The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 573: Eastern netizens are boiling

The reporters in the audience were in an uproar.

Everyone was shocked by the news, but immediately out of the reporter's professional habit, they immediately wrote down the breaking news with excitement.

The entire army of Citigroup in Afo was annihilated, and the entire army of 10,000 people was annihilated!

This is big news!

All reporters felt that their chests were hot, and their G-spot had been touched.

In the next interview, everyone tried their best to ask questions, trying to ask everything they wanted to know.

At the end, a reporter from O Zhou asked: "Mr. Chief, you just said that everything depends on the strange fighters with pictures circulating on the Internet.

Only five fighters of that kind destroyed the base of the U.S. Army and wiped out the 10,000-meter Army.What kind of fighter is that? Where did you get it?"

Asking this question made everyone prick their ears.

The reporters present all stared at Afo's chief intently, looking forward to his answer.

With a smile on his face, Chief Afo said, "Since everyone is curious about that fighter, I will tell you.

In fact, those five fighters are the oneworld generation fighters we purchased from the oneworld group.

Before it was actually put into use, we never thought that it had such a terrifying combat effectiveness.

I am very grateful to the World Group and Fang Xiaoru.Our Afo Agency Army was able to suppress the rebels and drive the NATO invaders out of the country, thanks to the fighters of the World Group."

Chief Afo said, bending over and bowing deeply to express his gratitude to the Huanyu Group and the other Xiaoru.

"Oh Mika! It's the World Group!"

"God! Has the Universe Group started to enter the arms industry?"

"It is worthy of being the Universe Group, and it is worthy of being an enterprise with innovation as the cornerstone of development! It has developed such a powerful fighter."

"Terrible, the R&D capabilities of the Universe Group are terrible."

All the reporters had expressions of horror on their faces.

This news is undoubtedly a blockbuster news, not weaker than Citigroup’s 10,000 army was wiped out.

The world's largest economic empire, the World Group, has actually entered the arms industry and has also developed a fighter that is so powerful that it is suffocating.

The reporters at the scene were completely crazy.

Today’s press release can definitely occupy hot topics for at least a week.

An hour later, two heavy news items swept the world.

Hundreds of organizations around the world were bombarded by these two pieces of news in an instant.

Regardless of the agency or newspaper, they all reported the annihilation of the 10,000-meter armament Afo agency and the two news that Afo had purchased from the World Group.

Almost anyone who reads newspapers, plays mobile phones, and uses social software knows these two pieces of news.

At the same time, two videos about the five world fighter jets dispatched by the Afo agency, destroying the Afo rebel headquarters and the U.S. military base one after another within an hour, were reposted on the Internet.

At the same time, netizens around the world have also started to leave comments on social platforms and major media frantically.

"God! It's terrible! Without our knowledge, the 10,000-meter army died!"

"They didn't even have time to scream, they were already turned into fly ash under the energy cannon."

"Who would have thought that the Mi Army would encounter such a one-sided crush. The five world fighters almost wiped out the base with a 10,000-meter army."

"The war is really terrible. The 10,000-meter army died. I was numb when I saw this news."

"The war was provoked by Citi, and Afo was just to defend his rights."

"I don't know what vocabulary to use to describe my mood at the moment. As a military fan, I have studied fighters from all countries in the world, but I have never seen such a terrible fighter."

"Yeah, that hideous and futuristic appearance made me think that this is an alien fighter."

"Terrible, the Universe Group is terrible. It actually developed this kind of fighter."

"While other fighters were still trying out cannons and missiles, the Huanyu fighters had already started using lasers and energy cannons. This level of lead is no longer a star."

"Strongly condemn the World Group, such a terrible military weapon should not appear in the world."

Foreign netizens have different opinions on these two matters, and each has its own opinions.

The netizens in the East are mostly excited about this.

"Haha, I was really excited about watching that video."

"Tsk tsk, Citi will have today, and it has encountered a side-to-side massacre."

"Mi Jun said: How do you play with Nima? There is simply no power to fight back, OK?"

"What excites me is not the destruction of Citigroup's 10,000 army, but the fighter that gallops in the air, actually developed by the Universe Group!"

"Me too. When I saw this news, my blood burned. I was so proud and proud. I didn't expect our East to develop this kind of fighter that crushes everything."

And Citi.

Countless people, after learning that all the 10,000-meter army in Afo had died, all rushed to the main streets of the city to demonstrate.

Institutional buildings in major cities are surrounded by crazy people.

Among them, the families of 10,000 dead soldiers madly attacked agency officials with stones and guns.

They screamed in the streets, vented the anger of the lost relatives, and vented their dissatisfaction with the organization.

"The chief step down!"

"The chief who brought death to Citigroup is not the chief we need."

"Strongly ask the chief to explain to us why this happened."

"God! Ten thousand soldiers, the death of a whole ten thousand soldiers, the organization has concealed it so far."

On the streets of Citigroup's major cities, you can see comments calling for the chief to step down.

At the same time, there are also some extreme people with ulterior motives, who even led the fishing vessel to the Huanyu Group and Fang Xiaoru.

It is claimed that if the World Group had not produced such a terrible fighter jet, there would have been no tragedy like today.