The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 628: Appeared in the eyes of everyone

At this time, the tsunami in Sealand has passed, and all that is left is the earthquake caused by the tsunami.

The tsunami and the earthquake caused many casualties in less than a day.

As for the loss of property, it is countless.

The locals were anxious and the foreign tourists were extremely anxious, and they wished to leave Sealand immediately.

But due to such a huge tsunami, most of the ships in the port were overturned.

And before it is uncertain whether there will be a second tsunami, even a ship that is intact will not dare to go to sea at this time.

The ship lost its function, and the only hope left was the airplane.

However, due to the earthquake, the airport was almost paralyzed.

Even if there are still some flights that can operate normally, the passengers that can be taken away are extremely limited.

Under such circumstances, the uneasiness in the hearts of foreign tourists is getting stronger and stronger.

They contacted the embassy of their institution and asked the embassy for help.

But the result was nothing, and did not play any role.

All the foreign tourists are caught in endless hesitation.

They hid nervously, for fear of dying under the earthquake.

West Coast of Zealand.

At this point, it has been eighteen hours since the tsunami.

The towns on the west coast have long been destroyed by the tsunami.

The scene was chaotic and messy, and crying could be heard everywhere.

In order to avoid the strong earthquake after the tsunami, many people ran to the empty beach.

As to whether there will be another tsunami on the sea and submerge them all, it is no longer under consideration.

If you don't hide in an open place, you may die under an earthquake at any time.

The West Coast is dominated by the hotel industry.

So there are very few locals here, and most of them are foreign tourists.

At this time, most of the foreign tourists gathered on the shore, looking with envy and jealousy as the Huayuan tourists boarded the Huayuan warship.

It turned out that a Huajian warship that was patrolling the ocean was urgently sent to Zealand to pick up the Huajian citizens trapped here.

Foreign tourists, when they saw the arrival of the flower organization warship, were full of joy, hoping to be able to leave on the flower organization warship like tourists from the flower organization.

But their request was ruthlessly rejected,

The Flower Agency warship refused to carry any non-flower agency tourists and sent a team of soldiers to guard the entrance to prevent tourists from other countries from entering it.

Seeing the tourists from the flower agency happily boarding the warship, the envy of the tourists from other agencies can no longer be described in words.

Due to the gaze of the Flower Organization Navy guarding the entrance, they can only hide on the beach in a hesitation and fear, gather with their families, and wait anxiously for an unknown fate.


Suddenly, waves of huge waves came from afar.

The waves were loud as thunder, coming from the depths of the Tasman Sea.

At this moment, everyone who was hiding from the strong earthquake on the beach, heard the sound of the huge waves, their faces paled in shock.

One by one they raised their heads, looking up to the sea with horror.

I saw huge waves rolling layer after layer on the sea.

Everyone's hearts suddenly sank.The body shuddered involuntarily.

"The sea... the tsunami is coming!"

"How come tsunamis are coming one after another!"

"God! Doesn't this give us a way to survive!"

"There was a tsunami before and an earthquake after. Are we destined to die here?"

"The tsunami is coming, everyone, run away!"

The faces of the people on the beach changed.

The situation of the people at the scene is different, and it can be described as a variety of sentient beings.

"Look, everyone, it's not a tsunami! There is a ship, it's a big ship!"

Suddenly, a voice with surprise came from the chaotic crowd.

It turned out that a sharp-eyed person saw a shining steel giant from a distance, slowly emerging from the sea level.

When everyone heard this, they turned their heads to look around.

With this look, they immediately saw a picture that will make them unforgettable for a lifetime.

On the sea level, a huge and terrifying steel behemoth came slowly from the sea level.

This magnificent and awesome steel behemoth is the world warship!

It is now in the limelight!