The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 575: Such a warship is nothing

"Gosh, this is too big!"

"This size and scale are twelve times the size of our warship!"

"It's horrible, such a huge body is almost unheard of, unseen."

"Even if it is the battleship Queen of Citigroup, it is probably one-tenth the size of this battleship."

"I saw it in satellite surveillance before, but I still can't clearly feel the domineering. Now I see it with my own eyes and I know what a sea fortress is!"

"Such a warship can really be said to be an invincible steel behemoth, which can sail freely above the sea!"

The navy on the deck of the Eastern Warship, illuminated by bright lights, gave a panoramic view of the warships in the universe.

In their eyes, there was nothing else but shock!

For them, such a large warship is simply unimaginable.

Compared to the world warship in front of them, the warship at their feet is simply too small.

The admiral said to the Minister of Defense with a look of astonishment: "As you said, the research and development of the Universe Group in military weapons has surpassed all countries and major arms dealers in the world.

Not to mention the suffocating Mark armor before, nor the destructive universal fighter.Just this huge warship in front of you is enough to crush all military technology on the earth.

This oneworld group is really not simple.We really can only win, and absolutely cannot push it abroad!"

The Minister of National Defense stared at the 200 Huanyu fighter jets staying on the deck of the Huanyu warship with his eyes gleaming.

The performance and combat effectiveness of this fighter have been fully demonstrated on the Afo battlefield.

There is no doubt that the Huanyu fighter is the best fighter in the world, and there is no one.And at least five generations ahead of the global fighter!

He replied solemnly to the admiral: "Yes, the world group is worth our big price to win. But from the previous two pieces of Mark armor he gave us Eastern, we can see that he still has patriotism.

What we need to do now is to do our utmost to protect the rights and interests of Huanyu Group, so as to purchase more advanced weapons and equipment from Huanyu Group."

The admiral's eyes followed the gaze of the Secretary of Defense and looked at the 200 Huanyu fighters on the deck of the Huanyu warship.

He has already been thrilled with the world-famous fighter for nearly two months.

At this moment, I was about to have this terrible fighter, and the excitement in my heart couldn't help but surface on his face.

After about three minutes, the Huanyu warship finally arrived 800 meters away from the Minister of Defense and the Admiral.

"Go! Go get the goods!"

With an order from the Secretary of Defense, the admiral and the admiral brought a group of pilots who were already ready to go to collect the goods.

Half an hour later, on the Huanyu Warship, the Minister of Defense and the Admiral had a friendly handshake with Fang Xiaoru.

The Minister of National Defense said with a smile: "President Fang, the 200 aircraft have been shipped and the remaining half of the deposit, we will transfer it to you tomorrow morning!"

Fang Xiaoru smiled slightly and said: "Happy cooperation, I hope we can have another cooperation."

The admiral, who has not spoken all the time, interjected: "This is natural, but we hope that the weapons and equipment you sell to us, Mr. Fang, can be given a preferential price."

"Of course." Fang Xiaoru nodded: "In the future, no matter what weapon equipment is, as long as it is sold to an organization, I will give a preferential price. Just give a 30% discount, and this preferential price can be used in this event. Realized in the transaction."

Upon hearing this, the Secretary of Defense and the Admiral showed delighted smiles.

The 30% discount is a huge discount.

Will save a huge amount of money for the national service.

Take Huanyu fighter jets, one ship needs a full 3 billion Citicoins, and three hundred ships need 600 billion Citicoins.

If today’s transaction has a 30% discount, it will save a full 180 billion Citibank.

This is undoubtedly a very large sum of money!

After the two sides negotiated all the agreements, the 100 pilots brought by the Minister of Defense all boarded their respective world fighters and began to accelerate from the deck to the military division base in the South China Sea.

These 100 pilots are all pilots who have already been trained in Huanyu Island.

In addition, the operation of the Huanyu fighter is very simple, so after a short-term training, they can quickly get started with their previous skilful flying skills.

The world's fighters one after another, in the dark night, burst into starlight, cut through the sky, and disappeared before turning around.

When the one hundred world fighters completely left the deck, Xiaoru, who was sighed by the Minister of Defense, said: "President Fang, your warship is really big enough.

Even the world’s largest, Citi Queen battleship, compared with your battleship, is simply not worth mentioning."

Fang Xiaoru smiled and said, "Thank you for the praise of the Minister. Such a warship is not a big deal. Among the products of our military factory, it is only at a medium level."

Upon hearing this, the Secretary of Defense and the Admiral were shocked.

The admiral, who was more straightforward, asked what he said: "Such warships are only medium-level, so what kind of product can be considered high-level?"

Fang Xiaoru showed a mysterious smile, and said, "Naturally it is the Sky Mothership, and the Sky Mothership has been included in our survival plan."

"Sky Mothership!"

The Minister of Defense and the Admiral couldn't help but exclaimed, looking at Fang Xiaoru with amazement, and said, "Are you sure you are not talking nonsense?"

Such things as aerospace motherships have only been mentioned in theories by countries around the world.

But there is no institution that can get an entry in this area.

However, Fang Xiaoru said that the Air and Sky carrier has been included in his production plan. Doesn't it mean that he has fully mastered the technology of the Air and Sky carrier?