The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 643 to Chapter 642

In the dining room, the prince and concubine who was eating, heard the name Fang Xiaoru, turned around subconsciously and looked at the TV in the living room.

For Fang Xiaoru, the prince and concubine are both familiar and unfamiliar.

Say familiar, that's because she is Oona's best friend.

Through Oona, he had contact with Fang Xiaoru.But there is no in-depth understanding of each other.

She had never thought that Fang Xiaoru, who was not well-known in high school, would develop into this way in just three years.

This spring, a rich second generation pursued her, and she was troubled.

Finally, with the help of Fang Xiaoru, the rich second generation's desire to pursue it was dispelled.

Fang Xiaoru sold out all the villas around Fu Erdai and dug a swimming pool near his home so that he could only use it to go home.

At that time, she suddenly discovered that this classmate from the same school, the teenager who was fostered in a girlfriend's house, had already possessed unparalleled energy.

During this period of time, she has often followed news about Fang Xiaoru.

At this moment, hearing Fang Xiaoru's name came out in the news, she immediately turned her head to look at it.

When she saw the picture that appeared on TV, a huge impact suddenly came from the bottom of her heart.

Since the establishment of New Oriental, people have never enjoyed such a privilege.

"Unbelievable! To be greeted personally by so many leaders, such a great honor is enough to prove that the country's counterpart Xiaoru attaches importance to it."

The moment the military song sounded, the award ceremony began.

At this moment, everyone in front of the TV was stunned.

The youngest general in history is born!

At the prince concubine's house, the prince concubine's father clicked and the chopsticks in his hand fell to the floor.

"By the way, concubine, don't I remember that you know this Fang Xiaoru? He is in the same high school as you."

Suddenly, the prince and concubine's mother spoke.

Hearing this, the prince and concubine's father also quickly turned his head and looked at the prince and concubine.

Under the gaze of her parents, the prince and concubine nodded lightly and said: "Xiaoru was once fostered in Nana's house, and I and he are also friends."

"Concubine, you actually know Fang Xiaoru!"

When the prince concubine's father heard it, he was suddenly excited like something.

He looked at the prince and concubine with hope and said, "Concubine, can you invite Fang Xiaoru to have a meal at our house."

Although he is over half a hundred years old, the prince and concubine's father still has a star-catching heart that is no weaker than that of young people.

Of course, the stars he chased were not stars or the like.

It was someone like Fang Xiaoru who made him feel admired in all respects.

Feeling his father's hot and hopeful gaze, the prince and concubine replied in a ghostly manner: "Then... I will try to invite it, but I don't guarantee that he will agree."

Seeing that the prince and concubine had agreed, the prince and concubine's father laughed and looked at the prince and concubine with a smile, and said:

"With my daughter's appearance, unless Fang Xiaoru is an iron man, how could she not agree."

In order to meet Fang Xiaoru, the prince and concubine's father was also unrelenting once, and said something that would never be said in ordinary days.

While they were talking, there was a topic on the Internet about Fang Xiaoru being awarded the rank of general, which was frantically discussed by countless netizens.

Everyone who read today's news was dumbfounded and dumbfounded.

An hour later, Fang Xiaoru's private plane landed in Modu.

On Zhongshan Street in the magic city, Fang Xiaoru drove a super cool Extreme Universal Supercar on the road.

"Jingle Bell"

While Fang Xiaoru was waiting for the traffic lights, a pleasant telephone ringing rang.


He said two words softly, and the call was immediately connected.

"Hello, Xiaoru? I'm the prince and concubine."

On the other end of the phone came the ethereal voice of the prince and concubine.

Fang Xiaoru smiled while waiting for the red light and replied: "It's my concubine, it's been a long time since I saw you. What can you do with me?"

For the prince and concubine, his influence is pretty good.

Even before he obtained the Supreme God System and became awesome, he had all kinds of fantasies about the prince and concubine.

The feeling of the prince and concubine is similar to that of Gu Nianwei, but there are some differences.

If Gu Nianwei is the queen, then the prince and concubine are the royal sisters.

At the house of the prince and concubine while Fang Xiaoru was thinking wildly.Her father kept pushing her with his eyes, which meant that you said it quickly.

Under the pressure of my father's eyes, the prince and concubine finally gathered up the courage to say after several psychological games:

"Well, you helped me settle a big trouble last time. I want to invite you to have a meal at home as a thank you. Look..."

After speaking, her delicate and beautiful face immediately showed two blushes, which looked extremely attractive.

What happened a few months ago, but now she is only inviting thanks. This reason she herself feels very embarrassing and inappropriate.

But there is no way, because she can't think of other good reasons.