The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 649: Dada Square

"Mr. Fang, I am very happy that you can come to my house for dinner. You don't know, you are my idol."

After Fang Xiaoru took the teacup and sat down, Wang Peng, the prince and concubine's father, said excitedly.

He is not like an artist over half a hundred years old, but like a fanboy who chasing stars.

Facing such enthusiastic Wang Peng, Fang Xiaoru shook his head and said:

"I am friends with my concubine, you don't have to be so polite."

The prince and concubine also felt a little embarrassed by her father's enthusiastic attitude, and sat opposite Fang Xiaoru very cautiously.

In this atmosphere, Wang Peng kept talking to Fang Xiaoru.

After talking for a while, he noticed the daughter beside him, and then he suddenly remembered something.

He patted his head and said: "By the way, I'll go to the kitchen to see if dinner is done. Mr. Fang, you and concubine will have a chat."

With that, he ran to the kitchen.

"Your father can really talk."

Looking at Wang Peng's back, Fang Xiaoru shook his head and said to the princess.

The prince and concubine smiled awkwardly, and said: "He sees the people he admires, and he doesn't care about anything."

Fang Xiaoru nodded slightly, and said, "By the way, the boy wasn't pestering you last time, right?"

As for the boy Fang Xiaoru said, the prince and concubine naturally knew who it was.

Thinking of what happened to the boy, she couldn't help but chuckle: "No, since you made his neighborhood a swimming pool, he never dared to pester me anymore."

Beautiful women will undoubtedly be more beautiful when they smile.

The smile of the prince and concubine added some beauty to her.

Especially the two shallow dimples on her cheeks, they look very nice and cute.

Fang Xiaoru, who has seen so many beautiful women, feels amazing.

Seeing Fang Xiaoru's eyes, the prince concubine immediately covered her mouth with her small hand, her face flushed and she was charming.


Fang Xiaoru coughed slightly and said, "That's good, who else dares to pester you in the future, just call me and I will help you solve it."

As soon as the voice fell, the prince and concubine immediately raised her head, with two big eyes open, "Really?"

"Of course." Fang Xiaoru was taken aback, and then asked with a face full of differences: "It's not really there, right?"

The prince nodded and replied: "Not long ago, the prince publicly stated that he would chase me. No matter how I refused, he persevered. As a result, I dare not go out recently."

"Prince Prince?"

Fang Xiaoru frowned, "What is the origin of this prince?"

"He is the only child of the richest man." The prince concubine said, suddenly realizing something, and quickly changed her words.

"No, now the richest man has become you."

Having said this, Fang Xiaoru understood who the prince was.

Before Fang Xiaoru's rise, the richest man in the East was the father of Prince Wang.

His father is very business-minded, and he is the largest real estate company in the East, and his name Dada has opened to major cities across the country.

It even slogans like "Dada Square, the center of the city".

Although Wang's richest man has business acumen, his son Wang Gongzi is a full playboy.

The girlfriends next to him can be said to change one in a month, and they are all pretty.

It's just that his former girlfriends are mostly Internet celebrities.

But this time, he fell in love with the prince and concubine.

In the past half month, he has launched a crazy pursuit of the prince and concubine.

If you put it in the past, under his pursuit, those girls have already fallen.

But the prince and concubine were different, and they didn't even give him a chance to meet.

And the more this happened, the more the prince's desire to conquer was aroused, and the higher the frequency of scratching the prince and concubine, which made the prince and concubine very troubled recently.

Now Fang Xiaoru just asked, she brought up the matter.

"It turned out to be the son of the richest man Wang."

Fang Xiaoru said casually, "Don't worry, after today, he won't dare to pester you anymore."

With that, he took a sip of tea and looked at the prince and concubine.

"My friend Fang Xiaoru, if he doesn't like it, no one can force it."

Hearing Fang Xiaoru's domineering and self-defeating words, the prince and concubine felt a little sweet in her heart.

A smile bloomed on her face and said, "Well, we are friends, so I won't say thank you."

The two of them crossed their eyes and looked at each other's eyes.

"Mr. Fang, supper is ready. Concubine, come and help break the meal."

But at this moment, Wang Peng's voice came over.

This voice awakened both the princess and Fang Xiaoru.

"Okay, here I am."

The prince and concubine agreed, and quickly sat up, went to the kitchen, and went to help serve the dishes.

Her heart beat violently for no reason.

When all the food was served on the table, the prince and concubine's mother Li Feng looked at Fang Xiaoru with a smile, and said:

"Mr. Fang, they are all home cooking, I hope you can get used to it."

She was worried that wealthy people like Fang Xiaoru would not be used to food that ordinary people eat.