The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 583 The excitement of the world's students

On the side, Lucy suddenly asked: "Long Shi, do you say that the Universe Group can overcome the geological problems in the area near the World University?"

In terms of mobile phones, automobiles, and arms, few people in the world would question the World Group.

But in terms of geology, it's different.

Alan Shi Chang heard this, with a gloating expression on his face, and said: "It's none of my business. I approved the order for him to build a private subway.

If he cannot overcome the geological problems, he will not be able to lay the subway line and build the subway station."

The thought that Fang Xiaoru might not be able to overcome the geological problem, but he got 40 million Citicoins in vain, Alan Shichang was delighted.

After obtaining the approval documents from Citi's Bourdon Institution, Fang Xiaoru arranged the manpower and began construction to build subway stations and lay subway lines.

From his villa to the World University, the straight-line distance is about three kilometers.

This distance is very short compared to the normal distance between two subway stations.

Moreover, when digging the ground and laying the subway route, the construction team, with the technical support provided by Fang Xiaoru and a large amount of funds, easily broke through the geological problem that Citigroup did not build the subway station to the World University.

Because of Fang Xiaoru's investment regardless of cost, the work efficiency of the engineering team reached a terrifying bottom.

From digging the underground, laying the subway lines to finally building the subway station, this series of projects only took half a month.

Of course, this is also related to the length of the subway line.

After all, it is only three kilometers from Fang Xiaoru's villa to the World University.

During the period, when the construction team carried out the construction and the subway station was built at the World University, the students of the World University were all excited.

They have left messages on the school’s BBS forum to express their feelings.

"Great, do you finally have to repair the subway station to the school gate."

"It should have been like this a long time ago. You can only get to the school by subway every day, and you have to walk more than 1,000 meters to get to the school."

"It is very convenient to repair the subway station to the entrance of the school, saving us a lot of trouble."

"In the future, our travel will be much more convenient, and we will no longer have to walk the more than one thousand meters road every day."

"God, the world has finally done a good thing for our students."

"Does my complaint work? Since I entered the world two years ago, I have been asking the school to suggest a subway station."

All the students from the world were happy and cheered for the construction of a subway station in front of the school.

After all, most of the world's students do not have a car.

The subway is their most commonly used and most convenient travel tool, but in the past it always had to walk more than a thousand meters.

Now that the repair is at the gate of the school, I don’t know how convenient it will be.

To the cheers of the students, the top of the World University just shook his head with a wry smile.

The students don't know, they do.

The subway station in front of the school is actually a private subway station, not serving the public at all.

On this day, Ye Xiaowu finished class and walked to the library with her friend Jenna in the world.

On the way, Jenna finally couldn't help asking: "Ye, who is your boyfriend? He actually built a subway station at World University for you!"

Other students from the world are still trying to build a subway station in front of the school, but Jenna knows that this subway station has nothing to do with them.

Because this is completely a private subway station!

A month ago, when a man called Ye Xiaowu, he said that he would buy a subway for her.

I thought it was a joke at the time.

After all, it is too exaggerated to buy a subway to give someone away, not to mention the World University has no subway station at all.

It wasn't until these two days that she saw the construction team at the entrance of the school working on the construction of the subway station, that she suddenly realized and subconsciously remembered what happened a month ago.

Then I knew that the other party really wanted to send the subway!

Not only send the subway, but also lay the subway route and build a subway station!

Jenna was completely shocked by this kind of generous work.

Being regarded as Fang Xiaoru's girlfriend by Jenna, Ye Xiaowu's smile blushed and she whispered: "Jenna, I don't have a boyfriend, he is just a brother who is very kind to me."

"Good brother?" Jenna stared at Ye Xiaowu with a smile, until Ye Xiaowu couldn't help lowering her head because of her shyness, then said:

"Even if he is a good brother, he is also a love brother. Otherwise, why would you spend such a large price to build a private subway station for you?"

Ye Xiaowu lowered her head, pursed her lips, her eyes flickered slightly.

In fact, during this period of time, she had also wondered if Fang Xiaoru had a crush on her and wanted to chase her.

But for so long, Fang Xiaoru didn't show any good feelings towards her.

Even the attitude towards her is no different from before.

This made Ye Xiaowu very worried, wondering what Fang Xiaoru thought about her in his heart.

Seeing Ye Xiaowu lowered her head and did not speak, Jenna said again: "How about it, did I get it right? Come on, what is your boyfriend's origin and why is he so rich."

Facing Jenna's questioning, Ye Xiaowu opened her mouth, and finally said, "Perhaps, he just treats me as his younger sister, and is not pursuing me when he builds a subway station for me.

Because he is Fang Xiaoru, he is Fang Xiaoru, the helm of the Universe Group.

Although the cost of building a subway station is high, it is not worth mentioning for him.Jenna, don't think about it anymore."

Even though she said so, Ye Xiaowu still subconsciously hoped that the facts were exactly what Zhenna said.

Facing Fang Xiaoru, the youngest man in the world, the helm of the world's largest business empire, if Ye Xiaowu had no illusions about him, it would obviously be impossible.

"Fang Xiaoru! Your boyfriend is Fang Xiaoru!"

Jenna covered her small mouth and looked at Ye Xiaowu in shock.