The richest man in the magic city

The 623rd chapter kills the chicken and the monkey

On the streets of the capital of the will, various crimes one after another.

In the Baltic Sea, the fact that the volitionary agency bombarded Fang Xiaoru with rockets has spread around the world.

Now as long as civilization can reach, they know that there is a weapon that is more powerful than rockets and rockets.

That is the black hole bomb developed by the Universe Group.

This is a bomb that can artificially create a black hole!

So when Fang Xiaoru released the news and planned to destroy the capital of Will with a black hole bomb when the sun sets two days later, and ordered the easterners to leave as soon as possible, the residents of the capital of Will were completely frantic.

It was as if everyone had encountered the end of the world, all kinds of emotions and crazy actions burst out all at once.

High-pressure water guns and tear gas can't stop an increasing number of people. The explosion-proof law and order has long been pushed to the ground by the emotional people.

The entire capital of Will was completely plunged into chaos.

The Eastern Consulate, which was the first to get the news, immediately let the local Easterners buy air tickets quickly, away from their will.

Or leave the capital of Will through other means of transportation.

In short, can not stay in this place of right and wrong.

After the Easterners evacuated in large numbers, Fang Xiaoru's desire to destroy the capital of Will spread widely.

Countless foreigners have started to order air tickets frantically and want to leave this place of right and wrong as soon as possible.

However, the number of planes in the airport is so small, how can there be enough people to ride?

Therefore, 90% of foreigners can only stay in their will because they cannot buy air tickets.

Fortunately, their minds are also smart, knowing to escape to the cities around the capital of Will.

Inspired by them, countless residents of the capital of will, also dragged their families to escape the city.

But by this time, it was completely finished.

Almost everyone wanted to escape from the capital of will, causing major transportation hubs to become paralyzed.

Countless people were blocked on the highway out of the city.

In the Baltic Sea, on the world warship.

After Fang Xiaoru finished enjoying the Western dishes carefully cooked for him by the top Michelin chef, he met with the Prime Minister of Will who hurried over in the spacious living room of the warship.

Prime Minister Will is a middle-aged man in his fifties.

He is chubby and tall, about 1.85 meters.

At this moment, he was sitting hurriedly opposite Fang Xiaoru, and said pleadingly:

"Mr. Fang, we will be willing to apologize to you for this matter. And my purpose this time is to beg you to surrender.

I came with great sincerity and asked Mr. Fang to accept our surrender and give up the blow to the capital of will."

"Sincere? Begging to surrender?"

Fang Xiaoru curled his lips in disdain, then sneered:

"Your will, apart from the Bartley family, there is nothing I can value.

What's more, I have given you two opportunities.The first time is limited to three days, let you give me Batley.You refused, and as punishment, I destroyed your two satellites.

Later, I gave you another chance.But you still didn't cherish it, and even bombarded me with rockets.

Had it not been for my Huanyu Military Factory to develop a black hole bomb, I am afraid I would have been buried with this warship at the moment."

The sweat on Prime Minister Will's face kept falling, and he pleaded in extreme panic:

"Mr. Fang, our volitional organization has realized the error. In any case, I beg you to give up this blow."

The dignified prime minister, with a noble status and high authority, begged in front of Fang Xiaoru at this time, without the dignity of a prime minister.

If this is for other people to see, the eyeballs must be shocked.

Fang Xiaoru glanced at him, and said faintly: "There are no more than three things. I have given you two opportunities, but you all missed it. Then I can't blame me for being cruel."

The Will Organization took the lead in using rockets, and it already had the heart to kill Fang Xiaoru.

In return, how can Fang Xiaoru forgive them and leave them safe and sound?

He must destroy the capital of the will, to declare to the world that he is strong and unprovoked.

"Mr. Fang!"

Prime Minister Will is about to kneel down.

However, how could Fang Xiaoru have the benevolence of women at this time? He waved his hand and said to the iron man standing by:

"Throw him out for me."

"Yes! BOSS!"

Two steel men stepped forward, putting the Prime Minister's arms on the left and the other, dragging him out.

"If you do this, you will be condemned by the people all over the world! You are committing a crime, and you will be sent to the International Military Tribunal!

The capital that has destroyed the will, waiting for you, must be the resistance of the people of the world and the sanctions of the United Nations!"

He struggled frantically and shouted constantly.

But it didn't have any effect, and was thrown out by Iron Man.

After Premier Will was thrown into the sea, Fang Xiaoru picked up a glass of red wine, took a sip, and said:

"The cycle of cause and effect, where there is a grudge, I will get revenge. I gave you a chance, but you were murderous against me, so I can't blame me for being cruel.

If you don't give you a deep blow to your will, how can you let the world know my methods?"

Since the appearance of the Mark armor and the Huanyu fighter jet, spies from various countries have sneaked into the Huanyu military factory in an attempt to steal precious weapon materials.

Moreover, NATO agencies, led by the Flower Agency, have also begun to gradually suppress the World Group.

And now black hole bombs have appeared in the eyes of the world again. This kind of black hole bombs that crush rockets in all directions will inevitably make countless organizations go crazy and want to get them unscrupulously.

In order to avoid some unnecessary troubles, in order to dispel the coveting of black hole bombs by the countries.

Fang Xiaoru even wanted to take this opportunity to kill chickens and monkeys, let them know that they were not easy to provoke.

Once you provoke yourself, the end will be the same as your will, and the entire capital will disappear.

Time passed quietly, and in a blink of an eye, the deadline for Fang Xiaoru was approaching.

The black hole bomb that can destroy a city has been loaded, and it will be dropped into the capital of the will only when the sun sets!

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