The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 599 Two-person world with Catherine

In the history of Geely, the queen’s husband has always been a nobleman in his country.

Once he becomes the husband of the queen, he will be crowned the title of prince.

Like Fang Xiaoru, if crowned as Prince, the title is Prince of Windsor.

Because Queen Catherine was named Princess Windsor when she was a princess.

In the eyes of the Cabinet Prime Minister, Fang Xiaoru is likely to become the first foreign prince.

If he changed to another foreigner, he would definitely refuse it immediately, and would not even let Catherine interact with him.

But this person is Fang Xiaoru, so the situation is completely different.

With Fang Xiaoru's current identity, she is completely worthy of Catherine.

Moreover, the combination between the two parties will only bring opportunities for Geely.

Therefore, when other cabinet ministers were discussing whether foreigners could become the queen’s husband or the auspicious prince, the prime minister had already reached a conclusion.

He was still very happy to see the combination of Catherine and Fang Xiaoru in his heart.

But don't think about it so much for now, and now the top priority is to quickly dispose of the steel that has been in the warehouse for a long time.

The Prime Minister turned his head and said to the other five cabinet ministers: "The Duke of Windsor has decided to take over the steel that was originally exported to the flower organization. You immediately go down and arrange the relevant matters. No mistakes are allowed.


The five cabinet ministers shouted in response.

However, after Fang Xiaoru and Catherine left the meeting room, they contacted Huanyu Dao and ordered them to drive the Huanyu warship to Geely.

After that, the two began a long-lost world of two.

On the square of Baijinhan Palace, the two hugged each other and gave a French wet kiss.

After the lips were divided, the blush on Catherine's face became more serious.

It looks more radiant.

Had it not been for her long standing high since she became the queen, she has cultivated a kind of temperament that belongs to the queen.

At this moment, I'm afraid I am shy and dare not look at Fang Xiaoru.

The night came quietly.

When the night was over the institution, Fang Xiaoru and Catherine returned to Catherine's bedroom.

Catherine's bedroom, majestic atmosphere and luxury coexist.

At this time, Fang Xiaoru was lying on the big bed full of Catherine's body fragrance, staring at the bathroom in the bedroom.

He smiled at the corner of his mouth, walked directly to the bathroom door, knocked on the door, and shouted, "My dear, if you don't come out anymore, I will break in."

Talking, twisted on the door handle.

Catherine was shocked when she heard the noise outside, and her heart was beating even more violently.

She was afraid that Fang Xiaoru would rush in like this, and hurriedly replied loudly: "No! I will come out immediately, don't stand at the door."