The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 585 The World University Station is here!

The subway started, and every time Ye Xiaowu saw Fang Xiaoru's face on the way to the World University, she couldn't help but feel a strange feeling in her heart.

Fang Xiaoru is the world's best entrepreneur and the prince charming in the hearts of countless women around the world.

Every girl is pregnant with spring, and Ye Xiaowu is no exception.

Fang Xiaoru's kindness to her makes her always think about it every time she dreams at midnight.

She couldn't judge what kind of feelings Fang Xiaoru had for herself.

Some people, some things, even if they inadvertently enter your heart, in the end, even yourself will be surprised.

During this time, she has gradually recognized her heart.

"Xiao Wu, do you have anything to say to me?"

Seeing the tangled affection on Ye Xiaowu's face and the frowning brows, Fang Xiaoru asked carefully.

Hearing Fang Xiaoru's voice, Ye Xiaowu was shocked and turned back from her personal world.

She raised her head and looked at Fang Xiaoru.

Said: "Brother Xiaoru, there is something I want to tell you."

Fang Xiaoru smiled slightly and said, "I'm listening, let's talk."

Ye Xiaowu pursed her red lips, a trace of shyness flashed across her face, and finally a trace of firmness appeared in her eyes, and said:

"I don't know what power it is, even if I want to get closer to you.

You are like a magnet, but what you attract is not iron, but my heart.

Whenever I see you, night becomes day."

As Ye Xiaowu spoke, the shyness on her face slowly disappeared, replaced by a face full of determination.

She is looking straight into her heart, and she wants to listen to her heart's wishes.

Although he knew that Fang Xiaoru had several confidantes, he also had to take this step forward without hesitation.

Fang Xiaoru was shocked the more he listened.

Ye Xiaowu just stared at Fang Xiaoru's eyes, and continued: "I have considered my youth, carefully asked my own wishes, and also measured the pulsation in my blood.

Finally, follow my inner voice and tell you my voice.I want to tell you my heart, even though you already have several rumored girlfriends."

Her eyes didn't blink, she looked straight at Fang Xiaoru like that.

"Brother Xiaoru, I don't know what's wrong recently, it's like being possessed.

I think of you every day in class, I think of you when I eat, and you are still in my mind when I sleep at night.

I know, this is like.Yes, I like you."

After listening to Ye Xiaowu's confession, Fang Xiaoru was completely stunned.

He did not expect that Ye Xiaowu would have feelings for herself!

Through Ye Xiaowu's narration, Fang Xiaoru knew that it was not like, but love.

He cleared his throat and said, "Xiao Wu, you like me, I feel very happy.

But one thing you may not know is that the rumored girlfriend in your mouth is not actually the rumored girlfriend.

Each of them has a very close relationship with me and is my girlfriend."

To be honest, before that, Fang Xiaoru's love for Ye Xiaowu had always been the kind of love his brother had for his sister, and there was no love between men and women.

Now that he learned about Ye Xiaowu's feelings for him, he felt very embarrassed.

On the one hand, he did not have any affection between men and women for Ye Xiaowu, at most he had some good feelings, but he had not yet developed to the point where he wanted to associate with her.

On the other hand, he was worried that rejecting Ye Xiaowu directly would have various bad effects on her psychology.

Ye Xiaowu said with a pained expression: "I know, I know that Brother Xiaoru has many girlfriends.

But I just can't control my heart. The more I let myself stop thinking about it, the more you are in my mind.

I am a bad woman, I am a bad woman.Woo (_)"

While speaking, Ye Xiaowu couldn't help sobbing softly.

Although Fang Xiaoru did not directly refuse, she could see that Fang Xiaoru had no other thoughts about herself.

This is what makes her sad the most.

Seeing Ye Xiaowu sobbing, Fang Xiaoru quickly stood up, walked to her side, and leaned over to wipe off the crystal tears on her cheeks.

He whispered: "Xiao Wu, if you want, we can try to interact for a while."

Upon hearing this, Ye Xiaowu raised her head, looked at Fang Xiaoru, and said in surprise, "Really?"

Fang Xiaoru lightly patted Ye Xiaowu's hand and said, "Of course it is true, but don't cry anymore. If you cry as a small cat, you won't be pretty. I don't like girls who are not pretty."


Ye Xiaowu felt joyful in her heart, and her tears stopped.

Although she was just trying to socialize, she was already satisfied.


"World University Station, here it is."

But at this moment, the radio in the car sounded.

It turned out that during the time when Fang Xiaoru and Ye Xiaowu were talking, the subway had already reached the World University.

Fang Xiaoru took Ye Xiaowu's hand and said, "Okay, it's already at the station, I'll send you out."

With that, the two got out of the subway and walked outside.

At this time, at the gate of the World University, a large group of students from the world, listening to the sound of the subway, approached the subway station, surrounded there, looking at the pink subway and pointing.

"Have the subway finally opened? But the pink subway is really rare."

"Great, we will be able to sit directly at the school gate in the future, and we won't have to walk more than a thousand meters."

"God bless, Citigroup has finally done something good for us."

"In the future, those of us who take the subway to school will be much more convenient."

"From the start of construction to the opening of the subway, it took less than 20 days. The efficiency of the organization is really getting higher and higher."

"Look, two people got off the subway."

"Are they the first passengers today? I'm so envious."

"It seems that today we can take the subway directly from the school gate to go back."

"But why is there no ticket vending machine or ticket gate in this subway station?"