The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 658: The King of the World

However, the richest man Wang and his son left Ou Zhengfei's villa with anger.

As soon as Wang's richest man returned to his residence, he pointed angrily at the king's son.

He had been in the high digits for ten years, and his outrage immediately scared the prince trembling, and he dared not say a word.


Wang Shoufu hit the table with a fist, banging the table.

His face was so gloomy that he was about to drip.

The father and son put down their face and dignity to apologize, but they were treated like that.

Although Wang Shoufu didn't show anything at the time, he had already set off a monstrous anger in his heart.

But above this anger, there is deep fear and panic!

As the head of the Dada Group, he understands the history of the world group.

The Universe Group is a giant in various industries, and it has reached the supreme position in the financial world today.

Compared with World Group, Dada Group is too small.

"Dad, Fang Xiaoru doesn't know good or bad, we don't need to stick his cold ass with a hot face.

Don't be angry with your body, take a good rest."

On the side, Prince Wang summoned up his courage and said to the richest man Wang.

"What do you know!"

The richest man Wang turned his head, blinked like a sword, and stabbed the Prince coldly.

"It's all because I was too accommodating to you before, that made you so unconscious.

Fang Xiaoru is the most savvy businessman in the world, and he has his own purpose behind everything he does.

We put aside all our gestures and personally came to ask for forgiveness but he refused.

This shows that he has been eyeing our Dada Group, perhaps the real estate cake!"


Prince Wang was shocked when he heard this.

"Isn't the Universe Group playing technology? How could it be possible to set foot in the real estate industry?"

Wang Shoufu shook his head, as if he was disdainful of talking to the Prince. He looked at the night view of the magic city outside the window and muttered to himself:

"The rise of an economic empire will inevitably bring about a reshuffle of capital.

If the Universe Group wants to expand further, it will definitely target the real estate industry.

Today Fang Xiaoru's attitude is so tough and indifferent, it seems that he already has this idea.

With the strength of the Universe Group, no company will help me.

The time left for me is running out, and I must come up with a countermeasure as soon as possible."

The prince listened to his father muttering to himself, knowing that it wasn't something to scare him.

His heart was shocked, and his face paled with fright.

Two days later, Oriental Capital.

Oneworld Group headquarters, Atlantis Building, 198th floor, the company's high-level meeting room.

"Everyone, this is the company's next strategic goal. In the past, the Universe Group was able to start from the East and start our goal of buying the world!"

In the meeting room, Fang Xiaoru was energetic and lashed out at Fang Yao.

His eyes shone brightly and confidently.

Below, a group of senior executives of the Universe Group were already shaking with excitement during the half-hour meeting.

They suddenly realized that they had found a new goal.

As Fang Xiaoru mentioned in the meeting, buy the world and let the world be labeled as the Universe Group.

If this goal is achieved, what a great thing it will be?

And they will surely leave a strong mark in global history!

"President Fang can rest assured that our research department will immediately go to various parts of the country for research and prepare sufficient data for the company!

"Our planning department will also complete a comprehensive plan as soon as possible."


Each department director is passionate.

They seem to be full of energy, because this is an amazing task and an unprecedented task.

In history, Alexander's cavalry swept the world, and his territory spanned the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa, making him famous and praised by the world.

Their methods of ruling the nations are implemented by force.

Fang Xiaoru, on the other hand, must economically incorporate the world into his territory.

In today's world, the global economy is integrated.

Every country can be regarded as an economy. Fang Xiaoru's goal is to make the World Group the largest economy in the world.

He wants to crush the world with a powerful economy, buy the world, and become a veritable economic emperor!

The Bartlett family controls the economic lifeline of Europe, so the Bartlett family can be called the fifth empire of Europe!

Once Fang Xiaoru controlled the global economic lifeline, coupled with his terrifying military power.

Then he will become the king of the world!

The high-level people in the audience were excited. Fang Xiaoru stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows of the 198th floor meeting room, overlooking the high-rise buildings below his feet.

Orders were continuously issued from the headquarters of the Universe Group.

The huge Universe Group, like a sophisticated instrument, is running fast.

All major departments perform their duties.

Everyone worked together, and under Fang Xiaoru's leadership, they started their new journey.

Everything is proceeding in an orderly manner.

The real estate industry is a big boost to the economic development of the East.

Some people say that working for 50 years is worse than buying a house for five years.

The price of a house in five years is more than the money most people make after working for 50 years.

Such a terrible phenomenon fully illustrates the huge profits brought by the real estate industry.

Fang Xiaoru started from the real estate industry and took a crucial step towards controlling the global economy.

Oneworld Group, Atlantis Building, Fang Xiaoru's office.

The spacious office is extremely luxurious.

Fang Xiaoru's fingers walked slowly on Sister Yun's waist, and said nonchalantly, "Has it been three days.

It's okay, let them hang out again, and it won't be too late to see these people again when news comes from Sweden."