The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 587: Maybe, this is Shenhao

Many people have gradually surrounded the entrance of the World University.

Many students from all over the world are gathered around the subway station in front of the school.

They have been paying attention since the construction of this subway station began.

They even rejoiced that the subway station was finally built to the door of the World University. In the future, they won't be able to walk that far, and going to and from school can be easier.

But no one thought that when it opened to traffic today, they were told that the subway station they had been looking forward to for twenty days at the school gate was actually a private subway station!

A private subway station belonging to Fang Xiaoru, the helm of the Universe Group!

Everyone is puzzled by this matter.

They can't accept, why is there such an operation?

Isn't this too much money to build a private subway station?

When Fang Xiaoru and Ye Xiaowu walked out of the exit of the subway station, the students from the surrounding world immediately surrounded them.

Many people even screamed.

"Wow! It's Fang Xiaoru!"

"My idol! I actually saw my idol so close!"

"Fang Xiaoru! It is my Prince Charming, Fang Xiaoru. I feel so happy that I actually saw my Prince Charming on the spot!"

In the World University, many boys admire Fang Xiaoru.

At the same time, many girls admire Fang Xiaoru.

Most of them had imagined having a wonderful encounter with Fang Xiaoru, and since then they flew up to the branch to become a phoenix.

The boys are a little better, and will restrain their emotions.

But those girls turned into crazy fans.

Each of them stared at Fang Xiaoru, their eyes were staring, and they wanted to swallow him in one bite.

The look in their eyes is the occupation of Hong Guoguo!

As the youngest and richest man in the world, as the helm of the world's largest business empire, Fang Xiaoru is undoubtedly the dream of countless girls.

Whether it is the East or the Flower Organization, or the O Continent, or even Africa, countless young girls regard Fang Xiaoru as their dream lover.

Even the students of the world, after seeing Fang Xiaoru with their own eyes, couldn't control their emotions.

Those crazy fans rushed in front of Fang Xiaoru one by one.

Fortunately, the three subway security personnel are very eye-catching. They have long discovered that the emotions of the students on the scene are a bit wrong, and desperately stopped the people who rushed forward and kept them from approaching Fang Xiaoru and Ye Xiaowu. people.

When three subway security guards desperately stopped outside, someone in the crowd began to ask:

"Mr. Fang, why do you want to build such a subway station at the gate of the world?"

"Is this girl next to you your girlfriend?"

"Miss Ye, the world-Bugatti Veyron you drove during the first semester, could it be that Mr. Fang gave it to you?"

Many students from the world who have a tendency to gossip or who are worried about subway stations have begun to ask curiously.

Facing the encirclement and questioning of the surrounding crowd, Fang Xiaoru pressed his hand and motioned them to calm down.

Seeing Fang Xiaoru's gesture, the students around the world calmed down.

One by one, they held their breath and were silent, quietly waiting for Fang Xiaoru's answer.

Fang Xiaoru glanced around and found that there were about 40 people around here.

He said softly: "Dear students, please calm down and don't be so excited. This subway station is indeed privately owned by me, not public."

After getting Fang Xiaoru's own confirmation, there was an uproar at the scene.

Many people asked with puzzled faces: "Mr. Fang, why do you want to build such a private subway station?"

If you have money, you can drive. If you don’t like to drive, you can ask a driver.

When have they seen someone build a subway station, lay a subway line, buy a subway, and then travel by subway?

No matter how rich you are, it is not such a waste.

You know that with this money, you can buy a lot of helicopters and supercars.

Everyone was full of doubts.

"I know this question."

But at this moment, a beautiful and blond goddess came over.

It is the good friend Ye Xiaowu made in the World University, a girl from Gaul, Jenna.

Jenna walked over from the crowd and said to the confused crowd around:

"I was there at the time, so I knew something about it. Ye once drove the Universe Bugatti Veyron Super to the campus and was pursued by many crazy boys.

Later, she called Mr. Fang to complain, so Mr. Fang decided on the spot to buy her a subway.

At the time, I thought it was just a joke, but I didn't expect it to be true today."

After Jenna had finished speaking, an unbelievable voice suddenly sounded on the scene.

Everyone's eyes were filled with deep shock.

There is only one voice in their hearts: Perhaps, this is Shenhao.

As for the girls, the eyes that looked at Fang Xiaoru became even more intense.

They bought the subway if they didn't agree with each other. How could they not make their hearts hot with such a generous shot.

At the same time, the eyes they looked at Ye Xiaowu were full of deep envy and jealousy!

All the world's female students on the scene, whether single or not, are eager to replace Ye Xiaowu.