The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 624 Destroy, at the moment of night

Countless people are paying close attention to the crisis of will on major social platforms around the world.

Regarding black hole bombs, despite the deliberate concealment of various organizations, they have spread through various channels.

Such a terrible weapon caused everyone to take a breath.

The hot topics of big face, Twitter, ins, Weibo, Moments of friends and other software are all related to the black hole bomb and the crisis in the capital of will.

One comment after another, maxed out the circle of friends, maxed out Big Face and Twitter.

"Black hole bomb, a bomb made with antimatter energy!"

"My God! Fang Xiaoru's military level is one era ahead of the earth."

"It's hard to imagine that there are actually weapons even more terrifying than fission bombs in the world."

"The global military landscape has changed. Once Fang Xiaoru sends the black hole bomb to the East, the East will become the world's most powerful military power!"

"It's terrible, will the capital of the will really disappear after the sun goes down?"

"It is said that Dongfang, now the capital of Will, has all been evacuated with the help of the Oriental Embassy in Will.

In addition, a large number of natives in the capital of Will began to run outside the city.

It's just that the roads out of the city have all been blocked.Countless people of will are crying and robbing the world."

"Following the flower agency dropped two rockets at the bank, will there finally be another mass destruction retaliation?"

"Fang Xiaoru's behavior will definitely be tried by the International Military Tribunal and will definitely be sanctioned by the United Nations!"

Compared with the hot discussion on the Internet, it has exploded in reality.

In the capital of Will, countless people want to get out of the city but can't get out, and are blocked on the streets.

Too many people wanted to flee, which caused the most serious traffic jam in history.

At this time, institutions and public security have lost any role, and the people will not listen to them.

So far, those who have remained in the capital of the will have all fallen into endless panic.

They want to go out, but they can hardly fly.

I wanted to leave the air, but found that the air tickets had already been sold out.

Later, people who were desperate for survival and wanted to leave began to have conflicts with airlines.

Many planes were maliciously damaged and the three airports in the capital were paralyzed.

The ground transportation is even more unbearable.

One car after another was jammed on the main road.

The noisy horn sounded one after another.

Countless people are in the panic of the doomsday, or have completely lost the opportunity to get out of the city, and begin to flood the streets and start various criminal activities.

The highest crime is rape.

In these two days, one rape incident occurred in an average of one minute.

The homicide incident is also high, second only to the rape incident.

In the face of the doomsday, everyone revealed the most evil in their hearts.

They completely released the most primitive desire and wildness in their hearts!

Suddenly, the entire capital of the will has completely become a capital of crime.

Chief House.

A group of high-level wills gathered in the square of the chief mansion.

Their faces are full of eagerness and anxiety, and they don't seem to want to stay where they are for a moment.

Chief Will, looking up to the sun to the west.

There, a beautiful sunset glow appeared.

The original sunset glow is pleasing to the eye.

But at this moment, it was like a reminder.

The twilight hour has arrived, and when the sun has completely fallen, it is the time when the capital of the will is destroyed.

"Your Excellency, in half an hour at most, the sun will go down completely. If we don't leave now, it will be too late!"

"Yeah, chief, at this time, we can only protect ourselves. If even us die here, then the will is really over!"

"Your Excellency, please board the plane!"

"Chief please board the plane!"

The senior officials of the organization surrounding the chief all eagerly persuaded him to let him board the plane as soon as possible and leave the capital that was about to become ruin.

The chief looked at the sunset on the horizon, sighed deeply, his eyes were filled with endless regret, and his face was full of decadence.

"This matter is all my responsibility. If I had not approved the launch of the rocket, it would not have caused Fang Xiaoru's revenge.

Our capital is doomed to be destroyed.Even the top of our institutions must be forced to transfer."

As he said, his eyes became fierce, and he said bitterly: "Such a deep hatred, I have to repay! From then on, Fang Xiaoru will be the eternal enemy of our will!"

After that, he turned and walked to a helicopter.

The square of the Chief’s Mansion is full of helicopters, which are responsible for safely sending the senior officials of these institutions away from the capital of Will.

Seeing this, the other high-level officials burst into joy and immediately boarded the plane.

After a while, a helicopter took off.

When these helicopters carrying high-level wills left the capital, the sun just completely went down.

At the moment the night came, a black hole bomb flew out of the Baltic Sea.