The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 595 You are not qualified to be presumptuous in front of me!

A suffocating embarrassment haunted William and his butler.

Both of them felt their skins hot, and they couldn't hold back.

The expressions on the six cabinet ministers in the conference room changed slightly after a brief shock.

They began to worry, worried that if William had lost face because of this incident and refused to help them tide over the difficulties in front of them, what should be done?

But when they were worried, Catherine spoke again.

"Although the Bartley family has huge capital and is known as the Fifth Empire of O State, it is not a real empire after all!

And you are not the Crown Prince of the Fifth Reich as rumored to be outside!

Moreover, even if you are really the prince of a country and the heir of an institution, you are not qualified to be so presumptuous in front of me!"

When the word Queen fell, a terrifying coercion came from Catherine.

At this moment, she completely released her own queen coercion.

Under the blessing of the inner force, her coercion made everyone present suddenly change.


Unwilling to resign, he roared, angrily trying to stand up.

But the more you resist, the more terrifying the coercion.

At the end, his face was covered with unusually obvious blue veins.

The others at the scene, although not as embarrassed as William, were not much better.

Among them, William's butler, his face was pale, and his eyes toward Catherine were full of horror.

The other six cabinet ministers are slightly better than stewards.

But there was a cold sweat on their foreheads.

Their hearts turned upside down.

Before this, they had never thought that this queen who seemed cold and high above the goddess of an iceberg could have such a terrifying aura and coercion!

Even the cabinet ministers who are used to seeing leaders of various countries have a panic in their hearts.

The six cabinet ministers glanced at each other, and they all saw shock in each other's eyes.

From this moment on, their respect for Catherine will be more profound.

"Your Majesty, Mr. William came here with friendliness and sincerity, and please forgive his recklessness."

In the end, it was the Prime Minister who took the initiative to speak and intercede with Catherine.

After all, the dilemma Geely is facing now needs William to solve it.

Catherine glanced at the Prime Minister faintly, and the Prime Minister and Catherine's eyes touched, and she felt a tremor all over.

But he did not back down, but forced to look at Catherine.

"If you dare to speak harshly, even if you are the heir of the Bartlett family, you will be punished."

Catherine left such a sentence coldly, and then turned to leave the meeting room.

It is obviously impossible for William to use this auspicious predicament to coerce Catherine into his woman.

For this request, Catherine would only sneer.

Compared with Fang Xiaoru, William is far behind.

When Catherine turned around, William only felt light all over, and the heavy pressure on his body suddenly disappeared.

Seeing Catherine's back, his eyes were full of gloom, but he did not dare to attack again.

"Your Majesty, please wait a moment. Since Mr. William is willing to solve the current dilemma for us, why not sit down and listen to what he is going to do?"

As Catherine was about to walk out of the conference room door, the Prime Minister spoke again.

William immediately said: "Queen Catherine, if you refuse to agree to my previous request, we can continue to discuss it until you and me are satisfied."

He has not forgotten his purpose for auspiciousness.

So even though she had suffered a big loss in Catherine's hand just now, and had lost her face, she still didn't leave angrily.

Upon hearing this, Catherine stopped, turned to look at William and the Prime Minister, her eyes were full of contempt, and said coldly:

"My auspicious matter, it is not yet an outsider's turn to intervene. Without the Batley family's action, Geely can also get through this difficulty."

William snorted and said: "Queen Catherine, there may be one thing you haven't figured out.

Due to the convenience of the flower organization, the relationship with you has been broken.So your steel will inevitably have a huge overcapacity.

And the only institutions and forces that can take over the steel from the Flower Organization are Dongfang and our Bartley family.

But you don't have to count on the East. The East is now focusing on the Belt and Road Initiative and it is impossible to absorb your excess steel.

Unless you choose to stay in the EU and use the power of the EU to tide over the immediate difficulties.Otherwise, we have to rely on our Bartley family!"

The six cabinet ministers heard what William said and nodded.

Right now they are facing a very embarrassing situation. Unless they continue to be caught in the swamp of the European Union, they can only ask for help from the Batley family.

"Oh? Only rely on the Bartlett family? I don't think so."

Suddenly, the door of the conference room opened, and a tall figure walked in from outside.

There was a faint smile on his face, but the look in William's eyes was cold.

"It's you!"

Looking at the figure that made him gritted his teeth, William's pupils suddenly shrank.

The visitor was Fang Xiaoru, who came from Hua Organization!