The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 571 The Afo Organization Army has expanded

After getting the battle report from the front line, the whole army of Afo Agency cheered.

"Too powerful! It only took a few minutes to destroy the rebel base!"

"Haha! It's so happy, the headquarters has been destroyed, and the remaining rebels are not at our disposal."

"The oneworld generation fighter is really terrible. Fortunately, we are the one who bought this fighter. If the rebels bought this fighter, our situation would be terrible."

All the leaders of the agency army were smiling.

Afo’s rebels are made up of terrorist organizations. With the support of Citigroup, they have dealt with the agency army for nearly ten years, and they have always been a major concern for the Afo agency army.

Now that the headquarters is destroyed, other scattered organizations are not worth mentioning.

"Chief, why don't we chase after victory and go bombing the Mi Army before they can react?"

An official said with excitement to the leader of the agency army, that is, Afo's nominal chief.

Hearing this, the senior military officials around the organization nodded and agreed.

In just a few minutes, the headquarters of the rebels were destroyed, and their confidence in the world-generation fighters reached a peak.

Everyone looked at their leader eagerly, looking forward to launching a blitzkrieg, and giving them a fatal blow before the Mi Army could react.

The leader of the organization army lowered his head and thought for a while, and finally said with a serious face: "Before the order, order them to go straight to the Mi Army base and bomb the Mi Army base in turn!"


As soon as the voice fell, the messenger immediately relayed the order to the five pilots in front of him via wireless waves.

The high-level military officials of other institutions were full of excitement and excitement.

If we put it in the past, if we can reduce friction with the Mi Army, we will try to reduce the friction as much as possible. How can we not wait to bomb the Mi Army base like now?

It has to be said that after acquiring the Huanyu fighter and seeing the horror of the Huanyu fighter, they have already inflated.

It has swollen to the point that Mi Jun is no longer in sight!

Ahead, the five pilots were ordered, immediately turned around, and flew straight to the base of the Mi Army.

On their faces, they didn't regard death as home, but a little smile.

They are actually looking forward to and excited about the coming war!

At the same time, the Mi Army base.

Colonel Felton leaned back on the chair with a dignified face, and the forward report reported by his subordinates made one of his hearts sink to the bottom.

Before the Citi Defense Secretary personally called and asked him to destroy the Cosmos fighter in the air, he felt something was wrong.

Now, as he expected, the combat effectiveness of this world fighter is so powerful that it is horribly powerful.

In just a few minutes, the headquarters of the Afo rebels were destroyed!

The rebels have almost lost any means of defense, whether it is anti-aircraft missiles or fighter jets, they are useless.

Five cosmopolitan fighter jets destroyed the large military base of the rebels in a devastating manner.

Such a terrifying record made Colonel Felton feel a deep panic.

The moment he heard the news, a chill rose from the soles of his feet, causing him to shiver in this hot day.

Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something. He sat up from his chair and said to the subordinates beside him: "Order the whole army, be vigilant, and watch out for enemy aircraft!"

Afo has garrisons of various NATO agencies, with a total strength of about 150,000.

Among them, Citi alone owns 110,000, distributed all over Afo.

Due to the change of chief the previous year, the policy has changed a little.In addition, over the years, the number of Citi soldiers who died in Afo was more than 20,000.

As a result, for various reasons, Citigroup's 110,000 troops withdrew 100,000, and only 10,000 remained in Afo.

The ten thousand horses were handed over to Colonel Felton to lead.



However, although Colonel Felton was very cautious, the speed of the world fighter was too fast.

When Colonel Felton's command blurted out, before it reached the bottom, a deafening explosion sounded.

The command room where Colonel Felton was also shook, as if an eighth magnitude earthquake had occurred.

For a while, he turned his neck stiffly and looked out the window through the window.

Not far from him, a warehouse for storing ammunition was hit by an energy cannon and was instantly blown into ruins.

The violent explosion wiped out everything within a radius of 300 meters.

Many people who were far enough from the warehouse were also knocked to the ground by the aftermath of the explosion.





After an explosion, there were four more sky-shaking explosions.

Five world fighter jets raged above the base, using energy cannons to bombard indiscriminately.

"Counter-attack! Give me a counter-attack!" Colonel Felton immediately commanded loudly after the initial panic.

Because of the fear of Huanyu fighters deep in his heart, his face is very hideous.The voice almost roared.

"All the missiles were aimed at the fighters in the air. In addition, all the fighters lifted off and hit me bitterly! I don't believe it. We still have no choice but to take five fighters!


One missile after another, like no money, was launched into the sky.

Surrounded by five world fighter jets.

At the same time, the Mi fighters one after another also launched into the air and launched a counterattack.

However, although the missile power, number of missiles, combat effectiveness and number of fighters at the Citi military base are far above the Afo rebel headquarters, the results of both sides are the same.

Let the missiles that fly in are so powerful and numerous.

Regardless of the number of fighters encircled in the air and how powerful their combat effectiveness is, there is nothing to do with the five world fighters.

Bright laser beams, 360-degree indiscriminate shooting, intercepted all the missiles halfway, and destroyed all the fighter jets that launched into the air!

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