The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 625: Annihilation of a city, the world trembles

Between the sky and the earth, it was pitch black.

The whole world, there is only endless darkness.

When the black hole bomb exploded in the capital of will, a huge black hole was instantly formed.

The black hole swallows everything, everything, including light, is swallowed.

The entire capital of will, as if plunged into eternal darkness.

Such a scene has always happened only in the depths of the cold and lonely universe, but at this time, it happened on the earth.

After a dazzling light flickered on the satellite monitoring screens of various countries, it became pitch black.

They will not think that this is a malfunction of the satellite.

The moment the black hole bomb erupted, the huge artificial black hole swallowed everything.

Therefore, only endless darkness can be seen on the monitoring screen.

The huge capital of will disappeared completely in just an instant.

Whether it was buildings, plants, animals, or people, all disappeared.

The terrible black hole swallowed everything in the world.

Everything is annihilated in the endless darkness.

The creatures in the capital of the will, even before they let out a miserable cry, were swallowed by endless darkness.

But this may be another kind of luck for them.

At least they died in an instant, without any pain.

The man-made black hole enveloped the entire capital of the will.

The huge black hole appeared on the map of will like the falling sky.

All over the world, the major institutions or organizations that pay close attention to the state of will have all fallen into deep silence.

Everyone was dumbfounded, with panic in their eyes.

This is a terrible phenomenon that makes people tremble.

No one can remain calm under such a scene. They all felt the icy cold all over, shuddered and stiffened in their hands and feet, and they lost the strength to move their fingers.

The capital of the flower agency, the site of the G30 summit.

Many of the leaders of the institutions attending the meeting opened their eyes wide, looking at the scene in front of them with horror.

I don't know how long it took until they heard the automatic timekeeping of the clock, and they never recovered.

Except for the Chief Will who has already left the meeting, the 29 heads of institutions on the scene all showed shock.

"Horrible, terrible!"

"This kind of bomb capable of creating a black hole destroyed the capital of Will so easily!"

"The rocket is dwarfed by the black hole bomb."

"This kind of weapon is terrible. No organization in the world can deal with it. If Fang Xiaoru becomes frantic, it will be a disaster for the world!"

The leaders of these institutions have both fears about black hole bombs and fears and fears about them.

Being completely crushed in the military by a businessman made their mood very complicated.

Of course, more people have hot eyes.

Especially if there is no institution for research and development of rockets, I can't wait to buy black hole bombs from Fang Xiaoru right away.

The heads of these institutions have different moods.

However, they are one thing the same.

That is the envy, jealousy and hatred of Chairman Dongfang!

After experiencing the initial panic and fear, the twenty-nine organization leaders on the scene, including Hua Organization and Su Guo, all looked at Chairman Dongfang with extremely envy.

Because the weapon that made them feel uneasy and trembling was developed by the Easterners.

Everyone knows that from this moment on, the position of the East in the world will be completely different.

At least before possessing a black hole bomb, no institution dared to provoke the East unscrupulously.

Due to Fang Xiaoru’s terrifying military power, the East will replace the flower organization in the international arena.

Feeling the envy, jealousy and hatred cast by the leaders of the surrounding countries, the Eastern Chairman enjoyed it very much.

There was a smile between his brows and eyes.

Because the black hole bomb that surpassed the rockets, scared the world leader, panicked, and frightened, will soon appear in the arsenal of the East.

Amid the exclamation of everyone, the chief of the Hua Organization spoke: "Fang Xiaoru has weapons that surpassed this era and destroyed the capital of will just now.

Obviously, he is already the biggest instability factor in the world.Next, we should discuss how to contain or sanction him."

If the chief of the flower agency had spoken before, other agencies would respond soon.

But now it is different, because the object he wants to sanction is Fang Xiaoru.

The leaders of all the institutions present turned their eyes around the chief of the Flower Organization and placed them on the Eastern Chairman.

This attitude seems to have highlighted the change in the status of the East in the world.

And just as they discussed how to deal with Fang Xiaoru, the annihilation of the capital of Will by an artificial black hole spread all over the world.

For a while, the whole world trembled, and people were in an uproar.