The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 902: Coronation as King

When the old housekeeper gave Fang Xiaoru the name, Mr. Bartlett understood everything instantly.

The expression on his face became extremely solemn, his eyes were extremely cold, and he murmured:

"William always regarded Fang Xiaoru as his biggest opponent, especially after I asked Diana to seduce him.

He just came back from Geely, and got this inexplicable serious illness.If it has nothing to do with Fang Xiaoru, how could I believe it!"

Mr. Bartlett turned his head and looked at William, who was still in pain even though he was in a coma, and said in a very heavy tone:

"William, my heir. Whether or not Fang Xiaoru was involved in your illness, I will get rid of him for you."

William, the only son of Mr. Bartlett, is the heir of the Bartlett family, the largest economy empire in the world.

But now, being tortured by such an unprecedented condition is worse than death.

Hair fell out, there were only three teeth left, and the skin was dull like straw, looking like an old man in his nineties.

Such a tragic current situation made Mr. Bartlett extremely distressed, and at the same time raised endless anger!

He had gloomy eyes, endless gloom radiating from his body, and said lightly:

"It seems that the Bartlett family has been silent for too long, causing people in the world to dare to provoke the authority of the Bartlett family and dare to attack the heirs of the Bartlett family!"

With a swiping sound, he took out a round token from his pocket and handed it to the butler standing aside.

"You go and gather people, and all the women involved in Fang Xiaoru's will be wiped out, and they will be brought back.

If William's condition is really related to Fang Xiaoru, use these women to threaten Fang Xiaoru to cure William's illness.

If William finally dies, let all these women of Fang Xiaoru be buried for William!"

As he spoke, the gloom on his face seemed to be freezing.

The butler took the token tremblingly, and said in a trembled voice: "Yes! Master!"

Having said that, turn around and go out to complete the task given by Mr. Bartlett.

When the housekeeper left, Mr. Bartlett placed his hand on William's forehead and guarded him.

At the ceremony, a line of royal guards patrolled the surroundings.

The red carpet was spread over 300 meters from the entrance of Baijinhan Palace to the hall.

At this time, the seats in the hall were already full of participants.

They whispered one by one, discussing the upcoming coronation ceremony.

"The Duke of Windsor is going to be crowned Prince Windsor. This is the first foreign prince in Geely's history."

"Yeah, I don't know what the cabinet ministers and parliamentarians actually think, they agreed to let the Oriental crowned as the prince of Queen Catherine."

"That's how it is said, but seeing our queen and becoming someone else's woman like this makes my heartache.

"What can I do with heartache, I am also heartache. But are you worthy of the queen?"

"Queen Bingqing Yujie is the dream goddess of all men in Omi, but Fang Xiaoru is the only one who can be worthy of her."

In the midst of everyone's discussion, a super-luxury, supreme version of the black universal sedan came slowly from a distance.

"Come here, here comes the Queen and the Duke of Windsor."

The hall, which was originally a little noisy, immediately became quiet, and everyone looked up at the car.

I saw the car parked in front of the red carpet, and when the door opened, a tall and straight figure walked out of the car.

This person is Fang Xiaoru, the protagonist of today's coronation ceremony!

Fang Xiaoru's face was filled with a confident smile, and there was a look of gaze in his eyes.

After he got out of the car, he stretched out a hand very gently into the car.

Immediately afterwards, a slender and delicate jade hand came up.

The next moment, Queen Catherine appeared in front of everyone in a red auspicious queen costume.

Catherine held Fang Xiaoru's arm with her right hand, and the two stepped onto the red carpet and walked into the hall step by step.

The nobles and officials in the hall, seeing this pair of men and women like golden boys and jade women, subconsciously felt that these two people are really good match.

"Good morning, Your Majesty. Good morning, Duke of Windsor."

When Fang Xiaoru and Catherine walked into the hall, the nobles and officials at the scene took the initiative to stand up and greet them.

Among them, there are even dukes. If in the past, these dukes would never take the initiative to greet Fang Xiaoru.

After all, although Fang Xiaoru is also a Duke, he is a Duke without any rights.

Now it is different, Fang Xiaoru is about to be crowned Prince of Windsor!

This name is completely different.

This is the title and status that the queen's husband can have!