The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 586: The world's students are confused

The subway that students of the world have been waiting for since twenty days ago has finally opened.

And this subway station also leads directly to the door of the World University.

This is undoubtedly a great boon for teachers and students who come to class by subway.

At least it can save more than a thousand meters!

People approaching the subway station, watching the two people coming off the pink subway, surrounded them one by one.

When they approached that day, they suddenly discovered that they knew the man and the woman.

Needless to say, Fang Xiaoru, as the world's richest man and the head of the Universe Group, there are very few people in the world who don't know him.

And Ye Xiaowu, because he drove a super sports car worth 150 million institutional currency, was known by the teachers and students of universities all over the world, and thus became a man in this class of freshmen.

Especially the boys in the world, almost no one does not know her.

"Oh Mika! It's actually Fang Xiaoru! How could Fang Xiaoru appear in the Hua Organization?"

"God! I'm not mistaken, right? Dongfang Xinsheng, freshman Ye Xiaowu, actually walked with Fang Xiaoru?"

"What's going on? Why are Fang Xiaoru and Ye Xiaowu the first passengers to open the subway station?"

In the subway station, all the world's students are confused and confused about what the situation is.

The Universe Group has already withdrawn from the flower market, but why does Fang Xiaoru still appear here?

And also appeared in the newly built subway station with a freshman from a world university!

The crowd around Fang Xiaoru subway station frowned.

This is his private subway station, but not a public subway station. These people are noisy inside, making him feel unhappy.

At this moment, three security personnel wearing uniforms came over from outside.

After seeing Fang Xiaoru, they trot over and said, "Boss, sorry, something went wrong, which caused us to play."

They apologized again and again, feeling uneasy, for fear that Fang Xiaoru would get angry and resigned.

You must know that this job is not only super rich in salary, but also very easy.

Fang Xiaoru glanced at the students around the world and said to the three security personnel:

"Kick them out and don't let outsiders enter this subway station in the future."

Upon hearing the words, the three security personnel immediately responded loudly: "Yes! BOSS!"

As they said, they turned to face the group of students from around the world and said:

"Sirs and ladies, I'm sorry, this is the private subway station of our BOSS. Please leave here immediately."

As soon as the voice fell, they began to do something to drive out the students from the world around them.

And those students of the world opened their mouths and looked surprised.

Then there was a lot of discussion.

"My Faq! Private subway station?"

"You mean, this subway station is Fang Xiaoru's private subway station?"

"God! What is the situation?"

"Isn't this subway station specially built in front of the World University to facilitate our travel?"

"Yes, now we are still Fang Xiaoru's private subway station."

"I have never heard that there are private subway stations in the world, and you seem to be making us laugh."

"Is this a spoof?"

The world's students at the scene all expressed their disbelief.

Private subway station, this is never heard of.

Even if you have money, you shouldn't build a private subway station to play.

Unless he really can't spend too much money.

Unfortunately, Fang Xiaoru is such a person.

His money is too much to spend.

Faced with the doubts of the world's students, the three security personnel just sullenly began to rush people.

At the same time, he said: "The World Metro Station is the private subway station of our BOSS. You are not allowed to enter without the permission of the BOSS. Please also go out quickly and don't make our BOSS unhappy."

The three security personnel went to work for the first time, plus what happened just now came late.

So that now he is working hard to express himself in front of Fang Xiaoru.

In the face of dozens of onlookers from the world, they began a barbaric drive.

"Shit! What the hell is going on? This subway station is really Fang Xiaoru's private subway station?"

Driven by the security personnel, the world's students began to realize that this subway station might really be privately owned.

Otherwise, the security personnel would not dare to drive away a group of students from the world with such brute force.

"Fak! I have been looking forward to it for so long in vain, who knows that I was expecting it in vain in the end."

"SHIT! I still think that I will be able to walk more than a thousand meters less in the future, so that I can relax in class."

"Private subway station, it's really the first time I have heard of a private subway station."

"Not to mention the cost of building a private subway station and laying subway lines. But I want to know, why did the agency approve Fang Xiaoru's construction?"

The world students in the subway station were gradually driven out of the subway station.

They stood at the entrance of the subway station, murmured constantly in their mouths, expressing their disappointment and dissatisfaction in their hearts.

The subway station I had been waiting for for so long was told in the end that it was only Fang Xiaoru’s private subway station.

Is this such a loss?

Gradually, as a large group of people stood at the entrance of the subway station, more and more students from the world surrounded them.

After they learned that the subway station that just opened today was actually Fang Xiaoru's private subway station, they couldn't say anything in shock.

In the World University, build a private subway station of its own.

This is all over the world, and Fang Xiaoru is the only one.

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