The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 613: Chief Compromise

The reconnaissance satellites and communication satellites are destroyed one after another, which means that the military will become blind and dumb.

Neither can it detect the presence of the enemy, nor can it quickly communicate orders.

Moreover, many satellite-guided missiles will completely lose their effect.

This is a devastating blow to the will.

Only at this time did the Chief Will understand that Xiaoru's threatening words three days ago were not just talking.

If they don't hand over Mr. Batley, Fang Xiaoru will really hit them with heartache, and they will only agree to the hit!

"Your Excellency, the current situation is very serious, what should we do?"

The generals in the command center were finally not as irritable as before, and they were about to fight Fang Xiaoru at every turn.

With the loss of communication satellites and reconnaissance satellites, they lost even the last trace of combat capability.

Chief Will, took a deep breath, and sighed with depression:

"The Bartley family has deep roots in O Continent. If we dare to take their patriarch away, the economy of will will surely collapse in an instant.

On Fang Xiaoru's side, it is also not something we can offend.The weapons and equipment they developed have far surpassed this era.I have no choice now."

When this sentence was finished, the chief of the will was ashamed, as if he was more than ten years old.

He discovered for the first time that he could still be so aggrieved as the chief of a country.

Can't provoke here, can't provoke there.

The dignified will, the invincible will that galloped in World War II, was caught between the Bartlett family and the World Group at this moment, and no one dared to offend it.

In this situation, the chief will feel a deep sense of powerlessness.

"Fucked! Too frustrated!"

A group of generals in the command center slapped the table fiercely, blowing beard and staring, and shouted angrily.

"Your Excellency, generals, received a radio wave from Fang Xiaoru!"

But when the high-levels felt extremely frustrated and powerless, a correspondent came over with an A4 paper.

When everyone heard this, their faces suddenly changed.

He kept asking: "What did he say?"

The correspondent read according to the text translated on the A4 paper: "He said, this is just a small meeting ceremony.

In giving us one day to consider, if one day later, if Mr. Bartlett has not been seen, he will bombard the will in all aspects.

I would rather kill thousands of people by mistake, but also talk about the destruction of Mr. Bartlett and his family hiding in his will!"

Including the chief, everyone on the scene took a breath.

As early as when Fang Xiaoru's world warship arrived in the Baltic Sea, they were already terrified of the six hundred world fighters.

And now they have seen a brand new anti-satellite laser weapon, which has made their opponent Xiaoru's fears rise to the extreme.

The six hundred world fighters alone are enough to sink the will, not to mention whether there will be other super-tech weapons like anti-satellite laser weapons that have not appeared in the eyes of everyone.

They shuddered just thinking about it.

Before that, who would have thought that the dignified will, the best nation in the world, would be threatened by a businessman and an entrepreneur.

And was threatened to this point!

The chief slowly closed his eyes and exhaled heavily without saying anything.

At this moment, he was making a measurement in his mind, a measurement between gains and losses.

If Mr. Bartlett is captured, the will will be spared from Fang Xiaoru's cannon fodder.

But the will will inevitably be madly retaliated by the Bartley family. Not to mention that his position as chief has been taken to the end, even the whole will will fall into an unprecedented economic crisis.

Economic paralysis will plunge the will into dire straits.

If you continue to defy Fang Xiaoru's request, tomorrow your will may fall into the flames of war.

Under the merciless bombardment of those six hundred world fighters, everything will be annihilated.

By now, Chief Will no longer doubts whether Fang Xiaoru has the courage, whether he has the courage to sink an organization.

Because Fang Xiaoru’s act of destroying two satellites just now has shown his determination.

Don't know how long it took, the chief opened his eyes slowly, and a trace of determination flashed in his eyes.

The generals around, seeing this scene, know that the chief has made a choice.

One by one, they stared at the chief nervously and solemnly, holding their breaths, listening, waiting for his orders.

The chief glanced around and said, "Call me the old Subaru Marshal."

Hearing this, everyone in the command center was relieved.

Contacting the old Marshal of Subaru, this shows that the chief has decided to give in to Fang Xiaoru and arrest Mr. Bartlett, the head of the Bartlett family.

All the people on the scene are now the Bartley family who would rather offend the economic lifeline of O State than against Fang Xiaoru.