The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 650: How can that little crouch compare to me?

At dinner time, both Li Feng and Wang Peng were very enthusiastic.

A dinner came to an end in a happy atmosphere.

"Ding Dong!"

"Ding Dong!"

When the dinner was drawing to a close, a hurried doorbell rang outside the door.

"Who will it be this time?"

Wang Peng murmured to himself, his friends generally don't knock on doors at night.

"I'll open the door."

The prince and concubine stood up and walked to the door.

She twisted the handle, opened the door, and immediately a bunch of flowers appeared in her eyes.


A man who was about 1.7 meters tall and about 30 years old handed a bunch of bright roses to the prince and concubine.Said affectionately:

"Concubine, I came to see you. These are ninety-nine roses, for you, I hope you like them."

"Prince Prince!"

The prince and concubine frowned and turned around, avoiding the rose that the man handed over.

It turned out that the man in front of him was the prince she mentioned to Fang Xiaoru before!

As the heir to the Dada Group and the son of the former richest man in the East, Wang Fufu, he can be said to have the wind and the rain.

On weekdays, there are constant beauties around him, and countless people want to flatter him and hold his thighs.

There are also many green tea bitches who wish to kneel and lick him in order to get the upper hand.

Before Fang Xiaoru's rise, the title of the national husband belonged to him.

Seeing that the prince and concubine had rejected his sincerity again, the prince was also a little angry.

But as the heir of the Dada Group, although he left a bad impression on outsiders, the city still has a little bit.

He didn't show the anger on his face, but took the opportunity to insert the rose into the vase next to the hallway, resolved his embarrassment, and said:

"Unexpectedly, the concubine does not like roses, so I will give you other gifts next time."

"Concubine, who is here?"

Seeing that the prince and concubine hadn't let the guests in, Wang Peng couldn't help walking over.

Li Feng was left sitting there with Fang Xiaoru.

"Hello, uncle, see you again."

When Wang Gongzi saw Wang Peng approaching, he greeted him politely.

He has such a wealth and behaves so politely, if he changes to an ordinary woman, he will really be impressed by him.

But the prince and concubine are obviously not ordinary women, especially since she also knows Fang Xiaoru, the dream lover in the hearts of girls from all over the world.

Any man who wants to pursue her, as long as it is compared with Fang Xiaoru, looks very unbearable.

So even though the prince's conditions are good, he still can't get into the eyes of the prince and concubine.She was rejected one after another.

"Yo, the prince is here again."

When Wang Peng saw Prince Wang, he did not dare to neglect.

For the Prince's pursuit of his daughter, he held an attitude of support in his heart.

It's just that the daughter can't see each other, which makes him very anxious.

Only a few days ago did I know that his daughter actually knew Fang Xiaoru, coupled with the manner in which the prince and concubine faced Fang Xiaoru today, suddenly let him understand why the prince and concubine would reject the prince’s pursuit.

"Prince prince, you are here to find your concubine, I'm really sorry, today our house has a guest."

Wang Peng glanced at Fang Xiaoru sitting in the restaurant with a guilty conscience, and said to Prince Wang.

If it was normal, he would directly invite Prince Wang into the house, but today Fang Xiaoru was here, but he did not do so.

"Oh, it turns out that uncle's house has a visitor."

The prince was silent on the surface, but his eyes scanned inside.

He wanted to know what kind of guest it was that could make Wang Peng's attitude toward him change so drastically that he didn't even have the heart to invite himself in for a while.

What caught his eyes was a broad back, and also the back of a young man.

Suddenly, his face suddenly became gloomy.

Directly questioned Wang Peng: "Who is that person inside?"

Without waiting for Wang Peng to speak, the prince said directly: "Prince Prince, I have told you many times, I don't like you, don't pester me."

Hearing the prince and concubine's straightforward refusal, the prince and concubine's face was pale, his eyes were dark, and he said solemnly:

"You rejected me because that man?"

According to the character of the prince and concubine, she would never admit this in front of her parents and Fang Xiaoru, but somehow, she actually said in a ghostly manner:

"Yes, it is because of him."

Upon receiving such an answer, the prince trembles with anger, his eyes are filled with anger and anger, and he growls:

"That little crouch, what is it that can compare to me?"

As the heir of the Dada Group, he grew up living in the flattery of others.

Countless green tea bitches knelt and licked him, and now they learned that the reason for the prince's refusal was because of another man, how could this not make him angry.

"Which one compares to you?"

The prince and concubine looked at the prince and said contemptuously: "Nowhere is Xiaoru better than you."

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