The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 640: If the universe is strong, the East is strong

The three people talked for two hours on the Huanyu aircraft carrier, and then walked down the boarding stairs with smiles on their faces.

During the two-hour conversation, the BOSS promised Fang Xiaoru a series of benefits.

He also promised that two aerospace academicians from the National Space Administration would go to the Huanyu Military Factory to help and be responsible for the development process of the aerospace carrier.

When stepping off the aircraft carrier, BOSS Tang Qingshan said: "Xiaoru, because you donated a black hole bomb to the country, you have made an outstanding contribution to the country.

So the Central Committee decided to grant you the rank of general.The award ceremony was held in front of the representatives of the whole team just three days later."

The commander of the East China Sea Navy looked at Fang Xiaoru with envy.

The rank of general, how many generals are there in the country?

There is not even a major general at Fang Xiaoru's age!

But at the age of twenty, he became the admiral of the East and won the honor of the highest rank.

Fang Xiaoru nodded faintly, "If the universe is strong, the East is strong. The East is my motherland. It is my duty to make the motherland stronger."

"Good! If a world is strong, the East is strong!"

When BOSS Tang Qingshan heard these words, his eyes lit up and he clapped his hands fiercely.

Excitedly said: "If the universe is strong, Dongfang is strong. Don't worry, Xiaoru, I can promise you.

In all future actions of the East, the country will try its best to give you the green light so that you can develop and expand smoothly!"

Several people talked and laughed all the way, and soon walked to the shore.

"Mr Fang, Mr. Fang is down!"

"Quickly, let's go and thank Mr. Fang."

"Boss, soup boss is here too!"

Fang Xiaoru and the BOSS came at once and immediately attracted the attention of the masses of people on the side.

Those people are tourists who travel to New Zealand and their families who come here to pick them up.

After the round with their families, they were reluctant to leave, and insisted on waiting for Fang Xiaoru to come over and thank him face to face.

But the national boss was there, so they were stopped by the East China Sea Navy.

Fang Xiaoru said to the boss: "Boss, Commander, you go first, I'll go there."

The BOSS and the East China Sea Naval Commander nodded slightly, and led by a group of guards, and left first.

When Fang Xiaoru walked in front of the crowd, the families of those travelers cheered immediately.

"President Fang, thank you for saving my child from New Zealand."

"Mr. Fang, when I saw from the news that there was a large-scale tsunami and earthquake in New Zealand, my soul really fell out.

Thank you so much, I really don't know what to say."

"Thank you, Mr. Fang, if it were not for you, my daughter was trapped in New Zealand, but I really don't know what will happen."

All the family members are grateful for their filial piety.

Due to the excitement of everyone, the scene was also in chaos.

Fang Xiaoru raised his hand and said loudly, "Everyone, quiet down, listen to me."

Hearing Fang Xiaoru's voice, the crowd came quickly and quietly, looking at Fang Xiaoru with wide eyes.

Fang Xiaoru looked at everyone and said, "I have received everyone's wishes.

The weather is so cold now, you still don't block here, go home separately."

"Since Mr. Fang has spoken, we shouldn't be around here and cause trouble to the navy officers.

However, before leaving, do we want the other husband to bow to express our gratitude?"

Soon after Fang Xiaoru's voice fell, a middle-aged man in his forties stood up and said loudly.

His words were immediately echoed by everyone.

"Yes, Mr. Fang is rich in the world. We have nothing to do with it, we can only bow to show our gratitude."

The family members and passengers at the scene totaled nearly five thousand people.

These people stood up one by one, and then respectfully bowed to Fang Xiaoru.

Bend down a full ninety degrees!

More than five thousand people bowed to one person sincerely. Although they were not very neat because they had not undergone proper training, the sense of picture, the impact and shock it brought to people was still fierce.

When the East China Sea Navy saw this scene, there was a burst of heat in his eyes.

Fang Xiaoru's image in their hearts has once again improved.

Faced with the sincere bow of these five thousand people, Fang Xiaoru did not avoid it.

He rescued so many people on the scene from the disaster area, and he took the ceremony.

After everyone bowed, he said, "Okay, it's windy outside and the weather is cold. Everyone has gone back."

The five thousand people were very obedient, and no longer surrounded here, under the leadership of the East China Sea Navy, they lined up and left in an orderly manner.

While they were leaving, they were still discussing Fang Xiaoru's favor.

They all expressed that they will support Fang Xiaoru more and the Universe Group in the future.

East China Sea Naval Base, Commander's Office.

Looking at Fang Xiaoru who opened the door and came in, Oriental BOSS Tang Qingshan laughed and said:

"Our hero is back, now take a good rest, and then we will prepare for your admiral award ceremony."

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