The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 636 Global Hot Discussion

Less than five hours after the World Warship left Sealand, a tsunami larger than before hit Sealand again.

The towns near the coast of Zealand have only suffered a devastating blow.

The resulting property losses are no longer counted, and casualties are also increasing.

Especially on Tasman Beach, Fang Xiaoru refused to rescue the tourists, tourists from southern countries, tourists from Tianzhu Kingdom, tourists from the will, and those who stay alone, all were buried in the tsunami.

Tsunamis are terrifying, and such successive tsunamis are even more terrifying to make people tremble.

The deaths of countless locals and tourists have caused global reports.

It became the hot news second only to Fang Xiaoru’s destruction of the capital of Will.

Various headlines appeared in the news section one after another.

"Shocked! In just 24 hours, Sealand ushered in three tsunamis!"

"Let us pray in silence for those who died in the disaster!"

"The latest report, the world warship appeared in the Tasman Sea!"

"The appearance of the Huanyu warship has caused panic among the entire AO organization."

"The thieves are still the savior? Fang Xiaoru, who just destroyed the capital of Will, appeared in Sealand and rescued thousands of tourists trapped in the disaster area."

"In front of life, everyone is equal. But Fang Xiaoru divides people into three, six or nine. He did rescue the tourists trapped in the disaster area.

However, the fate of tourists, tourists from the South, Tianzhu Kingdom, will tourists, and a small number of people in the Bay are ignored.

He cruelly refused these people to board the ship, causing them to die in the third tsunami.It can be said that these people died indirectly at the hands of Fang Xiaoru!"

The voice of the media is constantly changing.

Fang Xiaoru’s appearance in Sealand to rescue stranded tourists was also known to the world. For a while, Fang Xiaoru once again became a hot topic in the world.

And his refusal to rescue tourists from several countries is even more condemned by countless people.

"Everyone is born equal, why doesn't Fang Xiaoru save these people alone?"

"I really don't know how to evaluate Fang Xiaoru, saying that he is a thief, but he saved thousands of tourists trapped in Sealand."

"I can't figure it out, but I really can't figure out why Fang Xiaoru did this.

If he rescued all people, wouldn't he be able to all his reputation?"

Westerners are puzzled by Xiaoru's behavior, and many people are accusing him of not treating him differently.

But the Easterners applauded each other's Xiaoru behavior.

"Those idiots in the West are still blaming Fang Xiaoru, and I will be fine. If there is no Fang Xiaoru, those thousands of tourists will end up just like the little dwarf and the southerner Tianzhu."

This matter continued to ferment, and after another two hours, two news that shocked the world came out again.

The first news is about the reason why Fang Xiaoru used black hole bombs to destroy the capital of Will.

"Oh Mika! A black hole bomb even scarier than a rocket bomb!"

"God, is this world crazy?"

"Will take the lead in using rocket bombs before Fang Xiaoru counterattacked. It turned out to be the case."

"If it hadn't been for Fang Xiaoru to have even more terrifying weapons, I am afraid the entire world warship would have been turned into powder."

"No wonder he would destroy the capital of Will with a black hole bomb in a fit of anger."

"The will is really hidden too deeply. It actually made rockets secretly without telling the world. If it wasn't for this matter, we would all be kept in the dark.

On the contrary, the will to secretly develop rockets once again put it on the cusp of public opinion.