The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 647: I really envy you, I actually talked to Fang Xiaoru

After chatting with Ou Zhengfei for a few hours, and then news upstairs for a while, the time had come to the evening.

Fang Xiaoru freshened up for a while, and then went downstairs, ready to go to the prince's house.

"Xiaoru, you wake up, dinner is about to be ready soon, you sit down for a while."

Qi Hong, who was busy in the kitchen, leaned out and said when he heard Fang Xiaoru coming downstairs.

Compared with her current counterpart Xiaoru's attitude three years ago, it is a world.

Three years ago, Xiaoru was displeased in every way, for fear that Ou Zhengfei would really betroth Oona to him.

But now I can't wait for him to do shameful things with Oona right away and get together early.

This kind of attitude is shameless, but most people in the world are like this.

"No, auntie. Nana's good friend Prince and Concubine, invited me to her house for dinner."

Fang Xiaoru said as he picked up the coat in the living room.

He walked to Ou Zhengfei who was sitting on the sofa and reading the newspaper, and said, "Uncle, let's eat with Auntie, I will be back later."

Ou Zhengfei put down the newspaper and nodded gently, "I also know the child of the concubine. Since she invited you, don't be late, go ahead."

Fang Xiaoru smiled at him and Qi Hong, opened the door of the villa, and walked out.

Qi Hong held a shovel in his hand, listening to the sound of a car outside, slowly showing concern in his eyes.

She took off her apron, walked to Ou Zhengfei's side in three and two steps, and said with anxious and worried expression on her face:

"Zhengfei, you said that the prince and concubine suddenly invited Xiaoru to have dinner at her house. Will this... Will it..."

"what are you thinking."

Ou Zhengfei shook his head and said: "The concubine is Nana's best friend. Now Xiao Ru has returned to the Demon Capital. Isn't it normal for someone to ask Xiao Ru to have a meal."

Qi Hong's face was full of entanglement, "Although he said that, but I remember that there is no intersection between them.

The two will only meet when Nana is there.But in private, he can only be regarded as an ordinary friend. Since he is an ordinary friend, how can he invite him to dinner at home?

What's more, Xiaoru's status is now extraordinary. It is the fifth diamond king in the eyes of many girls and is regarded as the national husband by the majority of netizens.

I am now afraid that the prince and concubine would also think about Xiao Ru. You also know that her appearance, a standard big beauty, is not worse than ours Nana."

Qi Hong now has this worry in her heart. In her opinion, Oona has already had many competitors.

If you add a rival like a prince and concubine, that would be bad.

Ordinary women, she would not be so worried.

But the prince and concubine are not ordinary women. She was born in a musical family and was vaguely influenced by her childhood.

Piano, violin, erhu and other musical instruments are all proficient, and he has an artist's breath.

Ou Zhengfei didn't feel at all about Qi Hong's worry.

He glared at Qi Hong and said, "Women, they are all worried that these are useless."

But it is said that after Fang Xiaoru left Ou Zhengfei's villa, he drove the world's only super extreme supercar to the home of the prince and concubine.

When his car drove to the door of the villas where the prince and concubine's house was located, one of the guards on duty saw the car, his eyes suddenly stared, and asked an older companion next to him:

"Lao Zhang, what kind of car is this, why is it so cool?"

The guard named Lao Zhang was playing with King Glory with his head down at this time. He heard the sound and looked up.

At this look, he immediately frightened him.

He stood up abruptly, the phone in his hand dropped to the ground and he didn't feel it, and said with a horrified face:

"This...this...this, this is the car of Fang Xiaoru, the boss of the Universe Group! The only one in the world!"

"What! Fang Xiaoru's car!"

The young doorman was also shocked when he heard this.

Who is Fang Xiaoru? He is the world's richest man, who has just been promoted to Mr. Fang!

Although many people live in this villa, compared with Fang Xiaoru, those people are nothing.

"What are you doing? Don't hurry up the railing."

At the door called Lao Zhang, seeing Fang Xiaoru's car had reached the door, he quickly yelled at his companion.

"Oh oh, I will drive now."

Upon hearing this, the young companion hurriedly raised the railing at the door.

The car drove over and stopped next to the guard duty room, then the glass window slowly fell, revealing a handsome sunny face.

He smiled and said to the two guards on duty: "Excuse me, how can I get to Villa 17?"

It was indeed Fang Xiaoru who appeared in the car when the two guards drove, and the whole person instantly became excited and excited.

The young doorman couldn't even speak with his excited face.

Still, Lao Zhang pointed in one direction and said in a trembled voice: "Go over there, that's the sixth house."


The next moment, the super extreme version of the world supercar, drove in the direction Lao Zhang said.

Only two guards who were too excited to extricate themselves were left in place.

The young guard grabbed Lao Zhang's hand and shook it excitedly, "Lao Zhang, I...I'm not dreaming, am I? I actually saw Fang Xiaoru with my own eyes!"

Lao Zhang grinned to his ears. He looked at the supercar in the distance with a smirk and said:

"What are you, I even said a word to him."

The young doorman was immediately dumbfounded, and his original excitement immediately turned into envy.

"Fuck! Why am I so stupid? I didn't say a word. You can brag to others when you go back, saying that you have spoken to Fang Xiaoru. I'm really envious."

Lao Zhang patted the young doorman on the shoulder, "You are still too tender, follow me to learn more.

But don't be too sad, Fang Xiaoru will definitely go out after a while, you won't have the opportunity to talk to him then."

The young guard heard this, slapped his thigh suddenly, and said excitedly:

"Yes, I still have another chance!"