The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 614 I have no choice

The phone was dialed out, and it took a long time to get through.

This is a video conversation.

On the computer screen, the actual supreme leader of the will, Subaru, the Marshal of the Armed Forces in hand, appeared.

Subaru has served as Marshal of the Three Armed Forces for fifteen years, despite his advanced age, he is now more than sixty years old.

But his face was very ruddy, he looked vigorous and healthy, and he did not look like an old man in his sixties.

"Hello, Marshal Subaru, I have important things to discuss with you."

The Chief of Will did not greet him as usual, but directly stated his purpose straightforwardly.

"Our agency's communication satellites and reconnaissance satellites have been destroyed by Fang Xiaoru's laser weapons one after another, and now the will is facing an extremely serious crisis.

Fang Xiaoru is a lunatic. If we don't follow his requirements, no one knows what crazy actions he will do next.

Before absolute military suppression, I finally chose to compromise with Fang Xiaoru.I just want to ask you to go out and grab Mr. Bartlett."

"Two consecutive satellites were destroyed?"

Subaru's face became serious, this incident had just happened, and the news had not reached his ears.

"What is going on, why is there no interception?"

Satellites are extremely important strategic resources for every organization.

Among them, communication satellites and reconnaissance satellites are particularly important.

Once these two satellites are lost, the army of will will become dumb and blind in future operations.

This is a fatal blow to modern military strategy.

Enough to regress the fighting method of will for decades and return to the Second World War.

When the Subaru Marshal heard the news, he was shocked.

"Is such that……"

The Chief of Will explained, and told the Subaru Marshal what had happened in less than five minutes.

After listening to the explanation from the Chief Will, Marshal Subaru's face also sank.

His eyes were full of dignity, and he murmured: "In other words, in addition to the Mark armor and the world fighter, Fang Xiaoru also sacrificed anti-satellite laser weapons.

Moreover, no one knows if he has any more powerful weapons that have not appeared."

"Although I don't want to admit it, this is the truth. Old Marshal, please send someone to arrest Mr. Batley and escort him to Fang Xiaoru."

The chief's voice sounded a little anxious.

Fang Xiaoru gave a very short time this time, only twenty-four hours.

Without the help of the Subaru Marshal, it would be almost impossible to catch Mr. Bartlett within twenty-four hours.

A hesitation flashed in the eyes of the Subaru member marshal, looked at the chief deeply, and said:

"Your Excellency, please come to Crompton Base. We will talk in detail."

One hour later, Will Crompton military base.

This military base is the highest military base of will, and Marshal Subaru of the Three Armies sits in it all year round.

Moreover, the rockets developed by the Bartlett family are hidden in the Crompton military base!

At the invitation of the Subaru Marshal, the Chief Will rushed over without stopping, taking a special plane.

The command center of Marshal Subaru is located in the deepest part of this military base.

At this time, there were only three people in the usually lively command center.

These three people were the Subaru Marshal himself, Mr. Batley, the patriarch of the Batley family, and the chief of will who rushed over in a hurry.

The moment Chief Will entered the door, he saw his target Mr. Bartlett this time.

He frowned, vaguely feeling that there was something tricky in it.

But he also didn't point it out directly.

"Your Excellency, here you are."

Although the status of Subaru Marshal and Mr. Batley is very high, they still have the attitude towards a chief.

Chief Will nodded slightly, politely in return.

He glanced at Mr. Batley, then said to the Subaru Marshal:

"Old Marshal, how could Mr. Bartlett appear here."

The Subaru Marshal smiled and said, "That's why I invited you to come for an interview."

As he said, his face straightened and became very serious.

"Your Excellency, the military strength currently demonstrated by Fang Xiaoru can completely destroy our will in a short time.

Whether it is the Mark armor or the six hundred world fighters, they are scalp-numbing and scary killing machines.

I can understand your heart to compromise with Fang Xiaoru under pressure, but if you think about it carefully, once Mr. Bartlett is escorted to Fang Xiaoru’s warship, what will the economy of will be like?"

The chief glanced at Mr. Bartley and said in a heavy tone:

"I have weighed the pros and cons. Compared with Fang Xiaoru's threat, I finally decided to sacrifice and offend the Bartlett family. I have no choice!"