The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 637: The Light of the East, the Glory to the Country

As a Geely country CNN reporter reported on the ins and outs of Fang Xiaoru's destruction of the capital of Will, the attitude of Fang Xiaoru has changed a little.

Although they were still shuddering because of Xiaoru's decisive and fierce methods in their hearts.

After all, in a rage, destroying a country's capital, this kind of thing is not something ordinary people can do.

But they did not accuse Fang Xiaoru as before, thinking that he was a frenzied terrorist.

Suddenly, the will went from a sympathetic country to a questioned country.

The second big news also became the hot spot of the day.

This news is about the Citi Cruiser in New Zealand.

The Citi Cruiser only accepts tourists from its own country and refuses tourists from any other country.

Moreover, any tourists who dared to trespass were all shot by them.

A video, reposted and commented crazy on the Internet.

In the video, an overwhelming tsunami swept across the beach with a violent atmosphere.

The feeling of depression that the dark clouds oppress the city can be felt through the video.

Many tourists on the beach rushed to the Citi cruiser to seek protection, but were mercilessly slaughtered.

All the tourists who wished to approach the Citi Cruiser were all killed by the Citi Navy.

This bloody video shocked countless people in the West from ear to ear.

No one thought that Citi, which has always demonstrated freedom, would actually do such a frenzied thing.

Angry emotions brewed in their hearts and then broke out.

A storm of public opinion against Citigroup formed in an instant.

"Devil! All of them are demons!"

"Did not die under the tsunami, but died under the muzzle of the Citi Navy!"

"SHIT! How can these shit-like things do such a thing!"

"Fang Xiaoru is saving people, but Citi Navy is killing people!"

"Citi, which has always promoted democracy and human rights, treats people in other countries like this?"

"Deserves this Citi cruiser was finally overturned by the tsunami! Deserves them all died under the tsunami! People who don't have this way are not worthy of life!"

"Forgive me for blaming Fang Xiaoru for not rescuing hundreds of tourists from Fusang and Nanguo.

Compared with these Citi navies who should go to hell, Fang Xiaoru's is simply the savior sent to New Zealand by heaven."

After watching this video, countless people began to frantically question and abuse Citigroup online.

Under such pressure from public opinion, Citigroup was pushed to the forefront.

WHITEHOUSE held an emergency meeting on this matter.

If this matter is not handled properly, Citi's image will be greatly affected.

Above the vast East China Sea, a huge aircraft carrier rushed along the waves.

After a period of voyage, the oneworld aircraft carrier finally entered the eastern territorial waters.

At the East East China Sea Naval Base, the commander of the navy said to a man in his fifties who was strong and gentle:

"BOSS, the Huanyu aircraft carrier has entered the East China Sea. It will arrive here in about an hour."

It turns out that the strong, bookish man is the No. 1 leader of the East!

Hearing this, a smile appeared on his face, put down the tea cup in his hand, and said:

"I'm finally going to see Fang Xiaoru? During this period of time, I've been stunned by his name."

The navy commander laughed and said, "Boss, this Fang Xiaoru is really a talent. Thanks to him being an Oriental. If he is a Citizen or Fusang, that would be our nightmare."

After listening to the commander of the navy, the BOSS nodded with approval and sighed: "Yes, if he is from another country, it will really become our nightmare.

Whether it is the Mark armor or the world fighter, it is an invincible presence on the battlefield.

What's more, he can independently develop black hole bombs that are even more terrifying than nuclear weapons!"

The navy commander said again: "This is also the reason BOSS came here to meet him in person."

The BOSS nodded slightly, got up and said: "Sitting here is also tired, let's go, let's go to the port and wait for Fang Xiaoru's arrival."

"Yes, BOSS."

The commander of the East China Sea Navy led the way and walked towards the port under the escort of a group of soldiers.

The port they referred to was the port leading to the East China Sea Naval Base.

On weekdays, there are only ports infested by navy officers, but they are surrounded by ordinary people.

These people are relatives of tourists who are trapped in New Zealand.

Relatives traveled in New Zealand, but they encountered a tsunami and an earthquake, which made their hearts hang over the past few days.

At this moment, they were looking at the boundless East China Sea with anxious but full of worry.

I was afraid that my relatives would not be on the world aircraft carrier and would die in that disaster.

Not long after, suddenly someone shouted:

"Come, here! Is that the world aircraft carrier? It's really huge!"