sighed with regret: "Our Soviet country still purchases 100 according to the original plan."

A total of 300 fighters, together with an order of 900 billion Citicoins, made Fang Xiaoru's smile brighter.

He waved his hand, pointed to the front, and said, "In that case, let's go and sign the contract."

The group of people went to sign the contract.

The contract stipulates that Fang Xiaoru will provide them with the corresponding number of planes after three months.

Su Guo and Dongfang paid half of the deposit first.

After a friendly handshake between the two parties, the transaction was happily completed.

Time is fast, and another week has passed.

On this day, a warship sailed out of Huanyu Island and headed straight for the Arabian Sea.

This warship was originally bought from the Soviet Union.

Of course, Fang Xiaoru's own warship is also in the research and development stage and is expected to be manufactured within this year.

The warship is carrying five world-generation fighters.

These five fighters are the order of Afo, an agency in the Middle East.

Last time Fang Xiaoru sent someone to contact Afo Agency. After fully understanding the power of the oneworld generation fighter, Afo Agency decided to run out of capital and buy it.

Finally, 15 billion Citicoins were collected to purchase five oneworld fighters from Fang Xiaoru.

After receiving the payment from Afo, Fang Xiaoru was unambiguous and immediately delivered the goods.

The cargo of fighter jets is naturally delivered by warships.

Almost all warships in the world can be counted. Fang Xiaoru, a warship bought from the Soviet Union, naturally entered the eyes of many organizations.

So when this warship entered the Ganges Ocean, it received a lot of attention.

Especially since the appearance of the Iron Man, he has been paying close attention to Citigroup.

It constantly monitors this warship.

After traveling at sea for more than ten days, the warship finally reached the Arabian Sea and stopped when it was about a thousand nautical miles near the Middle East.

Immediately afterwards, five super cool fighter jets took off from the warship, aiming at Ahfo.

The moment the five fighters flew into the sky, the Citi Defense Department was in an uproar.

"God! What kind of plane is this?"

"Is this an alien plane?"

"This look is too cool."

"Oh Maika! Look at it, it's 10,000 meters already, they are still rising!"

"It has climbed to 20,000 meters."

"Thirty thousand meters."

"Jesus! It's still rising, it's 40,000 meters high!"

In the shock of Citi's Ministry of Defense, five fighter jets flew towards Afo, maintaining an altitude of 50,000 meters.

"My Fack! Is this the latest aircraft developed by the Universe Group? Why can it fly so high?"

"It's terrible! Although I don't know how effective the combat is, the flying height alone is scary."

"The Universe Group, this is the Universe Group again. Don't they buy mobile phones and cars? Why can they show such great strength in military weapons."

People at the Citi Defense Department were all shocked by the video on the satellite surveillance screen.

Even the Secretary of Defense came here personally. After a few minutes of observation, Citi Defense Secretary Adams's face suddenly became gloomy.

He calmly said: "Call me the commander in Afo immediately!"

The surrounding people were taken aback for a moment, and then their complexions changed drastically.

One of the young men said: "General, are you worried that these five fighters will be heading for our army stationed in Afo?"


"The Universe Group shouldn't be so bold. The last time we destroyed our military base in the Ryukyu Islands, now we dare to attack Afo's army? Do you really think that Citigroup is so troublesome?"

Defense Minister Adams shook her head and said: "The incident in the Ryukyu Islands last time made us lose our heads. Even if Fang Xiaoru had the courage, he would not dare to provoke Citigroup several times.

I am now worried that these five fighters may be weapons sold by the Universe Group to the Afo Agency Army for use against us."

Everyone shook their heads disdainfully.

A man in his thirties sneered and said, "General, although these five fighters fly high, it does not mean that they have strong combat capabilities.

What's more, there are only five such fighter jets. What threat can it pose to our army?"

"Yes, unless it's five Ghost B2 stealth bombers, that's pretty much the same."

I said that, but Adams, Citi's Secretary of Defense, still feels a little uneasy.

At this moment, the chief of staff came over, handed him a mobile phone, and said, "General, the phone is connected."

Adams answered the phone and said, "I am Adams, is this Colonel Felton?"

On the other side of the phone, a rugged man's voice came immediately, "Hello General! This is Felton, may I have any instructions?"

Adams said: "At an altitude of 40,000 meters, there are five fighters flying towards Afo. These five fighters are probably purchased by Afo. I want you to destroy the fighters when they land. "

"Forty thousand meters in the sky!" Colonel Felton took a deep breath, nodded randomly, and said: "Thank you for the general's reminder. I will definitely not let this fighter fly above Afo."

After the call was hung up, Colonel Felton immediately ordered the missile air defense unit to study and detect the fighter planes in the air. The five fighter planes must be destroyed in the air.

However, the flying altitude of these five fighters was so high that until they had reached Afo's airspace and the Citigroup stationed in Afo's airspace, they were still not found.