The richest man in the magic city

The 575th chapter of the southern country panic

Faced with the horrified gaze of the Minister of Defense and the Navy Colonel, Fang Xiaoru put a smile on him, and did not give any explanation.

But the expression on his face is extremely confident.

Through Fang Xiaoru's expression, the Minister of Defense and the Navy Colonel realized that he did not seem to be joking.

And he didn't need to make such a joke with himself.

In an instant, the look in their eyes became more frightened.

Sky Mothership, what kind of existence is this?

The two shuddered just thinking about it.

The two sides talked on the deck for a full half an hour before the Secretary of Defense and the Colonel left.

When they left, they all saw a deep shock in each other's eyes.

During the half-hour conversation, the news they received and what they heard had completely subverted their concept of traditional weapons.

Aerospace aircraft, aerospace carrier, this kind of thing that only exists in the concept map of future science and technology, since the world group has begun to develop and manufacture!

Of course, when they left, although they were shocked, they also left with joy.

Because Fang Xiaoru had promised that an aircraft carrier of the size of Huanyu Warship could be manufactured within the next year and sold to the East.

Think about it, once a warship that can carry thousands of fighter jets appears on the ocean, it will pose the most deadly threat to all institutions in the world!

On the third day, three days have passed since Dongfang and the Soviet Union received the world fighter.

I don't know whether it was intentional or unintentional. On this day, the two organizations simultaneously revealed their military purchase orders to the media.

One is 600 billion Citicoins, after a 30% discount, there is a large order of 420 billion Citicoins.

And the other is also a super large order, an arms transaction of 300 billion Citicoins.

Once the military expenses of these two organizations were announced, it immediately caused a global uproar!

Especially when the world knows the military weapons they have purchased, it is the world's fighters that have played an absolute dominant role in the Afo battlefield during this period of time, and everyone's face has changed drastically.

"Grass! Since such fighters can be produced in large quantities, this is too scary."

"A full 200 world fighters, is this the rhythm of going to heaven in the East?"

"The scary thing is its price. A one-world fighter will cost a full 3 billion Citicoins, my God!"

"It's awesome! The scene of the 200 world fighters parked together is really enthusiastic and cold in my heart. Such fighters are too strong in the leading role of the war."

"With a large number of world fighters, the military power of the East and the Soviet Union will get a qualitative leap!"

Netizens all over the world were extremely shocked and incredible about this incident.At the same time, they are more afraid of the military strength of the East and the Soviet Union.

In particular, Citigroup also has some institutions adjacent to these two countries, and the senior officials of their institutions have fallen into panic.


In the meeting of the top leaders of the southern country, the chief said with a serious face to the senior executives below:

"During this period, we have joined forces with Citi to deploy the'stupid' system in the South, which has greatly stimulated the Eastern authorities. Recently, there has been news on the Afo battlefield that the Afo agency army will use only five global fighters to control Citi All military bases in the country were destroyed, and all 10,000 soldiers in it died.

And now, Dongfang has purchased a whole 200 world fighters from World Group.As you know, the destructive power of this kind of fighter is absolutely desperate and suffocating.

It can be said that only fifty Cosmos fighter jets are needed to bomb our entire southern country in turn, and plunge our southern country into an endless sea of ​​flames.

Therefore, I propose to everyone here to immediately terminate the cooperation with Citigroup and begin to withdraw from the "stupid" system."

After the chief of the southern kingdom had finished speaking, the audience fell into a dead silence.

This morning, when they learned that Dongfang had purchased 200 Huanyu fighters, their mood was broken.

The 200 Huanyu fighter jets are undoubtedly a huge military threat. Such a threat makes them breathless!

However, at this time, to interrupt the cooperation with Citigroup and completely withdraw from the almost completely deployed "stupid" system, it will definitely attract dissatisfaction from Citigroup.

Not to mention other things, at least the relationship between Nanguo and Citigroup will drop to a freezing point!

If you choose to continue to fight with the East to the end and allow Citi’s “stupid” system to take root in the South, the South will obviously dare not.

Some time ago, the East’s order to restrict the southern country was issued, and the southern country has suffered huge losses.

What's more, now the East has a total of 200 terrifying world fighters!

It can be said that Nanguo has completely panicked.

But if they choose to withdraw from the'stupid' system, it will certainly offend their big brother Citi.

In the future, life in the world will certainly not be too easy.

It can be said that they have fallen into a dilemma.

No matter which choice is made, they will inevitably suffer losses.

After a long period of silence, an army commander from the southern country spoke.

His voice was unusually heavy, "Everyone, just as the chief said. We should immediately interrupt our cooperation with Citigroup and begin to completely withdraw from the'stupid' system. Because we have no choice!

The East was originally a military power, and it was eyeing around us, and now it has a total of 200 world fighters.Such combat effectiveness is far beyond what we can compare and contend with.Therefore, I agree with the chief's point of view."

When everyone heard what the commander of the army said, their faces looked like a loss.

In their hearts, most of them agreed with the chief and the army commander.

Finally, the chief said: "Well, now the unity has completely withdrawn from the'stupid' system, please raise your hand."

After all, he raised his hand first, and the commander of the army followed the others.

The other senior leaders of the South China looked at each other, and finally one after another, slowly raised their hands.

Compared with pleasing Citigroup, they still value the immediate interests more.

The previous East was no longer what they could offend, let alone the current East.

All the people at the scene raised their hands to agree, and no one opposed it.