The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 630 If I were an Oriental, that would be great

"Fang Xiaoru! It's Fang Xiaoru!"

When Fang Xiaoru stood on the deck, the oriental tourists on the beach immediately cheered.

They all smiled and jumped happily on the spot.

Since yesterday, a huge tsunami has occurred in Sealand, which has led to a severe earthquake.

In the midst of a disaster, their hearts are both fearful and anxious.

Especially since I mistakenly thought that the tsunami was coming again, and the Hua Organization warship refused to board them.

That kind of despair suddenly overwhelmed their minds and bodies.

But at this moment, Fang Xiaoru and his cosmopolitan warship, the God Soldier, descended from the sky, appearing in front of them like a savior.

This made them cry with joy, and they were all excited.

On the deck, a white boarding staircase descended and went straight to the shore.

Then ten heavily armed men stepped off the warship.

They were holding rifles in their hands, standing on both sides of the boarding stairs.

Compared with the guards of the Flower Agency cruiser beside them, there was a very obvious gap in appearance and momentum.

Everyone on the beach looked at these ten heavily armed men with complex expressions.

They wanted to escape from the disaster on the world warship, but they were afraid of being ruthlessly rejected.

Just like the cruiser guards of the Flower Agency, they directly killed those who tried to forcibly board the ship.

"Hello everyone, this is Fang Xiaoru."

But at this moment, a huge voice, through the broadcast, reached the ears of everyone present.

Fang Xiaoru stood on the deck, holding a small microphone that could transmit the sound far away, and said:

"At the request of the Ministry of National Defense, I came here on purpose to bring all my compatriots back home safely.

Don't be afraid, everyone, pack your things and get on the boat."

When he speaks, he speaks Oriental.

People from other organizations can't understand it, but Orientals can understand it clearly.

When they heard that Fang Xiaoru had come to meet them, they jumped up in excitement.

"Great! We are saved!"

"I can finally escape from this disaster area, everyone hurry up."

"The World Warship, Fang Xiaoru came to rescue us."

The oriental people at the scene, after a burst of cheers, took their companions and relatives, eagerly walking towards the stairs where the battleship descended.

The people who left other institutions in the same place looked at each other.

Although they could not understand what Fang Xiaoru had said before, they could see everything from the actions of these Orientals.

They looked enviously at the Easterners who called their friends and ran to the world warship.

At this moment, the emotions in everyone's hearts are very complicated.

Countless people are complaining about why the warship of their own organization did not come to rescue.

Especially for people in developed western institutions, the complex emotions are even worse.

When facing the East, facing Asia, and facing the East, they are born with a superior mentality.

I think that the East is a backward and poor place. Although it is not expressed deliberately, there is a kind of contempt revealed from the bones.

As long as the East is mentioned, they will subconsciously have a superior mentality.

This kind of psychology, although improved after the World Group dominates the world, still exists.

At this moment, people from developed Western institutions can only watch the Easterners happily running towards the warship of the universe.

I and others can only face the unknown fate in situ.

This huge gap makes them feel uncomfortable.

At the same time, they complained about their organization, and their envy and jealousy towards the Orientals on the scene reached the extreme.

Many people even have this idea in their hearts: If I were an Oriental, that would be great.

In the Tasman Sea, the warship of the universe stands like a steel fortress.

The Orientals who took refuge on the beach, one by one, walked up the boarding stairs to the wide deck.

Beside, the Flower Agency cruiser did not dare to act rashly.

Although the tourists from the Flower Agency who just boarded the ship were urging, the navy on the cruiser did not dare to set sail.

For fear that they might provoke Fang Xiaoru, the cruiser stayed quietly, not daring to start it rashly.

Soon, the twenty or so Orientals who had taken refuge on the beach had all boarded the world warship.

On the beach, passengers from other countries looked at the warships around the world eagerly.

They want to board the ship, but they don't have the courage.

Especially after the flower agency navy killed several passengers who wanted to forcibly board their cruisers.

Compared with the Hua Organization Navy, Fang Xiaoru's image in the eyes of the world is even more vicious.

A black hole bomb thoroughly let people all over the world know his methods and brutality.

Therefore, even if they have a strong desire to survive, they still dare not act rashly.

When all the twenty or so Orientals on the beach arrived on the deck, Fang Xiaoru immediately ordered his subordinates to contact the Oriental Embassy in Zealand and ask them to arrange for the Orientals to come here.