The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 653: Come to apologize


Lao Liu was originally the kind of person who didn't change his face before Taishan collapsed, but when he heard that Prince Wang was about to deal with Fang Xiaoru, his face turned pale.

"No, Fang Xiaoru can't provoke him. He is the helm of the Universe Group. If you offend him, even our Dada Group will be finished in an instant."

To deal with Fang Xiaoru, he will kill him. Isn't this a leopard gall?

Even if he gave Lao Liu a hundred courage, he would not dare to help Prince Wang run this kind of leg.

If this is done, the whole family will definitely suffer.

Only people like Wang Gongzi who have lived in a favorable environment since childhood can live and die like this.

He takes his identity too seriously, thinking that his son, the richest man, is superior.

Therefore, after Fang Xiaoru was severely taught, he felt resentment, which led to such a bold idea now.

"Old Liu, I hired you to do something for you. You don't even listen to me, do you want to get out of here!"

Seeing Old Liu rejecting his resignation, the prince could not help yelling.

He even threatened Liu with work.

Old Liu's face was gloomy, and he was very dissatisfied when he was threatened by the prince.

The salary for this job is very high and he needs it very much.But compared with offending Fang Xiaoru, no matter how high the salary is, it is just a cloud.

He said faintly: "Prince prince, I will not agree to this matter anyway. I advise you, with Fang Xiaoru's power, even your father dare not speak loudly in front of him.

If you are dissatisfied with me, I will resign to your father."

With that, he turned around and left the ward.

"Asshole! Damn! Damn all!"

What Lao Liu showed was the fear of Xiaoru, and he even resigned and was unwilling to contact Moduhui to deal with Fang Xiaoru.

This attitude made the prince feel very angry.The tea cups beside the bed were all thrown to the ground angrily by him, splashing glass and water droplets.

In a short while, the ward became a mess under his vent.


After the prince vented, he lay on the bed weakly, breathing heavily.

"The husband got angry and blood splashed ten steps! Fang Xiaoru, you see me like an ant, humiliating me wantonly. I will let you know how terrible my prince is angry!"

He muttered to himself, his eyes were full of hatred, and his face became extremely hideous.

After a while, he took out his cell phone, and after hesitating, he called his father Wang Shoufu.

The phone rang for ten seconds before connecting.


What came from the phone was a low voice.

Just listening to the sound can't tell how old he is.

But it can be judged that this is a very calm person.

"Dad, it's me. I was beaten and my internal organs shifted. I'm in the hospital now."

The Prince's voice fell, and the other party was silent for about three seconds.Then he said:

"I always tell you to keep a low profile, or something will happen sooner or later. Let's talk about offending someone."

The prince was overjoyed when he heard the words.

Although Wang Shoufu didn't say anything clearly, he could still analyze from his words that he wanted to avenge himself.

He quickly said: "It's Fang Xiaoru, Fang Xiaoru of the Universe Group."

"Fang Xiaoru!"

The voice of the richest man Wang changed for the first time.

Even if he heard the internal organs of the prince being beaten, he did not make a fuss.

But when he heard the three words of Fang Xiaoru, he was shocked and his voice became sharp.

"Dad, he hurt me."

The prince was dumbfounded, and didn't understand why his father, who had always loved him, was scolded when he learned that he had been injured.

"If you hurt you, if you don't kill you, you will be considered dead!"

The richest man Wang hated iron and steel and yelled, "What is going on, you can tell me clearly."

Prince Wang felt wronged and said nothing.

Seeing that he didn't speak, the richest man Wang became anxious and roared: "Asshole, do you want to be our family? Don't give me an honest explanation!

Through the phone, Prince Wang could also feel the anger of the richest man Wang.

He trembled in his heart, not daring to disobey Wang's richest man's meaning, and told Wang's richest man what had happened.

At this time, the richest man in the capital, after listening to his son's narrative, he could not help but exhale heavily, and his tight body also relaxed.

He said with a look of gratitude: "It turns out that you didn't have a direct conflict with Fang Xiaoru, but pushed the woman's father.

That's great, so there is still room for recovery.You stay in the hospital right now, I will rush to Magic City by private jet.Then take you to Fang Xiaoru's house and come to apologize."